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    A perspective.

    It's upsetting to hear players who are opposed to account bound skill points because it's not game breaking looking at it from both sides. It's not realistic to kill 5000 reapers on more than one toon especially when you have a job, school, kids and other time consuming obligations that need to be attended to.

    I agree, it's unfair to those who've already grinded thoroughly enough on their alts. However, do you like the idea of support roles running around with 50 SP? Is it truly a negative aspect to the game to have players utilize SP, they've already rightfully earned from their main, to further contribute to the group?

    If you disagree, that is fine; to each their own but disagreeing with another doesn't justify hostility regardless of how ridiculous their ideas and views may be. I would like to refer to Circe's post. Circe, in an attempt to exchange innovative ideas, was shut down with diatribes and non-constructive comments. Unnecessary, really.
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  2. gloomy galleon New Player

    It's game breaking maybe not in the sense that you will be overpowered but that having half the game completed for you will result in you having less stuff to do, getting bored faster, and ultimately leaving the game and taking away from SOE's revenue.
    In none of the other games I have played when I start over do I have access to previous accomplishments. The only exception I can think of is something like Arkham City that offers a New Story + feature. It keeps your Riddler Trophies and combat upgrades but in return the enemies are stronger and more aggressive, and you won't be able to see the counter icons. I don't know how DCUO would implement something like that but I assume since you guys want things easier you would not be okay with added difficulty in exchange for saved skill point progress.

    Also the hostility is not towards the fact that you want something which is game breaking but the fact that people continuously ask for it multiple times a day/week. Asking once is enough. The devs should invest their time looking into more important issues like fixing the damn start button!
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  5. Lightful New Player

    Dedicated players with main's, typically, have 120-150 SP. These players, including myself, still have much room to cover so to speak.

    Also, the fact that I have to re-do the same feats I've already accomplished is deterring. If I make a third toon, which I'm considering, I'm most definitely not going to focus on SP. It was overwhelming enough with two toons.
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  6. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    I think all these SP threads are upsetting. I'm starting to feel like this forum is a bunch of whining kids who will keep asking for what they want until they get it, I've seen mepps respond already saying they are listening but its not just something that can be done quickly. Move along children!
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  7. IIJetfire New Player

    I think its too much and 50% of posts relating mostly skill points, will never end at all....and also completely incomprehensible unfortunately...:(
  8. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    Ill also add Im a total casual player, 2 kids, 2 dogs, wife & FT job, I have an alt at 100, 2 in the 80's & 2 in the 70's - Enough is enough! iT'S NOT THAT HARD!
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  9. Lightful New Player

    I apologize. I've seen these posts and I'm aware it's becoming repetitive but I felt I had to address this.
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  10. gloomy galleon New Player

    I don't fail to see it, not when complaints are posted so often. Don't insult my intelligence. I know the argument and know where the players are coming from. I agree some feats are not worth the effort, but that's why I don't bother trying to get them. Most of the skill points you can get without even trying hard. Kill the boss without dying or using sodas/supercharge, do all the side missions of a story arc, complete an instance under a certain amount of time, beat a boss under x conditions. Collect all the styles in this set. Most of the feats are things like this and can be obtained while leveling up and putting some time aside to complete said feats. Some are a little harder and require good teamwork but are not monotonous (e.g the FOS3 medic/sniper feats) The do x amount of times feats I don't bother with unless they are very small.

    I have 130 something SP on my main and about 70 on my healer and 60 on my tank. I only play them when I want to gear up and rarely do I actually try to get some feats. It's not hard at all though to have a good amount of SP. I'd say somewhere from 70-90 is enough to get the "essentials" and even really good players don't need that many. I've met really good players who still only have around 40-50 skill points and they do better than I do sometimes. Unless you're one of those players who needs to collect every little thing, you shouldn't need to have skill points account bound, and if you are one of those types then you're going to go after the feats regardless so you might as well stop complaining while doing your 400th try at the CC bounties.

    If the only thing you care about is the monotony then stop letting everyone brainwash you into thinking that SP and CR are the only way to be good at this game. Do them for fun, not for work. It seems the real problem here is the design of the feats not the fact that they aren't account bound. I guarantee if they were fun to achieve very few people would complain that they aren't account bound. That's the thing about games. If they are designed to be really fun people play them a hundred times again and again while still having fun.
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  11. IIJetfire New Player

    its k :) ,i am feeling the similar way around most of the posts relating non-ends of threads focused mostly on skill points...Hoping someday 'everyone becomes one' for skill points..
  12. gloomy galleon New Player

    You'd think that would stop them from crying. Have faith in your parents instead of asking "are we there yet" every 10 minutes.
    If it was my kid and he or she did that, I'd stop the car tell them to get out and then I'd drive off into the sunset.
  13. Lightful New Player

    Not everyone has a similar situation as you. Let's be more considerate of others, please.

    I'm taking 6 classes at MU, I have a fiancé, I'm training several athletes, I have a part time job (besides personal training), and I donate as much of my time as possible to my family.

    I don't have time to be grinding with any of my alts or my main for that matter. I'm sure some others are just as busy, if not, more than.
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  14. razor Red New Player

    Nobody wants to make alts because getting skill points turns into another chore. I want to try new powers but on the ps3 there's no test server. What are my options a fresh lvl 30 with 30 sp how fun. If sp was account bound people would actually care about alts and put time and money to gear up. I have 2 toons with 120sp but I work and go to school I will never get that many sp again and that's not even a lot.
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  15. IIJetfire New Player

    guys one more thing keep 'personal parts' separate ,after all everyone has different situations always and depends accordingly always keeping time to play dcuo on free time schedules mostly.
  16. gloomy galleon New Player

    I'd say as far as situations go the other guy has you beat. He doesn't have just one kid but he has TWO. That's a lot more than your part time job. Regardless your situations are irrelevant to how this game should play. It should cater to those who can actually play it not those who only have 15 minutes a day to get on the computer/playstation.
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  17. Lightful New Player

    I don't think you read the initial comment I was addressed with.

    I didn't put my personal business out there without reason.
  18. gloomy galleon New Player

    I have 5 alts right now. I am this "Nobody" that you speak of? Read my post above if you want easy skill points.
  19. IsaTab New Player

    Sounds to me that this thread was just to complain about how Circe's thread was closed, all this should be in one of the other 4+ threads on this subject.
  20. The Johnny army New Player

    You're going to get reported for logical thinking :)
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