Skipping enimes in RW alert

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Robotsidekick, May 14, 2021.

  1. Robotsidekick Active Player

    This happened a few times in event now in regular its happening all the time, first of all play the game properly i'm not going to rush to anything.

    This is also the devs fault because the sections between boss fights are lazy, short, rushed, filler instead of feeling like a journey to get the next location in some of the older better made alerts.
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  2. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    When you see people skip adds in the alert, its because they have alts and understand, time means money and money means free things off the broker. like artifact exp free feats, you can even get free replays. time is everything and skipping adds and knowing about this pro tip means everything for alot of players trying to get the most out of their time playing. Just remember you get nothing but lost time fighting adds they are there to slow u down. Go for for the money and ko the boss before he wipes you or the group... speed is king. You also don't want to mess with adds with stats revamp. they take forever to ko and in some cases will even wipe the floor with u. Just run away like everyone else and go for the boss
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  3. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    LOL what? Go for the money? Haha
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Why are you blaming the devs for creating content that leaves NPC engagement at the choice of the player?

    If your groups are skipping those engagements it's because that's how they want to play it, why are you deciding that's not how to "play properly" over what they've chosen to do?

    If you're worried about people skipping the adds then form your own group
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  5. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Adds barely take any effort to kill.
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  6. Anti-Monitor Monitor New Player

    I get why people want to skip adds, but I honestly find it easier to just kill them quickly and move on. When other players start skipping adds the group tends to get separated and someone always get caught and stuck fighting them anyway - often the healer or controller and they need help fighting them. At any rate, you don't want to leave one person fighting all the adds as the rest of group rushes to the boss.

    In RW, what often happens too is that the adds you skip at the beginning follow you all the way to the boss fight and then they attack you after you kill Aquaman when everyone is trying to select their gear loot. In the Themiscyra part the adds follow-you to the gate as well and you end up with a large group to fight in addition to the guards there. I personally find it easier to just engage them as you encounter them and kill them.

    The other thing about RW is the feat for killing the adds on the beach. Nobody wants to fight them because you can easily skip them, but if you want to kill them you can just go back when you've finished the alert and kill them on your own.
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  7. Robotsidekick Active Player

    Um how about if you don't want to play the game properly, form your own group? and leave on duty to others.

    The purpose of the content in this game is to be an immersive storyline.. it's not a boss fight simulator. if you make content where ads are skippable and the sections between fights are short and uninspired then you are failing.

    If they make a third version if content which is just boss fights and nothing else, then yes you'd playing properly, but the point of current content is be immersed and face all the opponents.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Objectively incorrect.

    If the npc mobs weren't skippable then you'd have to kill them all. The developers are more than capable of doing so and have on many occasions, on other occasions such as this one, they've made the engagement of the NPC fights voluntary to the extent you can run past and decide not to engage.

    That's a players preorgative and you don't get to define it as "improper" any more than they get to define your choice to engage as "improper"..

    The irony is you're up in here angry that they're enforcing their will upon you while utterly and entirely to enforce you opposing will upon them, it's a blatant hypocritical double standard.

    If you use On Duty you're going to be at the mercy of a random encounter with other players who might do things and play in ways you don't like, that's the nature of it.

    If you want to control your experience to a greater degree then that is exactly the reason the league feature, friends feature and LFG feature was created in the first place.
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  9. Dogico Loyal Player

    I only skip adds if the group wants to, otherwise I just kill them. I sort of get skipping adds in reg but I find it pretty dumb in elite, as a wipe means you have to either run past the adds again or kill them. I wish the devs would make it so you can't fight any boss in any content unless all adds are taken out. This game is entirely combat focused, there is no exploration no meaningful crafting no job system like other mmos. Creating skippable adds makes no sense in this game.
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  10. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    In the reg version, you can skip some without gaining their aggro. In aquaman area you can skip the first 2 sets and ko the last 2 sets.

    In themyscira area, you can pop a shield and get by the first set, hop off ledge and avoid that second set. Then go to the side hallway where investigation is and bypass the third set. Then ko the 4th set and then you are at the guards or whatever yall call it, the doggy room.

    I feel like i am the only one who knows that you can fit thru those holes in wall to skip the third set of ads.

    There is a method to the madness. ;)
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  11. Robotsidekick Active Player


    It's not player prerogative, it's called lazy design. A story driven event where you can easily run past enemies is badly made, sorry this is objective fact.

    Why even bother with these sections at all? in that case it should be a boss fight simulator. There are alerts where you can run past enemies but people didn't because the design was better and they felt integrated into the content unlike now where they feel like filler.

    If you're not gonna to make compelling story driven content then just make it a boss fight simulator. That seems the be the route they want to go looking at the Brainica raid.
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    It's not lazy design, in fact its better design because its leaving the interaction entirely in the hands of the player, one day you might take the path A B C D, the next day you take the path A C D, then another A D.

    That's far from lazy design, the only reason you're suggesting that is because you've got a preset definition of what you think other player should be doing and anything outside of that is ruining your immersion, because your immersion is more important than anybody else's desire for something different.

    That by the very definition could be interpreted as an incredibly inflated sense of self entitlement in that you appear to think only your experience matters.

