Skillpoints in PvP

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  1. savageprime New Player

    @Aquq ok that is my fault I guess because your first post looks like you agree with the OP when you say massive gap on skill points discourage many and when you say make a manual you should explain manual for what exactly because we are talking about skill points and you are now talking about immunities and what not. Also the thread is leaning in a direction of altering usage of skillpoints in pvp which im against and when do something to make an entity weaker in this game its commonly called a nerf. Thus is said...nerf.
  2. LonelyGiants New Player

    To be honest, I would much prefer a PVP with more balance. Get rid of Home Turf entirely, remove SP stat benefits, and lessen the gap between each PVP gear tier. I'm sure that'd be much more appealing to a new player. If they lose a match it would be because they were outdone in terms of skill.

    By taking SP out of PVP, you aren't punishing anyone. If you can't win without having an advantage, then you need to step your game up.
  3. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    The best solution would be to move away from PvP to just legends matches for the most part the pvp crowd in this game is too childish with there constant crying about this power or that weapon when they get beat in a match if they don't want trinkets/SP or whatever stuff they use as a reason for them losing then they should support a move to just legends pvp that way theres no gear/weapons or trinkets to cry about .
  4. SSJ Carlos New Player

    Legends poops on arenas. The only thing legends doesn't have is roles or i would play that. Instead of playing against a bunch of nerds who like having handicaps over noobs.

    This is what you people think is ok. Level up to cap (30). And don't touch pvp for a month because there is no way you can compete. You have set aside an entire month so you can spend replay badges on pve to be able to have enough skillpoints to hang with pvp players.

    You like having advantages over other players? cool keep it in pve where you playing the game for 3years straight only effects everyone positively instead of jumping into arenas and beating on new and returning players who will quit upon seeing how much catch up needs to be played.
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  5. John New Player

    Hell yea I have never thought about this make pve sp seperate from pvp sp or just make overall sp usable in pve and just make pvp sp only usable in pvp
  6. SSJ Carlos New Player

    I don't know if that is the solution but people should really think about this. I see it as an issue and i think devs and players should have a discussion. Hopefully devs can come up with a good idea.

    Any way that is can be daelt with players have to remember they will always have their duels and they will always have open world. So if you really care about your character being stronger you can always flex on people in open world lol. When it comes to arenas i would like to see balance. For the sake of competitive and for the sake of new players who want to jump into pvp from the start.
  7. John New Player

    We do not need no more OP players we already got the expert mods and the OP powers then we got the skill points and finally the home turf with all that maxed out you will dominate pvp
  8. Zylo Committed Player

    you want to take away my time and effort i put into this game away from me? the whole entier reason y I play this game in the 1st place?

    I have 2 words to say to you but I dont want to get banned from the forums.
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  9. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    While I myself, want a more balanced PvP. The majority of people on DCUO don't want that, so no I don't think this is something to do.

    Besides, SP does not add that much difference... The only real difference will be to Healers honestly. SP is not game-breaking in PvP and therefor doesn't need to be changed.

    I'm still all for a barebones Arena option. Keep an Arena how it is now.. Then add a barebones option for people who like a more skill based game. Barebones would pretty much be like Legends except you get to use your own powers and switch your loadouts however you like. My ideal Arena where people have to rely solely on their skill or lack of.... That will never come to pass.
  10. John New Player

    yes it do too a experienced player in blood bat with 150+ sp could easily take down full punchlines with no mods
  11. Dirty Fred New Player

    So whats next shall we remove the skill Points in PvE aswell cuz a DPS with more SPs does more damage then me in the raid?
    Perhaps remove the gear drops aswell cuz if someone is lucky & get a lvl 88 gear there its not fair?

    Perhaps best that we remove all progression in the game in total so nobody that is willing to work for it gets better stuff then the lazy ones?

    What a FUN game we be stuck with then....

    I was spamming some arenas with my alt earlier he got T1 cr 77 pvp gears & 46 SPs & i had lots of fun...
  12. John New Player

    nope what they really need to do is remove pve sp from pvp
  13. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    An experienced Bloodbat player could take down an inexperienced and un-modded Punchline player regardless of how many SP either of them had.
  14. John New Player

    nope cause with the toughness and prec/might the punchline player could eat all the blood bat players hits where have you seen an inexperienced punchline player? However a blood bat player with sp could hit harder than a punchline player thus beating them
  15. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Inexperienced Punchline players are all over, all it takes is $20 of Replay Badges and a league to help you PUG stomp for 2 days and you've got full Punchline gear. No skill required.

    The stat difference is NOT that significant if they are not modded. A couple hundred Precision, the only big difference is HP which is around 2.8k difference between Bloodbat and Punchline I believe. So yes they can take more hits, but if both are unmodded then that is extremely easy to overcome if the person in Bloodbat is skilled in counter mechanics.

    Precision from SP only totals 138 while Might totals 380. The difference between Toughness of Punchline to Bloodbat is around 390 which totals to only like a 5% damage mitigation. None of those differences are as huge as you're making them sound...
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