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    To be fair (to be faaaaaair), i would leave the guessing out of it unless you can come up with real figures. Even if it says "guessing" you're already giving players a heart attack by putting such a large figure on it when its probably less than that.

    The CR Booster is definitely skipping content and certainly should be giving more SPs than what is being giving but its best to treat those with the CR Boost as "launch" characters with a bit of bone thrown to them. Its not ideal but its best to see it that way. Now they have 3 episodes, 4 if they go back and buy Atlantis, to work on Feats to get their SPs up.

    I like the guide and appreciate the time you put into it because its well noted and well read but the "This is the primary reason why the Skip is a terrible deal" and other feelings as such could be more left out. Its read, at least to me, as you hate this item and its more of a warning to people not to buy it rather than be helpful to those who pick it up. Folks dont like it, we all know, but its better to have it than not, especially in the game now that doesnt truly rely too much on SP anymore like it did in the old days.

    Still a good guide though.
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    Thumbs up on the revision. I always appreciate it when people are receptive to feedback, and it's great to see someone following the numbers and recognizing that the 175ish range is a soft cap that is good enough for virtually any CR.

    If you'd like a hand with the math for feat unlocking, I can help.

    Unlocks for feats go 1RB per 10 point feat, 3 RB per 25 point feat, and 5RB per 50 point feat. If you unlock only 10 and 50 point feats (just because they make for easier math), that means 1000RB will unlock the 100 skill points you desire. Replay Badges sell in the Marketplace for 350RB for 1000 Daybreak Cash, so you'll need about 3000 Daybreak Cash. The 3000DB in the store will run you $30.00, assuming no sales or anything. You'll have 50 Replay Badges leftover after that purchase.
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    If there ever was a thumbs down I’d give it here bro , I’ve been around since F2P Tala in open world . Prime days if you kno then you kno , going forward now what I don’t get is how in the **** are we supposed to run lower content ? It’s dead and don’t go trying to convince me I ranked up and started from scratch on XBOX and I came from PS3/PS4 had 270ish sp before all this booster gold crap and time capsules and aftifacts

    I had all my PVP Feats had Top PVP Gear just saying I’m @ 100some sp and I can’t even Get Outer Caverns 8man qued So this game became Pay to Play it’s that simple . I agree with you on all , Sadly there is no other Option . IGN-“Unstitched”Xbox / “Nerf This” ps3/ps4
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    I didn’t get to read the replies so I apologize if anything I say has been said.

    First of all, you dint get 2 artifacts. You get 3-4 artifacts. Here’s why. You get one from the cr booster. You get a second from the artifact mission. You get a 3rd from the anniversary event. And if you are a member than you get a 4th one from the member gift.

    Now, you dint NEED to do both roles. You don’t NEED 8 augments. You don’t NEED 6 artifacts. You NEED 1 role, 4 augments and 3 artifacts.

    If you are going to use the cr booster for a real toon and not just for farming than you need to have a plan first before you use the booster. What power you want? What role do you want to play. If you want to dps do you want to be might or precision? If you don’t have these questions answered than you might as well just use the booster for the free stuff

    If you know what you want to do and think ahead of time what artifacts your need. Some key artifacts you can get right away by buying specific feats. For example, both the venom wrist and the solar amp can unlocked right away by buying their corresponding time capsule feats. Than run the event to get the transformation artifact. If you are might dps use the artifact cache to get the solar amp. And if your prec you can just get strategist, horus, or cog for the time being.

    If you’re a healer you can get the page right away, than get soul cloak and transformation. Or get demon fang by unlocking the feat.
    If you’re a tank you can get the refractor from the cache. Then get sparring AI and cog for the time being until someone could run you through older content for the mystic symbols and manacles. (Yes tank is harder)
    For troll you can get soul cloak and parasite from the cache and strategist from the event tha get the rao from the time capsule feat. So plenty of options.

    Once you get the artifacts you want you can easily use the nth metal given to you to get all 3 to at least 80. If you’re member and your main artifacts are leveled than you can transfer your 75k nth metals to the ult and get the artifacts even higher.

    After that just see which feats are easy to knock out. SPs will be the harder ones to unlock. But at least your gear and artifacts will be taken care off right away.
  5. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    People know a days really don’t know what pay to win means...
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    Just wanted to necro this thread to say that this is why I'm not going to continue playing DCUO. I had a lvl 30 with 0cr, a level 18 and a level 8. I didn't know this encyclopedia existed before I spent my 255 last week. Now I can't do content I'm rated for, and can't get SP from content I exceed. So I decided to level my 18 to lvl 30, but all of the tier 1 and 2 content, and presumably tier 3-6 is completely dead and I can't get any queues. At 50cr, I should be queuing T3 novice raids. I waited hours during prime time and never got a blip.

    Shame to see such a fun game die like that. And don't get me wrong, leveling to 30 was fun. But the game is divided into new players and old players, and those new players will never become old players.
  7. Brit Loyal Player

    What you are saying makes no sense. Clearly you are believing the complainer's here, who are off-base with many of their comments, and then you are additionally just confused about the way the game works. Let me help you clear some things up.

