Skill point rumor on display

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  1. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Simple fact is that skill is a development of experience and knowledge over time. That CR59 tank probably took his time, learned the mechanics, probably finished at lvl 30 with more than 30 sp. The CR80 tank probably power leveled, lied about his skill points because its common to say you have a little over 100sp nowadays and lacks experience.

    Many people say skill points dont matter and it doesnt show skill.

    High skill points shows 1 thing, EXPERIENCE.

    High skill points means you spent time on your character, did many of the content, not speeding to the end, and that you have good experience with combat mechanics(pvp is 71sp alltogether which is a good chunck).

    I rather have someone with CR97 with experience than someone who is 103 with no experience.
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  2. Whiteroom New Player

    Now you are talking closer CRs though, so, it is more reasonable, the majority of the community is anything but reasonable.

    To your other point, I find that reading tutorials and knowing your role to be far more beneficial than experience earned from SP could ever be. But then there is no way to gauge that aside from playing with the person.
  3. IDontNeedSP New Player

    And believe me I am trying! :(
    I keep trying NOT to get feats but I guess I'm so good I get them on accident.
    Currently 93 CR and 34 SP. Getting close to that 40 mark! >_<
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  4. Black Prime New Player

    Sorry, but those who have not worked as hard as others to grind their sp should be in a different class. This game right now is about gear, but those of us at the 170+ sp range know that as a dps it does not help so much, but as a healer, troller, tank it really does. I mean back in the day people would stand in tech wing and inspect anyone joining a sub or outer raid. Now put just grab people off cr and that means nothing. Buddy of mine power leveled a new toon in 2 dayd, bought 62 cr gear from broker, was able to get thru fos1 and 3, mod that gear, got to 70cr, did prime, vend, dawn. Moded that gear and then able to run trigon. Now he is a 94cr with 38sp. No one would be able to tell how weak that toon is by gear. Plus I think it is something to discrimnate over. Who wants to run with a 103cr tank with 80sp when they could run with one that has double that. I am not saying sp always means a higher skilled player, but it does mean that toon is over all a stronger toon. I mean if sp do not mean anything then remove them from the game. Gear is so easy to get in this game compared to others it means notbing, but someone over 170sp has done some work and that is who i would want to run with. If this happens with everyone being able to see sp then guess what, if you do not left behind then dont spend all your time replaying the new raids. Go and work on feats.
  5. Poo New Player

    If that's true, that is awesome There should be a 100 pt. feat for that ;)
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  6. MCAZR New Player

    I'm on the fence regarding inspection. I like it but at the same time it can and has caused issues. You won't know how skilled someone is until you've played with them. In a recent Nexus run, the top dps did 2.5 times the damage of the 102 CR lots of skill points dps. 2.5 times is a lot. The top dps was not Rage, nor HL, nor Celestial. The 102 CR dps' output was more comparable to the lower geared dps' yet he would be given much more opportunity to work on his dps'ing because of his gear and skill points. Maybe change inspection to only show gear and not mods, and display CR and skill points with words instead of numbers, like noob or epic, and just leave the actual numbers to the privacy of each individual toon, then let the scoreboard help tell the story.
  7. JonnyD New Player

    :O do you have a streaming channel?!

    LOL...that's just mean bro
  8. DivineSire Dedicated Player

    Op is correct.....there has been a mention of having skill points displayed!!
  9. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    So agree with this. Whats next? You want to know if Im on a ps3 or ps4 too.

    I do feel it is a personal elitist crap mentality. As long as you can complete the mission and do your job thats what matters. Not if you have enough skill points. Get over yourselves people.
  10. Remander Steadfast Player

    Both excellent points. SP is a very rough indicator of how much time you've invested in the game, but that's about it. You could have little or no skill and have been carried through a lot of feats over time, bumping up your SP (I know I've gotten folks a ton of duo feats while farming styles, for instance). You could actually have a lot of skill and have burned through the content getting feats on most every run (Hard Knocks and No KO on first runs through all leveling content, etc.). You could be a mediocre player, who has played a long time and also spent lots of money on the broker to buy styles for feats. You could have played a long time, but just for fun, not focusing on feats at all; therefore, you have few SP relative to time spent playing (my oldest son falls into this category, lol). You could have played a long time and be terrible at the game, missing out on many feats. Honestly, it's all over the map.
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  11. Whiteroom New Player

