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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by 123riderkick, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. 123riderkick New Player

    I can't be the only one who sees the older skins and thinks "wow that is so badly done". My childhood teacher would be disappointed if I presented that as a finished product. The faces and body looks like a barbie or ken doll were soaked in nail polish remover. Very smudgy features not much detail or form. It's really a small fix. It's kinda lame that only a few skins have been upgraded so everyone has the same face and body. The hair selection is blocky and uninspired needs to be polished. The graphics for npcs look better. The player is the main character please make it feel like it when it comes to details. I'd understand these graphics for pedestrians if the game was rushed. Maybe the face and body character creation should include more options maybe even face sliders in the future. I digress, for now can we up the attention to detail on the basic skins and hair? It just bothers me to look at now after so long.
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  2. Shalandor New Player

    Well the game has been out for quite some time and as you said we have got SOME updated skins but I do agree we could really use more variety as we've currently got only three new skins to choose from or use the older ones which do look pretty outdated now.It'd be great if some of the other old skins were revamped and updated such as an upgraded wise,cheerful,angry and youthful skin along with some of the other more fantastic ones such as Chrome,rock and Lava.I'm sure some updated skins to give everyone some more choice would be a great addition.
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  3. Neb153 Level 30

    Updating all of the old skins would be nice, but updating the old hairstyles feels needed IMO. They all look absurdly bad compared to what we have now. It really does stick out.
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  4. 123riderkick New Player

    What are the chances they will fix it? I really wish I could get more people wanting it to change, small chance that would help though. Daybreak has been doing it their way for so long now.
  5. Pillowpet New Player

    Well, they did pretty well remaking Harley Quinn. It's not like we can edit or change the face details in the character creator like in any other mmo so I can't imagine it being that difficult to remake the few skins that we have to choose from.
  6. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    Well nothing can possibly be retouched after being created and added to the game, that's a regulation.
    However, it's totally possible to have new skins and hairstyles created alike old ones.
    They are on the list, I wish the process was easier and faster. Episodes take a heavy toll on time so that they don't get around to making such content routinely.
    My favorite skins to be recreated are barbarian and animals.
    Perhaps the classic female hairstyle too, it looks rather like a paper folded around head.