    First, if you are level 30 with a 0cr, that is a problem. Your CR is essentially a "gear score", an average of the overall gear that you are wearing OR have in your inventory. Static gear that drop for you increase your CR as well. Attuneables adjust your CR as soon as you lock them in. Things do not even have to be equipped in order to increase your CR.

    So for you to reach level 30 but have a CR 0, you have to have somehow leveled to 30 without ever getting a single piece of gear to drop for you. Not even the ones on the Brainiac ship that have a 100% drop rate. Just generic leveling to 30 will get you boss drops and quest rewards, all of which will increase your CR. Additionally, upon reaching level 30, they send you a box that gives you a full suit of level 30 appropriate gear.

    What you are describing, reaching level 30 with a CR 0, is impossible. I'm not calling you a liar, but it does seem very clear that you do not understand how CR works, and so you have made some very big misunderstandings.

    Second, after using the CR Skip (which effectively is just gifting you a free suit of 255 gear), there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from getting skill points in lower level content. In fact, it should be massively easier to get those skill points because you overpower the content. Speed Runs are a lot easier, for example, when you deal 50x more damage. Survival feats are much easier when none of the enemies can scratch you. Skill Points come from completing feats. Feats still exist in all content, regardless of CR.

    The only thing that lower level content stops giving you when you level up is Source Marks. Source Marks are used to purchase that lower level gear. You will still get feats, skill points, gear drops (that are no longer upgrades, but still have styles), base items, etc.

    So rest assured, your assumption that you cannot go back and earn those skill points is also 100% wrong. I recommend you go back and run that content here and there when you have time, and you'll see that those feats do in fact pop.

    Third, I would address the issue of skill points. Contrary to what many players want to tell you, they only barely matter at all. At CR300, for example, what you will get from Skill Points will barely be a drop in the bucket compared to what you get from your gear, augments, artifacts, etc. There is a soft-cap goal of reaching maxing your crits and then investing 100 points in your passive stat. It's definitely not mandatory to run any content, but that is the biggest impact skill points have. After reaching that soft cap, they matter progressively less and less. I've got over 400 skill points as a Healer and I have more than max'd the Restoration node. Now I'm taking points in Power or Health, neither of which I have had any problems with for some time. You do not need a ton of skill points, and if you let all of the anti-Skip yahoos convince you that you do, then you're giving up before you've ever even tried.

    The last point I would make is about the queues. Yes, you are correct. Those lower level queues are not popping frequently. And yes, you are correct, that really bites. But queues popping has absolutely nothing to do with what CR you are.

    Imagine being stuck at that level where that is the only content you can run, and it never pops. That would really suck. Eventually, you'd probably give up and quit the game.

    But the other players already out-leveled that stuff and so they aren't interested in it. They are playing in the last few Episodes. If only there was a way that you could join them. Some sort of way for you to be able to play with the majority of the population, in the content that actually DOES have the queues popping. That would really be great. If there was just some way that you could get to the populated content and be able to play with everyone else. A way that you could move ahead to where the other people are, start playing seriously, and then gradually work your way backwards as opportunities present.

    If only there was some way to hypothetically SKIP the content that doesn't actually pop in the queues, and instead find yourself far enough that you can queue in with the other players after all.

    The CR-Skip is one of the best things for the game. Without it, a new players doesn't really have much of a game they can actually play.
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    I agree with all that except...

    I can level from 0 to endgame in about a week and that's spending a couple days getting to level 30.

    From Level 30 to Tier 7 you can and should queue for raids and alerts for sure but... the DUOs EASILY will level you up to that point with the few raids that pop. If you saved all that event gear getting to tier 8 is a breeze. That's when you can kind of get "stuck".

    If you are legendary you can go on the broker and search "Box" and the gear that drops from stabilizers are sold there, a combination of the gear that drops from what does pop and those boxes will get you to end game in no time as long as you have enough marks to buy weapon, chest and legs from the vendor the combination of event gear and drops will get you to endgame in no time.

    Then you just queue for the content you are missing feats from and it's actually hard NOT to level up. I have toons I keep at a certain tier to unlock the styles let's say and farm source marks (tier 6 is best for that) for catalysts for my "main".

    But your point stands, getting the percentages at 100 SP in your main stat and the crits is the main thing, everything else you said is spot on. But leveling is not hard either Especially if you run the vault everyday, eventually you'll get the CR 78 rings and neck and it's almost impossible to stay below tier 4 for long.

    And yeah, if you have gear and the right Artifacts at level 80 it's SO easy to get 150 SP to get crits and your main stat bonus it's laughable.
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    I'm sorry, but this whole section is just dripping with 'end-game elitism' and reads more like a rant than a helpful guide. This feels like it was written by an 'end game player' for people 'who spend money', and completely disregards the people who would probably need this guide the most - free to play players who have been given a free level booster. You're going into this with completely the wrong perspective, and I'll break down exactly why.

    1. Instead of moaning about not being given enough SP and telling new players that they'll basically be useless in levelled content and scaring them off, why not tell them how they can make the most of what they are given. I have a 316CR sorcery DPS who only has about 77 SP, and she is one of my hardest hitting DPS'ers, largely because she uses a lot of pets (which scale to your CR, not your SP). The amount of SP you're given with the skip is fine.

