Skill Points: a real issue.

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  1. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    I quit playing ESO regularly about 9 months ago. It took approxiately 3 months to get top level and 400 Champion points with reputation grind to get lower tier of meta abilities. You have to use abilities to level abilities up. It's approx the same amount of time for each game to get to similar levels.
  2. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    You can tell you're a new player. You want to degrade the game because it's hard for you to get what you want? Feats have classsification in which content difficulty is needed. The TC feats are optional just like all other feats. You're acting like the game should cater to people who don't care enough to build their character. So you're the arbiter of fun? Addiction makes more $$$ than instant gratification.

    Can you be more vague?
  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    skill is the only thing that truly matters outside of the meta being broke from time to time. you can have no skill points and still out DPS/heal/tank/control a masive ton of the player base with skill and knowhow
    most of the players SUCK even if they have all the bells and whistles available to them.

    now saying that between two players of equal skill then it truly comes into play.

    But its not your place or anyone else to tell others how to play if they suck so what help them out or just move along and the next time hopefully you get a better pairing its the nature of MMOS
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  4. Solarverse Committed Player

    Forgive me for grave robbing here, however, just wanted to add that this has not aged well, here we are, 2024 and still no change.

    My wife and I are returning players, I was at peak SP when I left the game, I had in the mid 200's. That was considered top notch back in the day. Today, I am seeing players running around with well over 600...I am not even sure what the max is now. Then I see all of the gambling box feats, check prices on the market and am immediately discouraged. There is no way I can ever afford those prices, much less get over 40 to 50 of them to try and unlock all the feats...I simply don't have that kind of time to play this game to gather those type of resources...I'm not young anymore, I don't have the time to grind al day like I used to.

    So yeah, just wanted to add to this topic and show that 3 years later, this topic has aged badly and players like my wife and I stand zero chance to be anywhere near useful at end game; especially in a game where nobody wants to play with support roles anymore...that amount of rude behavior we have ran across for playing our Tank/Healer combo has been mind blowing to say the least, but that is another topic.
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  5. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    600 man that’s low I kid I kid.

    I feel you on that but there r options to form groups support roles are highly appreciated in any content
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  6. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    The skill point tree needs to be addressed absolutely 100%. At low skill points you getting no progression you don't start noticing anything until you have at least 300 skill points. The skill point tree absolutely needs to be buffed more than 10% at 100 sp per point. It has been talked about many times that 10% needs to change the 30% at 100 sp per point. But here's what's going to happen they're going to address the skill point tree with a progression system like allies. because they don't know how to balance the skill point tree. if they are going to do anything to it they want to make money from it. So get ready for that in the near future. it's highly talked about how the sp tree cap is so low and capped at regular gear item and not op gear item lvl. It's insane how low that skill cap tree is it gives the player no reason to progress all you need to get is 15 skill points per new ep to stay op. Not to mention this whole system is part of the clamp I think the developers should address this and bring 10% to 30% per point maybe even higher for players with no skill points
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You are not wrong about the gamble box feats, however if you ignore the collections, the gear and emblems are quite doable, and realistically account for as much or more as those 3 collection reward feats. Sometimes the 2nd or 3rd place collections are even within reach if you hustle cash otherwise farming and selling the more readily available things. I'd say focus on emblems first, then gear (unless you need the gear for CR which case, start there), then worry about that 2 Billion+ collection piece...and by 'worry' I mean...'forget about it'.

    Otherwise work on your solo and duo feats (you've got a partner at least) and keep LFG open at all times and throw your hat into any feat groups you see, as long as you think you can handle it. Getting in with a few feat grinders can net out to re-invites later, which is nice if you need a lot of them. And, if you are feeling can always start up a group....though that might take a while to fill.
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  8. M3RCURY97 New Player

    Your best bet would be to join a small league where you can group together with a couple other players regularly for feat cleanouts on alerts n open world/ new episodes. Once you have a strong 4 it will be easier to raid. Alert cleanputs can do alot for sp.
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  9. Korlick Loyal Player

    I feel you. When i quit, i was at 420+ (not too far behind max sp). Returning and starting from zero was truly overwhelming. So many things to do, to buy. But dont let that discourage you. Start from the bottom.
    Dont pay attention to the ultra rare (and most expensive styles) yet. There will be time for that.
    Emblems and TC gear are mostly cheap.

