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  1. crap zappa New Player

    What are you or the top guys in your league parsing for these days? Might? Prec? Power? Cr? So?Just curious as to see how I stack up against other top DPS. Thanks in advance.
  2. Pale Rage Committed Player

    Can't say I'm on top, it's not my goal, but I think I do well.
    Expect most powers to be anywhere between 60k-90k (without any buffs etc) to be performing at 1st-3rd place on ST damage.
  3. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Even a 10 sec parse should net you over 500k…….
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  4. Pale Rage Committed Player

    Sorry, I forgot to write dmg/s, thanks for quoting me, but it's not allowing me to edit my comment above.

    OP: 60k-90k dmg/s.
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  5. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Actually I think most people I talk to use the dps as the damage value. But the 60-90 range seems like a hug difference. Is that a 10s parser? I personally prefer using 30s and 60s parsers for testing base values since it flattens out all highs and lows. That’s why you see such a wide range on 10s parsers
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  6. Pale Rage Committed Player

    That would be at 60sec a go on sparring target, for the rough estimate of dmg/s, without any buffs or SC's.
    Some powers might only be able to get 60-65kdmg/s out at base, whereas others can get higher.
    Electricity, for example, is not on the high end, when it's not buffed or using SC. Where Water can reach quite a bit higher, and rage (uninterrupted) can go even higher than that.

    I always go unbuffed, without SC, to get a "bottom" level idea, then I'll buff, SC, trinket, orbital, etc, to get a high end idea.
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  7. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Some powers have a higher base dps, some powers have better sc’s to compensate for this, some powers excel at st, some powers need iconics to reach the same numbers, there is so many variables in how one could be testing that this kind of comparison is not very scientific at all. If you wanted to do this you need to set a standardized method for testing to account for said variables.
    Another good point to mention is that powers artifacts and rotations can behave differently in content then they do on a sparring target, so where one combination may reign supreme on targets, it may be outshined by another combination when in content. So you can definitely get an idea of what rotation combo is better, but you should always compare to actual content as well. Good luck with your testing :)
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  8. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    I haven’t tested my parsers since last DLC so I can’t be to certain but I think my parsers are base are around 75k-ish range. I’ll retest tomorrow when I get on
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  9. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    The last time I checked was the last week of Save the Universe. My 60 second parse was 78k dmg/s. I've done 10 second parses since then, but the range has too much deviation to be relevant. My parses are always performed without supercharges, consumables, or trinkets. I would advise everyone to remove the Batman Who Laughs ally from their passive allies when parsing, as the random cards might make certain parses seem extraordinarily high, giving you a false sense of higher damage.
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  10. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    One thing that does compensate for different variables that people don’t take to account is something so simple. And that is experience. An experienced dps can have rotations set up knowing the situation they are going into. One power that actually requires this is nature for example. You need to know what you are fighting to know what type of loadout to use. For example, most dps have an aoe, a st, and a st with splash damage for bosses that spawn adds. But a nature dps would need more. They would need to a loadout for bosses that have phases which can drop poisons. They would need to know if hallway adds are spread apart or are they close enough for tank to pull everything together. Again to determine if poison set ups worth using. Because of this, nature does rely a lot on iconics, but at the same time nature utilizes iconics better than other powers.

    So a nature dps won’t be testing loadouts with max poisons and claim that’s their base dps. An experience nature dps would know their values for loadouts with and without poisons. And an experience nature dps would be able to account for bosses with phases. So experience can help a player set up sparring targets to simulate real combat.
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  11. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Yes, I think this is something players forget. They get a 10sec parser too pop while the perfect card is up and having strat proc a lot making it seem like they are a dps god. Than they claim this unusually high parser as their base lol
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  12. Trykz Dedicated Player

    +1 agreed.
  13. Pale Rage Committed Player

    Yes, experienced players will get different numbers than others, even with weaker (assumed) powers. Powers themselves are going to be variant as well, without the SC, electric falls behind some, but drop that SC and suddenly it looks op lol.

    What powers tested?
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  14. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    My main is electric prec (not because it’s op but because it was my first power lol). HL might, atomic might, earth might, nature precision, quantum prec.

    Only my main has 3 200 arts. My HL has 2 200 arts and 1 160. My atomic has 1 200, 1 180, and 1 160. My next 3 toons have arts between 80-120. And all my other rooms only have r80 arts lol.
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  15. Pale Rage Committed Player

    Electric is fun! I use a precision battle healer with electric and might for DPS. I've come to enjoy trans, strat and Quislet for the DPS side, although for burst damage on adds, I would like to put something more feasible in place of strat. Running the alert, adds don't really get the full effect of the strat, but even 1 or 2 good hits from it helps, but it's not seemingly reliable enough with another good burst dps in group.
  16. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    If you are might than maybe you can try soul cloak in place of strat. This put together with quislet will allow you to spam your SC faster, both on bosses and adds.
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  17. Pale Rage Committed Player

    Sometimes the obvious best choice, is like looking for your car keys when they're in your hand lol. I completely didn't even think about scrap lol.
  18. Pale Rage Committed Player

    Happen to have max soul cloak stats/% boost?
    Can't seem to find a clear enough image on mobile.
  19. Requake Dedicated Player

    Prec gadgets st goes around 100k, no point in trying anything else if u want to be the highest
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  20. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    100k what? 100k 60sec? 10 secs? 10s highs? 10 secs low? That’s the issue with people using 10 sec parsers
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