Skill Points: a real issue.

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think the bigger issue isn't a feats difficulty as much as it is the difficulty + going against what people run Omni for. People run omni mainly for source, or something that would not require a team co-ordination (like style drops or a 'checklist' feat), so the only way to get co-ordination feats is to get them in 'built' groups. This was true before as well, that group needs 7 or 8 capable people...not just a few 'bodies' who can queue you in. No deaths, speed runs, or super mechanic heavy feats generally always needed this, but now things that just require NOT burning something for a min...or DO take down things in a certain order mean the whole group has to be wanting and willing to work on it....

    At least when you random queued something like LnW pre clamp, the people who were queuing it likely had some interest in doing SOMETHING in that run....after all they queued it from a list vs 50 other raids. So asking 'can we do 1 piece' didn't raise many eyebrows. Now? "Nah, just here for 10 source marks bruh" no time for a feat that would require slowing down on an already 'slow' run.
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    Personally I blame the person who nexcro’d it but that’s none of my business *sips tea* lmao
    Edit—- nvm sorry thought this was that other skill point thread from 2015 you brought back lmao.
  3. BumblingB I got better.

    LOL It wasn't me who necro'd that one. I just post memes!
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  4. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    What I meant was make the 10 points feats 25 points. I should have clarified that.
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Sorry, but if you are 343 and just hit 100, you did a mad dash to get to endgame....skipping anything and everything you could. Sorry, but that is on the individual...not the game. A skip token puts you around 82 or so, so that's 18 would be hard to get to 343 and NOT get 18 more. Even harder if you didn't employ a skip and only hit 100 from a scratch toon. 200-250? Sure...that's a pretty real number for someone doing 'some' stuff but still in a decent rush. Still low, but not purposely low.

    Personally, I'm against the blanket selling or giving away of feats. Yes, some of that is 'I had to grind should too', but it's also the further dumbing down or monitizing of the game. I'm not sure I'd ever have gotten as addicted to the game if I could have come in day 1 and picked up a few 100 SP for 20-30 me no strecth goal to go for. There are tons of feats you can get with little effort or grind (or money) yet many of the people shouting 'some feats are impossible' don't have those either There are other feats that are 'easy' but require a bunch of grind. I'd be more open to doing something like the LPVE 10x weeks or wholesale reducing some counts (like was done with PVP a long time ago). Making the CC bounties 250 vs 500 cuts the grind in 1/2 but only grants 1 feat. If you can't get yourself through the first 10 or 25 to knock out 4 or 5 other feats, why should anyone worry about giving you that 1 at the top? PVP same thing. People want ALL the PVP feats, when many are just 'win 1 match' or 'do a match'...that doesn't even require a win...sorry, but as broken as PvP is, some of the feats don't even require winning and can be done by almost anyone. let's talk about granting/selling the 'big' feats after the little ones are picked off first.

    Personally, the best players I run with (not top DPS, but people who know how to 'play' the game) are the ones that see the SP grind and want to tackle it. In general, the players who come and go are the ones who are open to dropping 1000+ bucks to 'gear up', then get bored and go to the next thing. That might be great for DBG's wallet, but is it great for the game and other players? And when I talk about the SP grind, I'm not talking the 700 point grind...I mean the 100 to 200...200 to 300 grind...which is NOT a crazy grind if you know what you are doing.
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  6. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    How about a system where in duo+ player feats are offered a reward in addition to SPs. If older content feats offered something to players who have them, more would run them. Source marks would be the easiest to implement. Since, players need source marks for everything. Or make old content feats, missions within Omnibus.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'd go for this idea, as long as it was a single source so it couldn't really be abused/milked. If you need the get the feat. If you don't, you get a source or whatever relatively cheap goodie comes up.
  8. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    One source mark would be too little. Maybe source marks equal the star amount, one time reward after feat is previously earned. It would cut out abuse but still offer a person a reward to fill their mod generator or what not. I know I would pass up helping with Omega 13(elite one I think) for 1 source mark.
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  9. DAnomalous Level 30

    You are 1 person. The game doesnt have a big population. Something is the reason for that and given that casual players will always be the largest amount of players in any game they need to be the ones targeted.

    The games that are popular right now dont have something where power is locked behind arbitrary feats that are usually just do something to stall out the fight so it takes longer, rather than anything fun.