    Exactly, being an actual skilled, knowledgeable player makes such a huge difference. Its more important than everything else combined*2, and the only way to gauge it is to actually play with someone. The best way I have of gauging it is if I am waiting to queue up in a pug and the leader refuses to take a CR99 over a CR100, to the point of waiting a half an hour to get one.
  12. Cloud_9 New Player

    These threads about Skill Points always attract the same people. So many people who absolutely believe that there's no skill in skill points, disregarding the fact that they are named as such to unlock Skills. They don't seem to understand the logic behind why people would rather have a player with high SP. I'll break it down:

    Having a lot of SP implies you've been here for a while. Long enough to run 500 duos. Long enough to run 500 alerts. No, this does not reflect on a player's skill directly- only the amount of practice he's had. This presents more evidence of a practiced player than, say, a CR 103 with 49sp
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  13. truth_teller New Player

    I was for this,a yr ago.

    but w how DC has been going,this'll only do more harm than good. They need to spend man power on fixing the game first instead of adding more stuff which includes more things requiring a fix. Just fixing problems in game would already increase its life. So far,there's so much left untouched,but they keep trying to add stuff. doesn't matter how many horses is under that hood if your tires are flat.
  14. cross out Well-Known Player

    I have 156 sp at cr 102 tank. I have all 90 and 88 cr troll and healer gear in my bank what if I switch powers and deside to troll or heal I have never done either so how would skill point tell you how good i play. Im sure I would suck at either role at first. lol
    I have been goofing around with dpsing since i have never done that but i know better than jumping in raids. but i should one day just to be a punk. lol I also am cr 102 dps but all i do is tank that i do well.
  15. Flightboy New Player

    Thank you Derio this is the point I've been trying to make in past threads for a lonnnnng time. +1
  16. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    Skillpoints for marks of triumph I could see or maybe another alternate way that doesn't include 200 daily toyman missions or gathering 25,000 bits.

    Force me to farm skillpoints under the current regime or make them mandatory and I am out.

    I am not going to stay here for the people who want others to suck up to them just because they happened to have been bored enough to do races.

    We'll see how bad it's going to be, what decisions they made but my suitcase is all packed and ready to go
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  17. Whiteroom New Player

    I didn't know anything beyond the weapon tree it self was a Skill. So just say you fully spec into two weapons, thats about 24 skill points that they stop being "skill unlocking points" at. Beyond the crits the get less important, and even less so at the second tier. Oh wait, you don't even need to dual spec now with Armories, so that part doesn't matter.

    I will break it down for you, if at 500 runs, you still consider it practice and not monotonous grinding, then you are an incredibly slow learner. Some of the players that have been around that long seem to have the biggest misconceptions too, and are set in stone about them, cause hey, they've got the experience. And your last sentence is just "Extreme example FTW!", ignoring the fact that if someone has done that, it is likely an alt..
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  18. Remander Steadfast Player

    Lol, I've been playing nearly two and a half years, and I don't have my 500 feats in anything! Doesn't mean I can't finish most of the solo challenges in about 3 minutes, though. I just prefer running raids with my league. Fact is this game isn't hard. You're absolutely right that running solo challenges 500 versus 250 times does not make you a better player. A more persistent grinder, maybe, but that's it.
  19. Whiteroom New Player

    Yep, also while the nerfing of the hardest content, coupled with the easy access to the top gear makes it easier to reach end game content without SP, it also more than makes up for any of small amount of knowledge you might gain from the grinding.

    The simple reality is, those who think anything about SP will solve lack of knowledge in end game are fooling themselves. This game has a huge issue with lack of information presented to new players and players who do not come here. Providing information to those players solves the issue, not grinding skill points.
  20. Gokaigerbay New Player

    They should add skillpt auras.
    Auras you only get if your character has over 150 or 180sp.

    Or a head style with the big number 180SP on it so everyone knows how many you