    Feats, since you play with your wife, focus on Solos/Duos/Open World feats. Theres a lot to do. You can even do the bounty feats, choose one and focus on it. Announce the spam in LFG and other most likely will join.
    Once youre done with those, you can move onto Alerts feats. If you dont have a league (recommend you get into one), use LFG to fill the group. Sometimes you might not be lucky but mostly you will get the group.
    Also...always keep an eye on LFG for other people looking for(or forming) feat groups.
    Making some friends helps too. That helped me a lot. At the time i was feat hunting i met a few people that were also doing it and we run stuff toghether.
    Meanwhile...youll be earning source marks, styles and other stuff. You can buy a lot of styles feats with marks from House of Legends vendors (or Open World vendors).
    Running content you might get stuff to sell and make some cash. Styles can be a good source of money which you can use to buy what you need from the broker.

    Another thing that helped me, was to set personal goals. Like XX amount of SP in XX amount of time. My goal was 1 sp each day. No matter what. Some days i got more than 1. And some days i barely reach the goal. short, dont let the huge amount or expensive fest cloud your vision. Start from bottom and go from there.
    You can do it.

    Good luck and happy hunting to you both.
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  10. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Want people to get more skill points, get rid of the stat clamp.
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  11. Plowed In Loyal Player


    “Want people to get more skill points, release more content with skill points.”
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  12. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    Sounds like a you problem
  13. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I still believe the whole system needs to be re-worked and divorced totally from Feats. A Feat should be just that, an accomplishment that is celebrated, not a means toward earning skill points that we all need! Ridiculous.

    Skill points, experience points, whatever adjective you want to call them should be something earned through normal game play with a certain amount awarded for each type of mission maybe even with a max award cap per day. If they still want to total the number award to 100 xp to 1 sp then fine too.

    A Feat should be something special, something actually worked toward and earned as opposed to just collecting a style, opening a TC x number of times, etc…. And it should be divorced completely from earning SP.
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  14. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    I've brought up this idea before, and everyone who I told it to liked the idea. Might be too late for it though. I for one wish stat points mattered more (and not to get people to finally see my view on why they aren't necessary to be inclided in e+ lol).

    So +1 because I dig any change that could be for the better.
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  15. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    i have 585 sp i'm doing just fine but i also got a lot mine before the clamp and if i didn't take 4 years off from the game from 2016-2020 i would probably have 700 sp, new players have a much bigger struggle since most old content is ignored by most players so feats from those are hard to get now and good luck getting any pvp feats now its completely dead. I feel bad for new players.
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  16. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    You are absolutely correct, this topic, from years ago, still rings today as true. The devs obviously don't give a sht to inform us of what they think.

    However, in the subject of healer and tank roles being run by you and your wife, I only run current content (hate the stat clamp), but I'll be happy to run the current stuff with you if you want. I love having roles in the alerts: gives me a chance to really unwind my power lol.
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  17. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

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  18. Plowed In Loyal Player


    After 13 years of being around…yeah, it’s probably not a realistic option at this point…

  19. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    There r options to get those hard old feats it’s up to to the new person to take the initiative to go get them. I have 2 lgmates that started during hol episode. 3 years later they are 700 sp close to .800. So yes sounds like a you problem
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  20. Ryan_Ragenolds Active Player

    Yeah...i agree that something needs to be done.
    Thing is, this all sounds good on paper, but at least as per my experience with other games with similar systems, i dont think it would work with this game. And it still wouldnt be as easy as it sounds to get high amounts of sp.