Sm and elite content improvements to keep people going.

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    Its almost like Dcuo was sold as an instance based pve only mmo, nothing else.............

    That whole "Not completing feats, collections, or maxing gear" is such a cheap and bogus way to qualify someone on if they are finish with content or not. The devs can make a whole new dlc with only 1 collection being the progression reward with a low drop rate, and even If I completed all the instances and open world mission, if I haven't finish the collection, that counts as me not done with the content???? Thats a cheap way of keeping people to play your content. The same low blow way of getting people to buy your loot boxes you attach feats to them. Completing instances is the main meat of content, followed by feats I'll qualify that as completing a dlc. But the rest is optional stuff.

    Regarding the nothing to do complaints, having full gear or finishing collections isn't the problem. What those "We want SM back" threads should be revealing to you is that there is nothing left for the players to do after beating the dlc. That includes finishing up all feats, collections, gear. That is the problem. That is the main source behind people creating Sm threads again, fully not because they want it back, but because there is nothing else to do they might as well ask for it back.

    The whole "Its the nature of an MMO" in this context is false, especially on what you are trying to portray it as here. Firstly, the game must sell you on the philosophy of what they have to offer( Pve only, Mix of Pvp too etc). Once you finish that up and players say they are bored, then you can use that quote as a valid rebuttal. But this game took away game play variation from us only to leave us with pve instance based content, and your trying to sell the pitch on its nature of mmos. Do you see why im calling that out?

    SM(not needed really)

    Those should all be a mixed bag of content for us right now, but they aren't due to the devs lack of attention or straight up took away. I praise Teen Titans DLC as one of the better(not the best) but worthwhile dlcs we gotten in a long time, but if they expect this to last 4 months or whenever until the new Atlantis dlc arrives, then they are crazy.

    But what? LPVE is boring? Sounds like a bunch of feat haters. Take out the "grind for x times as a certain faction" feats and replace them with instance activity just like we do in raids. Create new ones if you have too even for old content.

    What? The reward isn't worth it? Give us the chance to win a style piece from one of the legend character styles. Not everyone, just a legend for the month. For instance, Arkham Asylum for a month but you get a small chance to win a style from ivy, Poison, or Scarecrow. Be evil and make us roll for it again to really make it exclusive. If that idea is too crazy, replace it with the rare style vendor drops that we forgot about?

    What? Sorry excuse of not being monetize? Put a replay system on it if you have too.

    Free idea right there! I personally just think the problem of people being bored is not because they're beating content fast or have not completed everything, but there is nothing else to do after that. Especially after a day of running League runs PVE etc, you HAVE to switch it up to retain your interest to stay online.

    I see the focus is about changing the progression system up and Im down for that. I think OC handled that concept beautifully. But that would require content to be tough again or mechanically up there, and that would not be a problem if every damn month we didn't have people making threads about having to press on a terminal and why the instance is impossible.
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    To point out the obvious of course, a number of people complaining are those that have spammed replays within the first 14 days of the DLC now complaining and wondering what their purpose of existence is.

    Although there is certainly an issue with the progression system there's also a serious element of individual accountability existing here. ;)
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    I never want to see Surival Mode again. It divided players & leagues. Lots of people in non progressing content without feat.s etc. for really long periods of time. I wouldn't be as apposed if they could speed up some way. I completed platinum levels, but it was like what's the point...all for base items and a style. I don't miss it. A Friday Night Legends SM would be cool like back when Creativity broke the records for that.
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    Some people are never happy.
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    Important note: This is not what I expected when searching for "rainbows and butterflies" but it made me laugh, so what the heck...
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    It could be a shark, hard to see with all the rainbow colors shooting out of somebody's rear end.
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    Most random gif award goes too...
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    To clarify:
    -my post:
    "Even that aside absolutely no one should be done with an Elite raid even if they beat it the first day. There are feats to obtain, collections to get, catalysts that drop, gear to get. That's all considering the fact you don't replay. If you chose to replay, that's entirely on you. Its intended for the DLC to last longer than a week or two. Its taking into account the fact most people don't replay let alone replay 1st two bosses to get gear/renown, come back, beat the raid, then decide to ask for more. Or maybe quarks vendor gear was used. In any case, these systems of progression are in place for you to use at your own leisure but its not expected of everyone.

    On the other hand, if you have nothing to do because raids "don't require max gear"(Not disagreeing) and you're not interested in the feats, collections, drops, etc, then that's unfortunate. Or perhaps you've completed every single thing(at your own pace). Or you've completed what you want to complete and don't care for the rest. Again, that's unfortunate for the person. That's pretty much how DLC's have been in this game all across the board. Beating a raid once or twice the first day or week didn't mean you'd get content the following week to satiate your boredom. Its the nature of an MMO. Can't make everyone happy in that regard. SM is definitely not the answer to solve that."

    Referring to that first quoted paragraph of my post:
    From the view point of "In order to complete a DLC, you must obtain the highest possible gear, all feats, all collections, all styles(essentially all a DLC has to offer)" a player may or may not be done. Certainly, some players are done with that and if they are, it was done at their own accelerated pace through means such as replays. That's fine and is totally within their power.

    Referring to the second quoted paragraph of my post:
    However, in the second paragraph quoted here, differing views of completion for a DLC is already addressed. For various reasons one may decide they are done with a given DLC and be bored. Whether they are done because they've obtained all there is, or had all the fun they've had, etc, whatever the case may be. As the consumer and one paying, you decide how much you want to play.

    Completion to one player may not mean the same to another.

