Skill point tips for a fairly new player like me

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  1. DivineRhyme New Player

    I am CR 119 and have 62 SP but I would like to get more just don't know what to do and when i look up and read for tips is just confusing or no help at all. Also what is a good amount of SP to have that is good enough. Any tips is much appreciated
  2. Eve YouTuber

    First, welcome to the game! I'll suggest doing solos and duos to get the quicker feats, you can try "Looking for Group" in-game to see if anyone needs the feats too or can help. You can run Omnibus, feats will pop occasionally. Having about 300-400 sp is a good starter point to not run out of power and have better stats. You said you're on EU in your other thread, I'm more free on the weekends now so if you want we can meet in game and run some duos or I will try get friends to run some alerts with us.

    As for CR, max yourself out with drops from Omnibus, this is where you get the best gear while farming source marks for stuff you need for your allies, artifacts and augments.

    If you want more easy feats, completing styles gives feats too and are pretty easy to complete but It's a grind.
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  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’d recommend starting with solos and open world. A lot of open worlds (from dlcs) have feats that can be done alone. For example, picking up X amount of items, or killing specific adds. Solos were actually designed to be done alone. When you que into any content (solo in particular for this example) you can open your scoreboard (hold option and scroll to the on duty tab). You can scroll over to “feats” while in the solo and it will tell you which ones you need. A common feat is to do the solo without dying and without using a cola/Super charge)

    Other feats you can do:
    Explore all the main areas in Gotham and metropolis
    All the race feats
    Style feats (a lot of style feats can be bought for just cash from each safehouse (police station for hero, night club for villain). And you can get some feats for cash from the war room in the watchtower (hero) or hall of doom(?) (villain). And also some styles for source marks in the hall of legends (green room). You’ll need A LOT of source marks. But look at these as an over time thing)
    Artifact (some dlcs have feats to collect all artifacts from that dlc and to level at least one of them to rank 20)

    Also que into duos/alerts/raids for some random feats while you get stronger. When you get stronger you can eventually start doing targeting the harder ones. An old way of calculating SP was to keep your SP higher than your CR. So at cr 200 you should try to have 200sp. But more is always better.
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  4. Ozman Well-Known Player

    I'm not sure this part needed explaining, lol.
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  5. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

    Styles - This will take alot of ingame currency but some emblems grant easy feat points. Some pets, trinkets and more also do. Be sure to check the feat page and make a list somewhere of the items you can buy from the broker or source from elsewhere to increase your feat points. It will help in the long run

    Open World - Some of these are fairly straight forward. Some are exploration, some are finding iconic characters, some are fighting such characters. Most open world feats are like scavenger hunts or are daily time gated based on missions relevant to the area.

    Solo Instances - Some of these are great for learning the games mechanics and in general "how to survive" during long fights. Most of them are easy and there is very few that require multiple runs of the solo. Those that do take only 3-4 runs to do

    Duo Instances - Much like solo ones however there is the added element of needing a like minded friend. A good friend of mine once sat down with me and did all the none repeatable feats for every single duo, gaining us roughly 30-40sp each. Duos are very good if you have a dedicated friend

    Alerts - A little more tricky, needing more than yourself and a friend to do most but they are always great to learn the game and diversifying what roles you need for a particular feat/purpose

    Raids - Much like the alerts...but harder. Not only in terms of skill but also trying to get people for the niche feats that are years old. This will be the challenge but it is a fantastic way to build a raid group capable of taking on harder challenges if you raid with your league or the same people every so often.
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  6. DivineRhyme New Player

    Appreciate all the help i will try to follow these as much as i can
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  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You’d be surprised lol
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  8. Sghoul Well-Known Player

    Just as an FYI, they are not as important as gear and artifacts IMO.
  9. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    When I really started to concentrate on grinding for feats, I focused on open world and style feats. There are vendors in HOL that sell a lot of them for source marks. My only tip: check too see how many points a style is worth. Some are 2 stars (25 points) and others are 3 stars (50 points). Since the costs at all but two of the style vendors are the same regardless of the feat points, I made sure to get the 3 star styles finished before moved to the 2 stars.

