Sitting on nearly 7k fate tokens

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    The devs don’t listen to baseless ideas in general but do listen. People complain about stats clamp but when players are asked to actually test outliners it’s shut down by players.

    Players complained about not having anything to get with fate tokens and they added items. Players asked for them to be able to convert fate tokens to destiny tokens. This has already been explained before as to why it won’t happen. So not new.

    SMS reduced in 2 raid. They were clear outliners. Sucks but what did you expect.

    People will always complain about SM. Some are to hard some to easy. There will always be unhappy people here from both ends. Should they just stop doing them?

    So people glitched money leading to a lot of inflated cash. So they should increase the cap?

    Regarding the census. This is a genuine question cause I do not use it. Is it an actual feature if the game is it a 3rd party that does it?

    There have been some good ideas that have been shut down yes. But it’s not all as simple and you’re trying to make it seem. Some of them have been shut down due to tech limitations. Others for reasons listed by devs before. They have also been very open to ideas that people ignore. Players have asked to be able to warp to the league hall directly from the map and it has happened. They literally JUST added items for fate tokens. There will always be some that don’t find value in things added. That’s not in the devs. They can’t please everyone. I have even submitted ideas privately and they were open to them. However when I submit an idea I list a few things. The idea, why I think the idea is needed, how they can benefit from the idea, how it will affect players. I don’t just say “I don’t like this so change it” you expect anyone to listen to thing like this?
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    You know what man, you're 100% right. All of their ideas and decisions are great and everything is perfect. Thanks for showing me the way.

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    Never said things were perfect… nice attempt and implying I’m a white knight thou lol.

    Look at the clamp thread. It’s nothing but “I don’t like it so remove it”. Look at the thread about movement, there’s literally a dev there who was interacting in the thread. Most thread about things people don’t like are on things the devs have already gave reasons to why it won’t happen or things people are “I don’t like so change” lol
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    Honestly, I don't know why we're restricted to stabilizers and fate tokens per week, if they're our fate tokens that we get through daily login rewards why does it matter how many we buy.

    We should just be able to buy unlimited stabilizers or nth metal detectors for the stated price until we run out of fate tokens.

    The developers already control the number of fate tokens we get per year through setting the daily reward amount, yet they're setting a second restriction on what we can spend it on after the fact - it is 100% categorically eff'n stupid
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