Skill Points: a real issue.

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  1. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    This 100%. I never liked the feats part of the game, most of them are just dull, unnecessary or are stupid handicaps.

    And from my personal experience, the SP system with feats just mostly fuel toxicity and isn't fun. I've already seen 2 leagues fall apart because of this crap, from one example like: "Sorry, I don't wanna run with you guys any more because you can't even do that elite raid when we do a full group, let alone do the feats. It doesn't matter that we had a great time in reg and other parts of the game, but I'll leave and take X, Y, Z members with me and never talk to this league again, k thx bye". To another one like: "Yes yes, we are in the same league, but I decided that from now on I'll do every feat with 2-3 specific people from this league and every other spot filled with outsiders, and no, I will not run with other members from this league, even reg featless runs, because my new "friends" are important for me to reach 800 SP, good day".

    It just makes me wonder, if feats weren't so integral to progression, and if attaining that "Max SP" didn't require completing every feat, how would the people in the examples be? Because while maybe they are portrayed as douchy, some were genuinely good people that fell apart because of the Feat-SP system.
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  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    There are a lot of people, who want to get rushed to end game, so they can actually "play content" because as the forums have proved, the earlier content is nearly dead: not many want to do it. So yes, new players want to hurry to get to end game content SO THEY CAN PLAY.

    I'm sorry you want to just log in, collect rewards and log out: probably a skill issue. Most people want to play content. Since older content isn't very popular, they want to more recent content: that's what's being played.

    You said 'strong skilled players are still strong/skilled.' Yes, but a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. If Mr Strong skills is spending the whole raid doing pickups, and having continual wipes because of weaker players not being competent enough to survive (lack of skill points maybe, or just skill), then people complain that the content is too hard. They beg to have the clamp removed.

    We can go back and forth for ages expressing opinions, I'm not doing that. So let's go with facts.

    Fact: the clamp needs to go.
    Fact: Skill point system needs help.
    Fact: this game is a cash cow, but in need of some serious restructuring of the devs and their priorities.

    Bigger fact: this thread is about SP, not the clamp.
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  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    This is a truth bomb the devs will never admit.
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  4. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    stats revamp and the clamp in general was designed to make the game last 10 years by making the players by their stats back through artifacts and allies and more. I strongly believe this strategy was implemented in order to make Bank off of everything in the game that is unbalanced. I strongly believe we have a lot more progression systems on the way including what they talked about years ago about a new way to gain feats we don't have. Try to remember that the clamp is designed to make money off of everyone. the only way they're going to work on anything is by getting a return from it with income. Just like how they just said allies we're implemented as a Power Balance system. they kind of threw themselves under the bus there. but we all kind of figured when they started making power specific allies. So not to worry about skill points or the clamp. we just have to be patient for when they stop making money out of allies and Implement a third non-clamp system or address a new way of getting Feats you don't have. All of which is absolutely going to happen eventually
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  5. the solowing Unwavering Player

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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I see you've finally accepted the truth of the clamp. Only took 2+ years.

    Next step...actually selling 'SP Packs' in the MP. Surprised we don't have them yet.
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  7. Dene Devoted Player

    ok.. so lets stop talking about the clamp.. very fair - TRUCE! lol

    Reworking SP is going to be very hard.. as in no matter what they do, people will complain.. too easy to get *complaints* harder to get *complaints* sell them *complaints* grant them more than CR skips do already *complaints* weaken them/rejig them so they do not affect stats etc as much *complaints* strengthen them/rejig them so they give MORE stats *complaints*

    it feels lose/lose

    Not belittling ideas just pointing out that whatever they may try to do will have strong opposition
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  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Yes, there will always be complaints from various people. Feats are already for sale though, and I'm willing to bet they've made a good amount of money from that: *buy source marks, spend on style vendors, feats unlocked: *buy time capsules, feats unlock: *buy quarks, more feats unlocked.

    That's one huge thing right now, they want more and more money. A new person is going to look at that, the cost is massive. So then they look at artifacts, the cost is massive (especially when these devs refuse to do a x2xp event for artifacts).

    Basically, newer people are left with minimal choices.
    1. Spend a LOT of money for feats. (Potentially thousands)
    2. Spend a LOT of money for artifacts. (Minimum of hundreds)
    3. Spend MASSIVELY for feats and artifacts. (Oh my gosh...)
    4. Hope and pray to get carried through old content while weak.
    5. Quit the game because EVERYTHING requires too much money to be competent and reach end game. It all looks so intimidating.