    Oh, also, a few of the styles on the Fate vendor are worth style feat points. BUT NOT ALL, so be sure to check if there’s a feat before you drop fate tokens if you’re focusing on style feats (I’d love a QOL update that identifies if a style has an unfinished feat attached, but it’s unlikely).

    If you’re opening time capsules, it’s also worth checking the main style feat tab to see which emblems grant which feats. It’s inconsistent, but I got a solid number of points by ignoring the gear and grabbing the emblems which grant feats individually (the feats for getting all of a TC’s emblems can be more involved, so maybe less worth skipping a gear piece in a style you need).
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  10. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    Sadly this game has a really hard threshold to break through for new players. Heck ive played this game for 10+ years, been active on the forums for about 10 years… i have less then half the amount of sp out there. Now ik your thinking how have u played so long and have barely any sp… a good amount are locked behind boxes & elite content.. if your a casual man, play the game for about a month total between each dlc… its rough, especially now that your level locked with the content and cant steam roll it.

    The devs made slight claims that they were going to try and make the game more accessible to new players / casuals.. but really,, its going to be hard for you to escape the event mode playlist. Im going to be honest with you
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  11. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    In the days of old you'd have to have switched role/movement modes multiple times over to get all the role specific style/race feats

    Now you can make alts get them and unlock with replays, and as good as buy sp on the broker with tc stuff

    there's a good chunk of your overall sp in solo feats tho so go wild

    you'll be swimming in sp in no time
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  12. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Start off with getting all the styles from the police stations both in Metropolis and Gotham. Go on YouTube and type all investigations for Metropilis and Gotham. You'll see them showing you where to get them. It's easier to obtain feats now that there's a a feature. It's best if you knock off the solos instance. Take care of your movement races. Also explore all of Metropolis and Gotham. You get a feat just by flying over Superman statue and Batman bat signal in Gotham.
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  13. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Been a while since I’ve done them so I could be wrong. But I’m pretty sure you still have to switch movement modes in order to even have those feats show up to buy.
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  14. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    ah I forgot that little nugget, it really has been a while and then some

    don't let that discourage you tho OP you can still utilize your alts for sp farming and more
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  15. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I thought that changes for a sec haha.

    That’s still useful thou. When I was doing the race feats I would get nauseous while player speed. So I just made a SS alt to get the feats. That way I could do it at my own pace while doing my raids and other stuff in my main. And when I finished the SS feats I switched on my main to buy the feats and could switched back after (did SS an acro at the same time. Flight > SS > acro > back to flight)
  16. Robinton Well-Known Player

    For this I would look up what class you want to play and find a character builder. There are a couple of good ones out there that will help guide and teach you the best way to play your class.
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You used to be able to get around it with the vault movement gear items, but I think that was a glitch and it was fixed at some point.

    However, for someone who WILL be switching, hold off till after St Patty's day so you can knock out all 3 movement style races on alts, then unlock them all on the main, in addition to having all the regular races to snag up, as well as the 'reach level 30 as....' for each movement mode.

    But buy your 3 change tokens today, before the sale is over!;)
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  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    My only additional tip isn't about specific feats, more as a feat grind general hint. Know the feats. Know where they are and how to get them. Every solo you run, there is likely a feat to get...every duo too, and in duos most people won't mind not biffing them as long as it doesn't mean a lot of additional time spent in the run, but you will need to suggest them in most cases. Same with alerts and raids, but in alerts and raids it's harder to sway the group to do something, but there are still several feats you can get done on your own, like hard knocks, or ones where cogs need to be pressed, adds hit, or whatever.

    Now of course it's hard to know every feat in the game, but if you are selecting specific content, don't wait till you get into the run before looking things up. Look it up before you go in and know what you want to accomplish before the run starts. It's my experience that in random groups, "can we do XYZ feat" is better received than "Hey, are there any feats in here?"

    Most feats are pretty much the same, just in different packaging. Do this/don't do that....hit this/don't hit that...kill so many/don't kill any...random checklists. 80% of the feats boil down to those basic parameters. The 'do' something ones are easier to knock out in a random group as you can be the guy doing the thing needed most times.

    That and have LFG up at all times. If you see someone shouting for a feat group, throw your name in. Unless it's endgame elite or they need something specific you can't provide (like they need a 2nd tank and you are a troll), get in and get your feats.