Skill Points: a real issue.

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  1. DAnomalous Level 30

    Make a skill point system thats actually fun, or rewards skill in a fun way far more often such as feats like avoiding Penguin's bombs in the solo. Just making fights take longer because you have to do something nobody would ordinarily want to do isnt skill, its boring content.

    Add in the appalling UI/tracking in game so you cant pin them, or have them automatically show for you when in the correct instance and have to mess around looking for them in the menus. It was never a good idea and has held the game back for a long time
  2. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Little off topic but I have an end game troll with sp that just past 300 with 120 arts. Munitions btw. I can troll using controller gear and somehow put out more damage than a dps higher than me and I’m not trying to. It could be how I spec or my loadout of channeling debuffs and/or they don’t have the best loadout. Idk but it amazes me as I have like 71k might when my main toon’s base is over 100k. (Insert shoulder shrug)
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  3. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Skill point system isn’t the best for this game. Especially getting the 100 points for the 10% bonus only to get little stats to go with it. You only get the big stats when you put them all in like 295 of them. Which means you need 1 for flight, 1 for weapon if applicable, 1 for focus, 60 for crits, then 295 for any of them. That’s 358sp just to be adequate currently. Pretty soon it’ll be 400 just to fit in for minimum sp’s equipped as health or whatever is extra.

    I’d say there needs to be a way to get your main stats sooner and then use the extra for extra stats to buff your toon. Not hope you got enough to get a circle filled up only to find out you can’t do anything else with them.
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  4. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Well Kimone basically said everything I was gonna say. Which is cool because I can just sit back read now lol.
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  5. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Baby burn would be putting that politely. I think you mean fetus burn if a healer specced full healer out dps’s a dps.
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  6. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Ya, I was trying to be nice lol. I wonder how many people I would stomp as a healer if I dropped the extra points into precision instead health lol.
  7. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I used to care about sp and how hard it is for new players , but honestly now if u run event mode and omni you dont need sp
  8. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    To this day I can't complete Aerial Defender since that's now locked to Tier 1 Clamping and Healer Role exclusive. :confused:
    Style set feats are usually the fastest way to get Skill Points, and even then, you're still locked behind a massive 50 run grind just to get all the older pieces. Oh and one set costs a whopping 800 source marks. Yare-Yare.
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  9. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    When the game launched, the SP system made sense at the time. A new MMO that required a sub didn't have a lot of content so completing investigations, briefings, collections and feats was all there was to do for players for a while.

    Fast forward 10 years and the SP system hasn't aged well and is a dinosaur of a timesink the casual player will not participate in because of the amount of time and energy that has to be dedicated to it.

    There is enough bloat with artifacts, augments, along with a powercreep that isn't sustainable for the life of this game.

    I get that the various timesinks is a way for the game to make profit but it only seems like their target is short-term players who spend a chunk of money to get caught up, play for a 2-3 month span, and drop the game afterwards and never return. How is that sustainable when it comes to bringing in new lifeblood that commits a year or more to this game? I'm sure the people who disagree tend to be the players that have been around and consistently
    playing for years. They tend to have a rosier outlook than those who are brand new and overwhelmed or returning players (also overwhelmed) after having been away from DCUO for a good amount of time.
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  10. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Already, there is something that can be done and modified for some feats, so that you don't have to harvest x number of times for harvest feats, people are fed up with factory feats and even worse, when it comes to old feats people are no longer motivated at all to repeat and repeat over and over again and it is a very big problem for new players if current players of the game are no longer motivated for it !! !
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  11. Berza Committed Player

    Sorry but... NO. First of all, I don't know where did you get that each SP allocated in a tree gives a fixed amount of stat, but that is false. The more SP invested, the more stats you get. Your 60 SP on health grants you 400 health. The 295 my buff troller has on health gives her 23835 base health. Base means before % buffs. If I take away all her SP her health drops from 234229 to 187805. A decrease of 46424. About 1/3 of your total health as a tank.
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  12. Wallachia Devoted Player

    I forgive you because I am that nice.