    In fact I ask which games were all that successful with a similar system in the past? Nothing comes to mind. Usually "feats" and "achievments" are just a score and bragging rights.
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Meh...most people would pass on Omega 13 (or Omega and Omega...which is the elite one), for 10 source. I was thinking more like feats where the work required is simply NOT doing something or doing something that required little 'work'... Things like DWF feats are still best done with a full group who want to work on that feat...maybe just to help a leaguemate.

    A good example....the Necro 'wardens' feat. it just takes standing on a few points in the maze to open the doors and get to the wardens....yet I've yet to be in more than 1 group who will work on it? Why? Because it would take 30 more seconds to do in an Omni run. Things like 'pick one' in Lockdown realistically don't even change the time, but in a random group...? Good luck completing that list unless you and like minded people are the only ones to grab the gun. Fatal exams 'perfect grades'? HA! Get that in a random group should be worth 5 SP right there. (kidding of course...but seriously... no chance in a random 'just want to finish' group). An extra source (or 2) would probably sway a random person just popping in to give a bit more care, or a bit more attention to doing something 1 or 2 might ask for. 3, 5 or 10 source isn't making anyone go after 'Omega and Omega', which might take an extra hour or more.
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  11. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    You do realize this game has been successful for 10 years with this model? It has survived thousands of people complaining the system is the problem. ESO has their skill point grind. ESO is successful. In a genre where 90% fail, DCUO's system has stood the test of time with "minor" tweaks.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Agreed I'm 1 person, and the low pop is likely more due to it being a 10 year old game with outdated graphics than it is any SP system. Actually the Pay2Win stuff probably drives more people away than the massive SP wall in front of them (just my opinion).

    Casual players come and go...for sure...en masse. However, casual players also don't care as much about SP as people who plan on staying a while. Casual players don't worry about running 'Elite' content (where the SP would actually matter). Casual players aren't looking to drop 1000's of bucks on a game to 'catch up' to 10 year players to just pop in a few times a week, then leave. I'm sure there are exceptions (there always are) but anyone who cares that much can't really be considered 'casual' anymore...can they?

    Now if you want to talk about removing feats and achievements....sure, that's a topic to discuss. I'd be fine if the SP rollout were stopped...700 should be plenty for anyone to work on for a while (especially if they are casual)....but remember that there ARE vets too...and the vets have spent and DO spend a lot of money...many 'casual' players do not. So yes, while you want to bring in a lot of casuals...the hope is probably that some become vets eventually.
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  13. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    Star amounts, 10, 25, 50. With those amounts as a one-time reward(or monthly lockout(replays$$$$)), it would motivate a few to do it. Imagine LFG, "3 star feat grp LF [insert role], easy 50 marks". Running FOS for an hour awards about same marks?
  14. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Like I said earlier the incentive is the drive to improve your characters. If that's not incentive enough than people have bigger issues besides SP.
  15. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    the saddest thing in this game now you need a more and more targeted profile to have the right to make instances and especially in elite, SP artifact and CR, it starts to do a bit much, when MMO means playing all together...
  16. DAnomalous Level 30

    The game was never that populated after release of Heroes,/m/0y66zll,/m/07s8gkl,/m/0pctvvy

    If your feat gameplay was enjoyable people would do it without the power locked behind it. Lets see how many people are doing it for fun
  17. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    The saddest thing in the game is thinking it's a console game. 60hrs of gameplay might do it for CoD storymode but this is an MMO. MMO=grind. You can honestly grind 300 SPs with 60hrs of gameplay with game membership. Elite content is not a right. You have to earn gear, skills and SPs to be successful. DCUO offers event versions and regular difficulty of content. You can still play with others in content, just not elite. If a player can't bring what's needed to be viable in elite content and everyone else is, who's that really unfair to? I have missed many feats because I wasn't ready for elite content and been kicked from a few groups for not being viable. I realized if I wanted to do elite content(and not get kicked) I needed to improve my toon(s).
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  18. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    MMOs do equal grind but not all grinding is the same. DCUO is definitely a grindy MMO and not in a great way from a time-investment perspective.

    One thing that people need to keep in my mind about elite content is a very small percentage of the player base actually does it and the vast majority do not. One should expect that players who want to participate in elite content need to put more work in for sure, but what that looks like will vary from one MMO to another.
  19. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I would have to say that some of the tweaks were a little more than minor, but yet, DCUO has managed to survive a long time!
  20. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Of course not, but that’s subjective. What do you like? If you want to use weapons/abilities and do missions over and over, then have at it…if you want to chop down trees for 4 hours, you’re probably better off elsewhere.

    The action combat system here is unique, I much prefer it to the cookie cutter queued rotations/macros of other games.