    2. You don't need 2 sets of gear. The problem here is, you're assuming that the person using the CR skip is going to have bought a second armoury. If they are a free-to-play player, they will only have one armoury. Giving a new player 2 complete sets of gear will just be confusing to them. (and would clog their small inventory)

    3. While I agree that it's annoying that you don't get any generator mods, you're also running under the assumption that players using this CR skip will also be paying subscribers too. That's the wrong way to look at this. Most players who use the free skip will be free-to-play, so won't have access to the generator at all, as that's tied to the Home Turf DLC. Having a load of mods that can't be used would also confuse new players.

    4. Your augments get to a good level with what they give you, but again, having 2 sets (one for each role) is not necessary unless said player has 2 armouries to make use of them

    5. "...he should have 4 Adaptive Augments (2 DPS, 2 support role) at Rank 23 each from the previous episode – Atlantis" Well, let me tell you....I've played this game for about 7 years and I've NEVER bothered to level those augments up. Wonderverse is the first episode that I have levelled them up to 23, but only because they only take one type of food, which can't be used for anything else, so why not? This is truly an elitist mindset. Getting those things to rank 23 is irrelevant and unnecessary for a new player. They only need to be 23 if you plan on doing the elite raids at the time they are relevant (or you want the feats connected to getting them to that level). You'd be better off using the xp food to level up your regular augments

    6. "By the time a player reaches CR 255, he’s got at least 6 Artifacts (3 DPS, 3 support role) each at Rank 120 or higher." Again,that's one hell of an assumption there. I've got multiple 316CR alts that don't even have 3 artifacts at 120. To assume that all players would have 6 at that level by CR255 is stretching the realms of possibility, especially considering that you would likely be using all your source marks for gear at that level, not catalysts. Also, breakthroughs on artifacts at higher levels almost require seals of preservation or completion, both of which require spending money somewhere. If you're free-to-play, that's not happening!

    7. Base Dispenser? I refer back to my 3rd point.....if you're free-to-play, you won't have access to the generator. Also going back to my last point, you'll more likely be using source marks to level up your CR at that point. Unlocking just the supply drop and orbital strike only will cost you about 114 source marks (roughly what you'll get by playing up to level 30), but with careful purchases you could use that amount of marks to jump about 30-40 levels (I know this because that's what I did on a fresh character recently). Also, a free player won't have access to utility belts either, so equipping a supply drop and an orbital strike would mean sacrificing equipping soda colas, which I would not recommend for a new player.....
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  10. TANK69 Active Player

    You just forget the fact that we have open episodes since half year now I think so your argument is invalid and pathetic.
  11. Wynrotar New Player

    what an exceptionally long wall of Sh@#$@%
    put your brain babble back in a jar
  12. Reinheld Loyal Player

    I'm assuming when you said 'cant get SP' you meant 'cant get Source' can always get the SP...much easier over-leveled in most cases than AT level. I never get this angle of the argument. Assuming a 'free' CR boost (anyone buying them, especially if they have one already so lose the included episode benefit...need to have their head examined), and assuming you had 3 starting level toons...what were you going to do if they didn't include the skip? So, you'd have run content to try and get gear/feats/Nth...whatever, in content that hardly pops outside the solos. No outdoor 8 mark bounties. Event would pay off, but it will still pay off at CR 255 as well.

    So they throw you a 255 skip (which at this point is 50 CR old, so not endgame by a longshot), a free arti and enough supplies to get it to 80 at least, some golden exos to add to your leg mods. You get 77 SP granted, some of which you likely needed if your top toon was level 30 with 0CR. So here you are geared up for 255 (JLD) content...well... 'geared' in theory. You can STILL run whatever event is on for full source (same as if you were 18 or 30) and have now picked up 4 JLD open world weeklies you can do each week for 32 Source, not to mention dailies at 3 a day + a duo which you can get done unless your partner sits on his hands or is another 255 jump. Still doable, mind you, but a bit harder for sure. You can also go to Atlantis and do the bounties, dailies and solo, as well as Teen Titan's bounties, dailies and duo. Let's not forget Doomsday pays off till 262 and is mostly open world or solo. Notice I didn't say 'Solo heal/tank/troll a raid' or 'run elite raids'. Can you still go in and be bottom DPS in a raid...Most definitely. Watch LFG, most groups for Titans/Atlantis/JLD raids need fillers more than participants unless looking to do a feat. Alerts might be a crapshoot, especially the JLD one, but you can give it a shot at least. Chances are you'll have at least 1 OP person in the group who can pick up the slack if needed.

    This is not even counting the fact you can now walk in and solo 2 of the FOS's for source from the choosers, Gates, 2 of the Batcaves and you can normally get into Dox for 6 quick ones too. You can't do any of that at CR 0 or level 18 or CR 50 either.

    So where is the source marks deficit? It's only an issue if the source you get, you use to drive your character up to 299 right away, which is on you. Hover around that 255-262 mark(save the gear drops) for a few weeks and you'll be flush and probably get some SP to boot. LFG is your friend, use it wisely.

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