    You've said "That is the main source behind people creating Sm threads again, fully not because they want it back, but because there is nothing else to do they might as well as for it back." Again, this is considering the fact these players have replayed and quite possibly completed all there is to. This group is an extremely small amount of players. If it weren't, the expected wait time for upcoming DLCs would be a lot shorter. The majority of players have months to "complete." We also know for a fact SM was ran by an extreme minority of players that at the end proved to not be worth the cost. I believe Mepps had said this(I may be incorrect on that point specifically.)
    The points here:
    • Of all the things to ask for, why choose SM? Why? Its not quite as simple as a 'they might as well'. Could easily ask for new content. Why not some varied content as you suggested. Plenty of things. A possible response is: "Well they've already implemented SM previously so they have the files, the ability to do so. It would require less time. Whereas if we asked for new content, the upcoming DLC may be hampered."
    • The fact we've had SM previously, for years in fact, takes away from the difficulty. We know the mechanics and we've dealt with them for years. Its done. Add on the fact there really weren't too many mechanics in SM in the first place and at a point it was only the same old bosses/adds/mechanics amped up to hit harder. There are raids more difficult than most of the SM rounds. So again, if these players seek a challenge and SM isn't exactly that challenge, why? I'm sure quite a few people can answer that question.
    You've said:
    The whole "Its the nature of an MMO" in this context is false, especially on what you are trying to portray it as here. Firstly, the game must sell you on the philosophy of what they have to offer( Pve only, Mix of Pvp too etc). Once you finish that up and players say they are bored, then you can use that quote as a valid rebuttal. But this game took away game play variation from us only to leave us with pve instance based content, and your trying to sell the pitch on its nature of mmos. Do you see why im calling that out?

    Firstly, I'm not selling or portraying anything. Secondly, you've misunderstood completely because you took it out of context. The context is what I've quoted in Red up above as well as what is specifically Underlined there(Key phrase: "in that regard"). The nature of an MMO(an aspect of it) is the grind and existence of time between upcoming DLC/content. Completing an instance a few times, regardless of whether or not you've obtained all there is to obtain or "completed" to whatever extent you wished, whether you've ran 100 times or 10, there exists a certain amount of time between DLCs(obviously not always the same amount but there exists time nonetheless for the majority of the player-base to grind and gear up.). That time isn't shortened and new content isn't released for players that willingly chose to grind at an accelerated pace. I've even reiterated this in my original post: "Oh well we beat SM as well. We have nothing left to do. Don't want to grind feats, money, collections, gear, none of that." Well, you still have to wait until the next DLC. It is that aspect of an MMO that is being referred to. Not the "philosophy of offering a mix PvE, PvP, etc" though I agree that should be the case for a good MMO with the promises fulfilled.

    the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect:

    There is a distinction between "Completing a DLC" and "Completing an MMO". I'm quite certain that even having completed all DLC feats and obtaining all there is to does not mean these players are done with this game(Completing a DLC ≠ Completing Game/MMO). Not many like them but there are still all these LPVE feats there. PvP ones if players are missing those as well. Other feats across content, etc.
    With that being said along with the fact most players do not like these feats, I do indeed agree with your point about the lack of variance leaving primarily PvE content left. The last time we've even had a PvP type focused DLC was the Last Laugh. I would definitely like to see some variance and the progression system improved to have a much better MMO.
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    That post was excellent - keep up the good work.
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    Firstly, I would like to say I have mistook your "its the nature of an mmo" quote and I now understand what you was referring too. I apologize for that on my end.

    I was ready and open-minded to read you reply, but as im reading through nothing referred to my main purpose of my reply until the end

    and I quote it not because its the only thing that agrees with my post, but its the main important reason why I think players have been getting bored quickly with the past few dlcs.

    Your saying players that says they are bored haven't finish completing feats, collection and gear, and shouldn't be asking for content immediately no less than a month after a dlc drops. Im saying the burn out would have been soften or the interests prolonged if the different game modes were updated and appeasing.

    Is not having the variance of the different modes alive/active, causing a detrimental effect on new DLCs released? What are your thoughts?

    Why people choose SM?? Because people are bandwagoner FOTM bustas who don't know what they want. Its just a con to have against dcuo that one legit person asked for now everyone is saying it. But that doesn't mean the concept of SM is meaningless or trash. Like you said, very few minority of players played SM and mepps himself said it wasn't worth it, but also like you said it was the same boring bosses with no mechanics who attacks were just amped up to kill. So as I see it, the devs killed their own survival mode. Same as they did PVP, same as they did LPVE. SM in particularly would have to be revitalize as something completely new. Aka Update.

    Also SM is not the only thing people are asking for. There is a dead section in these forums called "PVP" where the players that are left are BEGGING for an update only to be told "they'll do it when its ready". I think that is bs.

    I feel like im the only one advocating for a revamp of LPVE. Another good game concept from the devs that has a bad outake on them because of the feats. That can easily be changed.

    In regards, you still say there are feats to get from LPVE and PVP. Well, be real for a second. You gotta make it appeasing. Theres a reason majority of players are appalled by PVP and LPVE and have no interest in it. In its current state atm and still using the argument that players still have feats to get from there, is again, a bogus and cheap way of telling people that they still have things to do just because its there to counter people saying they are bored.

    Thus ending, if this was a different state of dcuo I would agree with you VL. But ya know... people want to use this against Origin Crisis, so ima use it here. People claim Origin Crisis as the mass massacre of players during that time. Currently, word on the forums is players are having a nightmare of a time with this dlc raids. What option does another player have for gameplay when they are tired of being frustrated with this dlc endgame? If the answer is go play another game, just don't answer back.

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