Skipping enimes in RW alert

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Robotsidekick, May 14, 2021.

  1. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Man, y’all complain about anything
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  2. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    The overall lack of understanding and logic and consistency leading to the name calling toddler fits (pretty much how my toddler acts when she doesnt understand things) is rather amusing.
    While is sad to watch ppl devolve when they cant handle their ideas challenged or their hypocrisy exposed it has an element of humor to it.

    None of this is all that difficult to grasp really.
    1) its designed variety. Some must be killed others dont, pick your poison and make a group that fits OR pug an get what u get. The design caters to all playstyles meaning you can “have it your way” if you make the group.
    2) name calling doesn't strengthen your argument. Your argument is either good or bad. Its merit is not based on your level of outrage or hurt feelings.

    Moving on lol
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  3. Plowed In Dedicated Player

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  4. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I exited the game last yesterday during this content. The dps pulled every mob heading to aquaman and KOd. The tank healer and me controller got to aquaman and no DPS in the fight.The DPS got to the boss barrier soon after, unable to join the fight, saying wow, the npcs are stacked up here. Well, duh. you pulled them all.

    I exited. Pug. Try.... nope. try again.

    It's easy to go UP, no? we're swimming. UP, over, down. duh :rolleyes:

    Most times, when pug'n, they skip mobs leading to Aquaman and wind up with getting two mobs to run from after the Aquaman fight. Skip beach mobs, engage the one mob, move right, down around 2nd mob, pull next mob to room with lots of mobs. easy peasy. I determine if the PUG will likely or unlikely succeed, by the CR of the randoms, and if they pull the first available mob or not.. :p

    Twas in a pug raid last night, blue stay away from red.... red stay away from blue... had to be said. We wiped 4 times against Oracle. The tank was :mad: at one dps that kept not doing that.... and not blocking for the skull attacks. Some users are bad at the game. Pug. Try.... nope. try again.
  5. Elijah Seed Well-Known Player

    You know what else is easy? Clearing the adds. They only take a second and you get loot from them, too. Plus, the ones on the beach help EVERYONE in the group get their feat.

    I have yet to be in a Royal War group that was able to get to Diana before I was able to clear all the adds that they skipped. It seems the Temple Guards are pretty tough for them to 3 man. LOL!
  6. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Lol lets look at each of your points.
    1) they take more than a second. Your being exaggerative in an attempt to make a point. When u have to do this on multiple toons, it saves alot of time.
    2) the ones at the beach only help if u need em. I suggest speaking up otherwise its on you for not expressing that you need them
    3) the you have been in some terrible terrible groups
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  7. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Thats unfortunate an must have been a terrible group.
    If they wanted to skip, they shoulda been capable smh
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  8. Dogico Loyal Player

    It's hilarious that soft, sensitive people are okay when they say rude stuff but the second anyone pushes back suddenly it's "childish." You keep accusing me of hypocrisy and now you're doing some passive aggressive **** lmao.

    It isn't "designed variety" if the only difference is sometimes adds need to be killed and sometimes adds can be either killed or skipped. That's an entirely arbitrary design with no consistency across instances, especially if the majority of the player base will choose to skip adds if given the choice.

    Police your child's language, not another adult's. People curse, grow the **** up.
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Hey, you do you and all, but would it really take more time to kill the adds vs exiting...waiting 60 seconds for 'deserter'...requeuing and waiting X seconds to get in again...then what sounds like trying again?

    I'm all for skipping when the whole group makes it clean, but if they get caught...I sigh and go back to clean things up then move along vs leaving or just watching the poor sap get killed over and over.

    The CT raid is different. There is no making up for someone who keeps killing others by crowding the wrong color. I put that one in the same category as ToTD queue ups and the Ares fight. You know when it's put up some instructions...if they can't follow, kick or leave are your only options for sure. At least by the time you get into CT last boss, your 'kick' option is available.
  10. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    Add skippers complaining about time, wasting a lot of time posting here...

    Personally I think skipping adds is weak..kinda pathetic actually..yeah, I only really play one character but the same way add skippers with alts don't care that I only play one character, I don't care that you play eight or whatever..when I get into an instance I'm prepared to do the whole thing start to finish and equally prepared for the time it takes to do so. To me that's just the right way to play..

    But the solution is easy really...if you get into a group and that group wants to or just skips adds and you don't want to, just need to play with people who just "can't be bothered with adds" ..they can deal with that and wait for matchmaking or whatever..the same way they don't want to play your way, you don't have to play theirs..and clearly those of us that don't skip have something they don't..patience..we can wait for the next one
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  11. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Lol careful, you're gonna hurt feelings.