    Again, you have the ability to use LFG where you can then say to your group, we're not skipping adds, the players then either abide by your wishes or find a different group, that is the very fundamental purpose of LFG in the first place.

    When you blind queue you're accepting random and that the interactions of that instance will vary from instance to instance, stop trying to make random, non-random by an unrealistic attempt to impose your will.
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  13. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    This isnt a tabletop RPG, the history is just a part of the game, you dont have to follow it like the adds are going to kill innocent people or your family if you let them go...

    ...If history is so important to you, find a role playing league or pretend you are skipping the adds because there is a greater threat ahead.

    And... Besides like 10 people nobody could bother less about this topic. Just commenting here bc I cant sleep
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  14. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Ugh, yeah no, if I have the chance of skipping the adds instead of wasting time on killing them, then yes I will do it and nobody is going to tell me whether I play the game properly or not, because I know I do.

    It's not a glitch but a choice.
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  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    If you have been playing since 2011 (and maybe took a few years off), then you understand about why one is willing to skip "trash mobs"/non-essential NPCs. It's about the boss loot, not the fight against the thugs. I used to have alts, but i took an arrow to the knee in 2016 (left for a few years) and they were removed from the name reclaim purge. I come back and they added weird systems that diminished my ability to damage stuff without them.

    That's what happens with game design that is built with vertical progression. When you have to do content to earn currency, and it takes doing that content 50+ times in a period of time that can be short from a long subscription user that has accumulated lots of replay badges over that long subscription time or longer period of time if you are new or came back from a time away that does not have lots of replay badges. Content is new for a brief time regardless of being a long time subscriber or a newb that used a CR skip token.

    Meanwhile, as time from it being brand new content from release date, not your characters first time doing it, this becomes an issue vertical progression game design... the lower CR user characters in group content doesn't want to be left behind as higher CR characters plow through or skip NPCs. They want to experience it as new content. It's likely not new to everyone in the group when you do not form a group, but pug in the on duty menu. That's been a frequent complaint in these forums since 2012 or so. Ya know, some users can't recognize when is the right time to lunge an enemy? :eek: If the enemy is using a channeling power/ability, LUNGE! Basic DCUO combat mechanics are lost on the newbs of today that used a CR skip token. :rolleyes:

    A recommended solution? Add Exobytes to the possible loot table from trash mobs. ;)

    Until the Exobytes are possible loot from easily skipable NPCs by simply going UP, immediately after exiting the cave, over the mobs, and down into the next cave, which will aggro at least two mobs to deal with after fighting Aquaman, I'll skip them.

    If it's your first time in the content, say at the start to the group, I need the briefings & investigations. They'll probably be accommodating to the request and saying so. Better to type it, as not everyone has player voice enabled by default. I mute everyone because not everyone uses push to talk setting. I'm old and do not want to hear your nonsense from an open mic.

    Other games that have loot have this issue also, more or less.
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  16. Elijah Seed Well-Known Player

    In The Royal War alert players get a feat for clearing the adds on the beach between Arthur and Diana. That is NOT nothing.

    Also, there is a feat that the group gets if you talk to Arthur and Diana BEFORE fighting Professor Zoom.

    And clearing all the adds in The Royal War always provides Nth metal for upgrades, which again, is NOT nothing.

    Some players only play one or two characters so clearing ALL the content in an instance is the smartest play.
    And like Psycho Tech mentioned above, clearing adds hardly takes any effort.

    Only selfish and weak players insist on skipping content. Unless said content is bugged which it is not in The Royal War.
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  17. Fwames Well-Known Player

    Atlanteans and Amazonians are people too!

    It is not their fault that both of their leader got into each others pants and got caught!
    They shouldn't be paying it with their lives!
    Spare a life and save a friend!
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  18. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Incase you don't know already stats revamp made everyone super underpowered. That means gear and skill points are not like they use to be before. Infact the skill point tree needs atleast a 30% buff for skill points and doing feats to matter. Another fact reg gear stats are too close to elite stats. The fact that you can stack health all you want and have all the defense in the world and can't take a one shot. It goes to show you that with stats revamp your stats just dont matter at all. its about doing the mechanics and having experience not ur stats. so just forget about the feats the hell with them I say. Until we get another revamp thats actually fun and exciting. will still be waiting 20 to 30mins for new and old content to pop even on weekly reset days. You ever wonder why old content takes forever to que in for? that's because of stats revamp many people hate it. Maybe players are skipping because they waited 30mins did you ever think about that. Before stats revamp people skipped but you never waited more then 5 minutes for any content to pop
  19. shatanka New Player

    Lmao yall complain over everything damn near. Yeah ppl wanna kill everything in the alert on 7 alts? Get real dude ppl have sht to do. Go complain about sht that actually affects ppl not this fake bs lol lord....
  20. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Have it.

    Got that, too.

    Nth metal is on a timer. You get the same amount of nth metal going hardcore pewpew for 10 minutes straight vs hitting an open world mob in Gotham every few minutes. Kill an add in the boss fight, wash, rinse, repeat.

    If you want a feat group, form a feat group. If you're just rando PUGging, just get in, keep up, keep your head down, and get out as fast as possible and get on with your day.
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