smashing into walls....

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Heliotropix, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    i like to do things while i'm queued in the on duty menu. i'll be looking for nodes or doing a race or..w/e, and when my queue pops, i lose control of my character and just smash headlong into anything convenient....
    a suggestion....make the box slightly smaller, and don't make it lock everything up till we click on's still there in the middle of the screen, we can't miss would just be nice to stop for yourself, to get to a convenient place, to get out of a fight if you're in one...
    not a huge thing, but it's pretty annoying, smashing face first into walls every time a queue pops
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  2. Marek Committed Player

    Nuisance yes, but if your on ps4, just hit O right away and finish what your doing, or get to a safe spot and then accept it. That's what I do atleast.
  3. myandria Loyal Player

    You have about a minute to accept the mission, so you can decline at first to move your toon to a safe spot, then go back into the on duty menu and accept it. I usually do inventory/mainframe/generator management, r&d salvage/craft items, or work on decorating my base while I am waiting for a mission to queue up.

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