    I never claimed that each SP allocated in a tree gives a fixed amount of stat. I claimed that, with 60 SP allocated in my HP stat, gave me 400 HP due to the first SP, 5% extra as you gain 1% each 5 or 10 points, then finished the sentence with a question mark. I never stated nor said "we gain a fixed amount", you are merely misinterpretating what I said. But hey, nice of you to apologize for that.

    And thank you for informing me of the total HP loss if you remove all your SP from that tree. However, we deviate from my main point: SP gives too little rewards for the amount of efforts they demand to be obtained, and we need a better, hopefully not excruciating way.
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  13. Berza Committed Player

    Well, first of all you said each SP gives 12 health. It's on your post. Second, increasing your survavility by 1/3 seems to me like a huge difference. Since there are many feats that are easy to obtain, you saying "little rewards for the amount of effort" seems to me a bit incorrect.
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  14. Wallachia Devoted Player

    Stop trying to know more about my words than myself, you are not a clairvoyant. I said "too little reward for the amount of effort it requires it".

    Now go get some soup, emotional teenager, and go nitpick someone else. I don't have the time for your pseudo-intellectual ****.

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  15. Berza Committed Player

    Since you blocked me because you can't give a reasoned argument, I am going to leave this for any player interested in some real information. As I demonstrated, Skill Points give a huge amount of stats. I showed the math for the health increase from 295 SP. The same is true for Might, Precision, Power, Restoration, etc.
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  16. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    The extra 46K in max HP can translate to surviving a Skull attack. Plus Soder Cola Extreme scales to your max HP, so the more the merrier.
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    There is already something. At 100 (more like 85 or so) you can have your crits, WM, movement and a few iconics applied. At 200, you can have 100 points in your primary skill tree. At 300 you can have 100 points in a secondary tree like health or power (for support roles), at 400 you can 'max' your primary skill tree, at 500 you can have that max AND the 100 into the secondary tree. Past 500 it's all gravy but the SP are what you make it.

    As far as getting them done, yeah, that's a grind and TO ME it's gotten worse since the clamp as everything is slower and you are WAY more dependent on other people. I'd have had them leave the clamp out of it and make it so we could get into older content on our own or in 2-3 man groups, making access to the feats way easier but the actual feats themselves more attainable. But hey, that ship has sailed....not sure what alternative would be used WITH the clamp other than getting a good feat running league.

    Good luck.
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  18. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    That's an issue for many people too, getting into a good league, that will help with getting those old feats. Many of us at end game have several alts (I only play 3 toons), but the time end gamers get done with their characters, new dlc is close, and many don't feel like running the old content for feats (considering the clamp makes it worse).

    I will usually help people get feats "if" they ask, and "if" I'm in the content they need the feat from (if I que and get put into the alert, they ask, I'll help).

    But essentially, it's extremely difficult for newer people to get the feats.
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  19. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah...that's why I was saying, it was less of an issue before the clamp except the 8 man requirement. But again....that ship has sailed....go find 7 friends who A) will help you and B) want to bother if they themselves have the feats.

    I have enough loose friends that we CAN do some of the feats, but time constraints make it hard. Luckilly I'm past the hump where it's diminishing I don't have to sweat it as much as someone still in the 200-400 range.
  20. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I was DPSing HiveE with 150-180ish sp in groups that were pretty solid and would usually be 1st or 2nd in boss damage. I'm pretty sure my arts weren't maxed (160) either but were at least 120. And that was one of the tougher elite raids we've had in the last few years. Granted, that was back when prec was actually a little overpowered so that helped.

    With the SP and stat scaling that has happened since then, obviously 150-180 is a lot worse now than it was then. But there's definitely a threshold at which someone can be effective in an elite raid that is probably below the communities current common perception of what the minimum acceptable amount is.