Skin Idea | Battle Reactive Atlantean Rune Tattoos

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Zoe·, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    I tweeted about it too, and people seem to like the idea. Basically inspired by Young Justice's Mera.
    I think it will be really cool for a Atlantean themed character (Not nessecery iconic)

    But if they were to be battle reactive too so when you start to fight, it would be such an amazing cosmetic skin.
    Just an idea for the Devs if It's even possible. :)
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  2. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    It would be cool for people in the "magic" camp like sorcery, celestial, and water, as well as others like those.
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  3. Reverse Sentry Active Player

    Absolute in favor! I use the barbarian skin to mimic that effect or the house of Atlan mark :)
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  4. TheLegend10 New Player

    Love this idea
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  5. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    I have no atlanteans, but I have some magic-based characters that would 100% use it.
    Even better if we could choose a color. :oops:
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  6. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Love this idea, can't wait to see it as the rarest item in a new Bundle or TC that most players in the average community won't be able to afford! :p
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  7. Zoe· YouTuber

    Oh god I hope not :p
  8. Reverse Sentry Active Player

    They did it on Aqualad already, I would immediately pay for it if it was behind a paywall nevertheless :)
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  9. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Id buy it, if they put it in a TC im screwed xD
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    It's a cool idea, just wish it wouldn't be behind an RNG paywall like the last new skin if it became a thing.
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  11. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I’m honestly afraid to ask for new cosmetics, just in case it ends up in a time capsule or survival.
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  12. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    oooh, now I want like a Gully Foyle face tattoo that flares up when you get angry!!!! yeah, so I'm an owld git. big woop. wanna make something of it?
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  13. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    Something flashy like this would almost unquestionably have some kind of real cash involved in getting them.
    I would hope simpler new skins or refreshes won't have the same fate (which tbh, I'd categorize doll skins as the later camp...)
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  14. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Can this style just be a normal skin with glowing tattoos? I would be highly invested if it was not battle reactive. There is so much FX pollution in combat nowadays that these battle reactive styles just visually get lost in all the chaos. Why would I want to pay for something I'm never going to see 99.99% of the time?
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Yea, marketplace purchase :)
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