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  1. lukelucky Devoted Player

    any chance these hit the market place? people have asked for this type of stuff forever and the market place needs items like this so can we buy them. save the its special bs cause its really not. people are obtaining these because they cheated their way straight to 101 gear. so if they can have it the game can cash in monetarily off them. just an idea being tossed out there. i figure the between the smoke aura's, nimbus aura's, and well lets say the special aura's and pets are all items id buy.

    that is atleast $50 in items id buy but no option. save the aura lottery ticket load cause i obtained all the aura's in game i wanted badly for a few million. better for me but not for profits. why would i pay real money for a package of junk and a chance. that seems ******** to me especially when the big win is a radiant aura. id spend $5 for it to give me options and because then all my toons would have it. same with the plasmics. kinda ugly but id buy em. $5 is cheap and redeemable on all toons so the options worth the small cost.
  2. 1ndab0x176 New Player

    I agree and disagree. Not everyone w the trinkets has 101 gear. Some don't have full 100 gear, so I disagree on the trinkets but older auras, I agree w u, just not the special ones.
  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Existing items that are considered exclusive to something should NOT be released on the marketplace. Instead, new, original ideas based on existing concepts should be sold on the marketplace.

    For example, people want the Batman Inspired Mask... but this was an exclusive to people who had to deal with all the **** in the early days of DCUO. So instead of releasing the Batman Inspired Mask on the marketplace, they should release an alternative product to it. This way, the BI Mask remains exclusive, but people get what they've been requesting.

    Same for these pets. The Round 11+ pets should remain exclusive to Survival Mode. But maybe perhaps release a Krypto vanity Pet (for example) for the marketplace instead. Which doesn't drop in any content and can only be obtained via a marketplace transaction (yep, not even free for members).
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  4. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

  5. lukelucky Devoted Player

    yes but we need profits. what good is your exclusive pet doing you once the lights get shut off permanently? i never saw anything saying this is exclusive and SM is all for fun. fun. why put money makers in there instead of you know making money off them? if the people are so uptight about being "special" change the colors. give the market place item different moves or functions.

    i am so through paying extra to play this game. its that simple. the game is in peril and the population numbers are not good. forget this i have something you dont third grade crap and lets get items in the market place. the SM guys still have exclusive styles and the exclusive base items you can get if you never step foot inside the SM. this is exclusive to SM yet players can make money off it why cant dcuo?
  6. lukelucky Devoted Player

    game for sure needs money more than you need a ego boost. ok being fair if you need a trinket to feel validated that might not ring true but the game still needs to improve revenue. auras and trinkets are two items id buy all day long. i even bought the regular black aura. yea its easy in game to get but $5 and its on all my toons. dont get much easier.

    lets recap fast. game needs more items for sale and the game needs more variety across the board. hummmm seems wasting this on limited gimmicks and fun mode is not maximizing this.
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  7. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    SM trinkets should show that someone beat round 11 or higher. It's a trophy for your achievement. If you want them to add new trinkets that spawn different pets, that's fine, but not the same ones from survival mode. Just because you can't get past 11 it doesn't mean they should offer you the reward for money.
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  8. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Maybe we should have a trinket bundle box next time ?
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  9. Couzintony New Player

    Now there's an idea...
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  10. Buckley Loyal Player

    That is a terrible idea, it would just be another lottery.
  11. Elusian Crowd Control

    Sorry but that doesnt makes sense.

    I had until a day ago a 101 Neck, Utility Belt and Waist on my tank (the Back is fresh of the last Throne run from yesterday). No idea how I should cheated them and how they give me automatically access to SM trinkets. There's still quite a few 99 pieces in the set so the 101 items barely make up for it. cr114 btw.

    SM trinkets should stay where they are. New trinkets for the market place like a Krypto or Teekl pet would be smth that could sell quite well and I'm all up for that.
  12. lukelucky Devoted Player

    save your shots for someone else bud. ill take any tank power except ice and round 11 is a given. trolling and healing i could care less what power i use again. about the only way i wont garuntee i wont be beast mode is dpsing. i mean i could but why. i am a solid number 2 dps but clearly better on support roles. so fyi i will be rolling in and grabbing those trinkets and then you can have this worthless time waste back. if its limited its trash to me. if you cant beat it what a waste.

    this pride over a trinket is pathetic. quantum is op so pretty much an exploit, and we all know the gear is tainted. people stole gear and if one peice gets into SM its tainted. like hitting home runs on steroids. a real champ would get no satisfaction out of this. you wanna brag take even steven stats across the board and compare how people do. like you que in stat clamped at cr 114. every dps has the same stats and healers and trolls same vit and resto. every person who enters are equal. same with tanks. dom health and defense all exactly the same for every person going in.

    you make everything even steven across the board my stance will change. just so you know this is about profits not pride. these items are heavily requested so why put them in a temporary mode that gets the game zero profits? maybe your ok with money grabs but i am tired of them.
  13. lukelucky Devoted Player

    if your useing quantum dps its an unfair advantage imo. you can disagree but ill bet you 10 to 1 you cant swap them quantums out with earth dps and have the same results. unfair if you cant. id bet most groups use the FOTMs. disagree and put up a hundo. you win you get a grand. lose and its only a hundo.

    the gear. so many people cheated for gear or beat SM with cheated gear in the group. there is no pride in that if our asking me. i am not saying all groups. i know guys legit who are all 101 and 100 and got through SM. those people exist. thing is much like the home run records the SM wins are tainted. asterick in the books. sucks for the legit guys but such is life.

    the part that kills me is this is about profits and people are still trying to feel exclusive. you have a style for that correct? why limit profits? i hope cerberous and hydra trinkets hit the MP. krypto would be kinda cool.

    last 2 things. at round 11 do you for sure get a trinket of its all luck? lastly congrats it is still nice getting to round 11
  14. chipzes Committed Player

    MP vanity pet trinkets have been requested for years now, along with more styles, skins, hair and base items.
    What we got was MP auras and rip-off base item packs. It seems to me that they have no interest in selling stuff like that for some reason.
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  15. Elusian Crowd Control

    11+ gives you a guaranteed trinket but what you get is random. Already deleted a couple duplicates.
  16. lukelucky Devoted Player

    thank you sir i will roll in and grab one asap.
  17. Couzintony New Player

    .... Because none one the previous booster bundles were a lottery?...

    They will come out with em again... Deal...