    My nephew actually just started an account last week. Yesterday he told me he doesn't think he's gonna be able to stick with it because he's queued for hours with no luck (after reaching 30 and climbing slightly in duo and solo content). And the price of getting stuff leveled (allies and artifacts) is too much. He would've brought at least 4 others to the game, but that's not gonna happen now.

    Devs need to acknowledge there are some flawed methods in this game, and work to make them better. This will require exploring multiple options.
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  9. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Did he like the game? If he has 3/4 friends…there ya go, they can start their own league and queue alerts together. And they’re on the same level so they all have the same needs in the game. The progression systems you’re mentioning are designed for long term growth. Nobody “needs” to have them maxed just to play the game.

    Theres an over-saturation in the live-service games industry atm, and there’s a finite quantity of time in the day. What others games is he being pulled towards? Fortnite?
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  10. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Too true, no matter how anyone tried to deny it.
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  11. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    No it just reverted everyone back to day 15..... after a 2 year journey... after a 5 year journey... after a 10 year journey.

    Some might consider that to be "drastic".
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  12. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Wouldn’t he need a whole friend?
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  13. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    If he has 3/4 friends

    Could have been worse...

    He could have said 3/5. [IMG][IMG]
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  14. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    The first one is not a fact. It’s an opinion. One that not everyone shares. The clamp doesn’t “need” to stay or go. What “needs” to happen is what is best for the long yet success of the game. The devs have obviously decided that the clamp is needed.
    The sp system does need help. But the help that is needed is subjective. Some believe that SP do not matter (which is incorrect) and wish for SP to be more valuable. As it stands you don’t really need more than 550sp currently. This is easy to achieve. Make SP more valuable and make it so that players will require 600/700/800sp. So that would definitely put a strain on players who take breaks, new players, or players who haven’t played in years.
    Yes the game wants to make money. It’s a business not a charity. Any f2p game will do everything possible to get players to spend. If they don’t make money from the base game than they will need to make month through micro transactions. However at the same time the game offers plenty of ways to not spend money. If someone spends money than that it a personal choice. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. No one is forcing us to spend money. I only spend money on cosmetics and memberships. If I spend money it was my choice.
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  15. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Maybe 7/8 of a friend on a pinch?
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  16. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    We have to achieve 100 points in Feats to equal 1 SP. That’s a lot of TC’s to open if you already have all of the style feats, beating various open world bosses 100 times, on & on & on… This is an archaic way of earning SP. If as some on here have suggested that the high hundreds in SP ( i.e. >400+ ) are needed to function in this game, the poor newbies are automatically overwhelmed just like Pale Rider’s nephew.

    I have just recently created a new alt from scratch and leveled her to CR425. I am reluctant to spend any money on leveling her as in buying Replay Badges to unlock all the feats I have achieved on my other 2 mains. Having said that, if I was an entirely new player, and found out that I needed to have this huge number of SP and the only way to earn SP is by achieving Feats that add up to 100 to get only 1 SP, I would feel defeated and just quit. It’s too overwhelming .

    SP needs to be reworked in how SP is earned and secondly how SP affects our stats, YES I SAID OUR STATS too all the pro-clampers out there, the haters of all stats & progression-regression champions.
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  17. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    There were soooo many people on Xbox who screwed each other for feats it wasn't even funny. People you thought were good "friends" too, would backstab you and throw the entire friendship away over 1 feat. Heck, even simply just not wanting you to have more than them, in which comprises most of the hero faction in itself if you're a villain.
  18. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    I knew many many players that got overwhelmed and quit. Those were some of the ones I mentioned often, the ones I would help get feats only to have them quit after only a week to a month due to being overwhelmed.
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  19. Sollace Well-Known Player

    First of all, many of the farm SPs should be reviewed by reducing the number requested. This kind of feat is extremely demotivating, it was easy enough to do them in their time, but now they clearly don't make you want to waste any more time!
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  20. Plowed In Loyal Player

    They could if they wanted to, or they can go the other way and do counter multiplier weeks - like Legends PVE. Quite frankly, some of this is a problem people seek…by spamming stuff that will occur “naturally” over time anyway from just playing the game…