    Couple of things: 9 times out of 10 1 player gets stuck on adds somewhere and just clearing them out is in fact faster. Yeah, a good group is 5secs literally except for the 2 tougher guards, they take about 15secs. Personally, I use these to see if anyone in the group is any good. If they take more than the 15secs, it's gonna be a lot longer than 8min run. Kinda like the 1st set of adds in DME. Could always tell when a group was too weak to get past hawkman so no need to keep wasting time with that group.

    Skip beach adds if no one stops, sure whatever. My feats are done but don't mind helping and I've also got multiple toons to run thru. Speak up for that section.

    Get into the cave, kill the 1st set, skip the 2nd, kill everything from there on out. No chance of any issues after that. It's simple.

    All it takes is typing in "skip adds?" while waiting on flash to stop talking. If no one says anything, I'm taking them out. Killing adds is fun and builds my super vs sitting in base building it that way or not having them ready and the real fights taking longer.

    Now for a psa: people are different. People play differently. This forum has gotten out of hand and I really hope players start realizing that they're not special and not going to change other peoples opinions. Just say your opinion and move on. Debate all you want but learn to be mature and civil instead of dooshy condescending pricks. It's getting to the point where the majority of posters are going to be on each others ignore lists. It's ok to play differently, your way isn't the right way or even the wrong way.
  12. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    i cant get it in my brain that we even have to talk about that skipping adds its a bad joke that shows me just one thing that some guys search cheap excuses for here lazyness yh its take more than one second lets say 5 minutes if the whole team attacks together ....belive it or not more players how attack less time you have to (waste) on them

    lets come to to your alts i got 3 chars and dont be scared about doinng adds and i wont be if i got 16 chars i say it one lasttime now YOU want 16 chars not WE so dont let US pay that YOU dont cant handle it the game dont forces you to get more chars as use for them if i destroy my own game bcs i dont get enough time to do it the normal way i defently do something wrong!!!

    we got guys how solo run this alert but they be scared to kill some adds do you guys even read what you wirte?...

    elite gamer cry around this game is to easy they need more challenges but they cant even handle some adds bcs it needs to mutch time?

    oh im so sry you guys have to play the game an normal way

    how about you guys comeback on the ground

    if you guys wanna skip every crap fine get yourself a league the lazy gamers of dcuo ...and stop finally cry around with your wasted time
  13. Proxystar #Perception

    You're using the word arbitrary like it's a problem. It isn't.
  14. Proxystar #Perception

    I don't think you seem to understand, you don't get to 'define' normal way when there's multiple possibilities.

    This is like you telling someone a strategy to beat a boss battle is the 'normal' way and anyone that does it any other way is a piece of ****.
  15. Dogico Loyal Player

    Arbitrary means random, without reason or structure for change/choice. For whatever reason instead of you admitting the devs have no consistency with how they treat hallway adds you pretend that it's a good thing lol. "Wow, I never know what to expect, so fun!" In reality, you would prefer to just skip adds, so it makes no sense that you frame both scenarios (boss locked behind door vs not locked) as equally interesting "variety."
  16. Dogico Loyal Player

    Uhhh didn't you just describe boss strategies that only expert players know, and if you didn't know that strategy you were a casual? Lol hypocrite.
  17. Proxystar #Perception

    LOL, I know what it means, a totally random encounter or event where you don't know what is going to happen is far more realistic than just being thrown the same thing over and over, again you're pretending it's a bad thing because you're one here trying to enforce your preference not me.

    You suggest I'm pretending not to have a preference because me not having a preference and rather preferring to have a random mix utterly and entirely shows your position to be unreasonable, which of course it is.

    Not at all, I explained that an expert or more advanced player knows to focus the boss in certain scenarios to end an instance as the boss is the primary target and the tank will simply handle/absorb the add damage in that scenario. It isn't of course the only strategy and I never claimed it would be/was.

    What I was doing is reinforcing that there is variety because you could of course kill the adds, it's just that most more advanced groups won't choose that option despite it being available to them, more casual players will however kill every swamp monster, snake and scorpion before killing the boss.

    It wasn't me defining 'normal' either rather me pointing out the entirely different strategies but also highlighting that certain types of players are more likely than others to pursue a certain path.
  18. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

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  19. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Guess some people weren't around when you couldn't skip the adds in Amazon Fury 1.

    And it took about five or so minutes to clear each set.
  20. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    The tank , healer and me (controller) were very slow with aquaman. yeah, quiting the game and relaunching was quicker than staying in a pad pug. the tank and healer made no attempt to KO any mobs. I would up in a pug last night. @the beginning i asked in chat, are we skipping the mobs? the reply was, you're a forum reader. :) and we KO'd the mobs quickly. all 4 of us were dps role