Small vs Large DLC: Future Raids

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  1. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    So every 3 DLCs per storyline, with only "Large" of those DLC will have Raids

    I really hope some storylines gets 2 Large Contents and 1 small content

    Im the type of player who mainly does Larger Group Content

    I get on an MMO for the Massive Group Content Part

    this Small vs Large DLC content has got me a little discouraged.

    I reallt hope every storyline is not structured like this
    Small, Large, Small

    i hope they mix it up and has this combo as well

    Small, Large, Large

    That would be great

    i look forward to alot of the changes announced and seeing how they effect the game,
  2. Teldon New Player

    IIRC all they did was say "Here are your next three story lines. They will be cut into three DLCs each for a total of nine. From this point forward when we release a new tier of gear it will start will a small group content focused dlc."

    Using T4 DLCs as an example for this new way of doing things it could have been something like this.

    1. Home Turf
    2. Battle for Earth
    3. Hand of Fate

    Either Battle or Hand could have been switched around to add more stuff for the tier. The small group focused Turf would allow folks to have a nice gear progression to any of Battle or Hand's Raid or Ops. Instead we got full on raid DLC with some lower tier duos. Then a half way point to get marks a bit more quickly with Hand and finally the quick way to gear up with To get ready for the raids.

    Just because they will start a tier with small group focus doesn't mean that you will only get one large focus after it. It seems we only get a new tier a year so I would except one small followed by two big.
  3. Owl Devoted Player

    Past DLCs with 8 Man content:
    • Battle For Earth
    • Hand of Fate
    • Origin Crisis
    Past DLCs with 4 Man content:
    • Fight for the Light
    • Battle for Earth
    • Hand of Fate
    • Origin Crisis
    Past DLCs with no 4 Man & no 8 Man PVE content:
    • Lightning Strikes
    • Last Laugh
    • Home Turf
  4. Tikkun Loyal Player

    As a part of the new league updates, I'd like to see some 16 man raids. Basically take two raid groups...each has their own side to battle. At the end they meet up for an epic battle fighting alongside each other. It could be done with 2 groups of the same league or allied leagues.
  5. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    that would be epic, but the PS3 might hold back PC and PS4 from ever getting something this awesome
  6. Tikkun Loyal Player

    That's my fear too.
  7. Spike New Player

    Do you know how hard is sometimes find +7 more players fro normal raid ? Can you imagine how much hard can be to find another 8 ?
  8. jallenw23 New Player

    I'm sure the plan is to get off the ps3 after a while no telling when that will be.
  9. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Between my league and our allies we have the opposite problem. I just think the option would be nice. You could run with 8 which would make it super long, but you'll get more drops or run with 16 and get things done quick.
  10. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    4 raids a year sounds just right. MMO's don't usuallly pop out raids at such a rate. Look at how much 8 man content this game has already in just 2 and a half years. That huge gap in raid time before is what I believe the new dev time getting their bearings. I expect the scope of raids to increase further.
  11. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    I would LOVE to see SOE drop a HUGE Expansion pack for DCUO.


    Including a HUGE new area, something like Star city or Atlantis and alot of new content.

    Would be swwwwweeeeeeee(never gonna happen)eeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt
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  12. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    I don't see why we can't have both at the same time :(

    DLC 9 would be so much better with an 8 man op in the new open world.
  13. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    If you were to combine 2 years worth of DLC's you would have typically what an MMO expansion has sans new area and level cap. Most MMOs expand about every year and a half to 2 years

    Yea that would be awesome. Hopefully the Alert will the alert of the gods.
  14. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I'm kind of cautious with how a level cap would work in this game. To me it seems like it would be easy to skip all T1-5 and go straight to 31. If they ever do it, I think you must be fully geared including SP before you can hit 31.
  15. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Im yet to see a new area. Central City doesnt count as its smaller then most alerts.. We only have Metro and Gotham since release.
    I cant see any reason a huge Star City or Atlantis cant be added once PS3 has been dropped in a few years!
  16. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Well that's why I said sans a new area or level. Combined they offer 4 new classes and loads of content. It seems like for now re done versions of Gotham and Metropolis will be th new areas we get for the time being. War of The Light seems like it will be the most like a new area. DLC 8's Gotham wastelands is also a new area which is being claimed to be bigger that CC. Hopefully the questing is a lot better than what's in CC.
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  17. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    As I understood the Large vs Small group DLC's is basically to make gear progression much more progressive. For instance instead of getting a DLC with solos, 4-Man, and 8-Man content with a new tier of armor, you would get solos, duos, and maybe 1 4-Man content in a small group content DLC and also a new tier of armor. You would then be able to run this content to gear up a little bit but not become full tier (unless you love spending replay badges which is ok too) before the large group content DLC hits which would add 4-Man and 8-Man content. These will begin alternating now. The next DLC Sons of Trigon will be a small group content DLC and introduce 86 CR gear. This will be followed by War of the Light which will be a large group content and probably won't have a new set of higher CR gear. Then when the next DLC drops it will be a small group content DLC again and so on.

    DLC8 Sons of Trigon - Small Group Content w/ new gear for marks (86CR gear)
    DLC9 War of the Light Part 1 - Large Group Content no new gear for marks
    DLC10 Halls of Power or Amazon Fury Part 1 - Small Group Content w/ new gear for marks
    DLC11 Halls of Power or Amazon Fury Part 1 - Large Group Content no new gear for marks
    and so on
  18. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    dont forget War of Light is 3 parts ( u prob didnt add cause it was just an example)

    Also 86cr Gear is bought with MoR so its not a new Tier Set (or would it be?)

    new Tier Sets start with a small DLC

    , so if a storyline ends on a small DLC, and the next storyline is a new tier we will have back to back small dlcs

    Since this structure was introduced along with the 9 other DLCS, this structure (which changes DCUO) would be what we deal with for the next 2+ years

    This structure on DLC is so important that its done right from the beginning. it will set the pace for the future, in terms of Amount of Content and Gear progression.

    Hopefully we get a lot of Discussion going on this structure, rather than the cosmetics like whats in the DLCs content and things like that.
  19. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Yeah it was just an example. That's why I listed it as Part 1 though. They said they won't release them back to back. We'll get Part 1, then a different DLC, then maybe Part 2 next, then another DLC, then another, then Part 3. The trilogy DLC's will run into mid 2015 if they release 1 a quarter.

    Updated: No they have said the DLC's will alternate in size. Whether a part 1 is large or small is moot really.
  20. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    Who say you that order ? I think it's just an exemple because jens said they didn't have order. halls of power would be dlc 9 (not sure).