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  1. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I've basically stopped paying any attention to the forums of this game. This is mostly attributed to the fact that I am no longer playing DCUO. This isn't a QQ "Change this or I'm leaving" thread. This is not a rant. This is me simply informing those I spoke with frequently and played with where I went.

    I have focused my attentions more on Allods Online and World of Warcraft. Judge me if you will.

    I do believe that DC Universe is a great game with a lot of potential. I had looked past the disconnects and bugs for quite some time, but I never realized how bad it truly was until I started playing another MMO.

    I think the biggest coercion may have been the playerbase. I couldn't stand the USPS3 playerbase any longer. Every single time I would join any group, I would have to mute at least half of them. Obscene music in the background, intentionally using 3rd-grade English in a delusional attempt at sounding cool, racial slurs, etc. Joining a league was never any easier. The one time I thought I was in a league I enjoyed, I got criticized for rolling greed on an item.

    I have yet to experience any of these problems in the MMOs I now play. That being said, keep up the good work SoE, because the game really is an awesome game, and I'm sure I'll be back. For now, I'll only be here periodically.
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  2. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    Have fun bud, sucks to see you go.

    Can I have your stuff?
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  3. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    OMZ me too. (The forums part)
  4. sonryo21 New Player

    Yea I have to admit the reason I'm not in the forums any more either is because I don't play this game anymore. So today is my last time visiting this place.
    Bye everyone. If I argued with you it was fun at least to me. If we agreed on things then thank you for sharing a mutual understanding and seeing my side of things and trying to fix things regardless of if they got fixed or not. If you see this name in a video game or forum you can be assured it is me. If that makes you run away or stay or laugh at the ridiculous posts and rants I've thrown in the past then shoot me a message anyways Good Bye Lucidity and Good Bye everyone else :)
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  5. Faust74 Loyal Player

    Nope, I haven't noticed. ;)
  6. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    No, Lights. You cannot have my stuff. I will probably renew my sub here in, like, a few months or something. I'm not done 100%, just nowhere near as often.

    Pinkie PowPow needs to rest.
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  7. Lights Derp Loyal Player

  8. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

  9. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    ^ You can't tell me what to do!
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  10. Quantum Edge Loyal Player

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  11. Splinter Cell Dedicated Player

    That is, probably, the most disturbing gif ever.
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  12. Faust74 Loyal Player

    Well the one good thing about DCUO for those losing interest, is that it's F2P. So you can always come back without having to reactivate your account, when ever you get an urge to play. I think I can live with out paid sub perks.
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  13. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Actually, the character's I'd want to mainly play with are Quantum, Celestial, and Earth. One of them uses a shield, and they all have HT mods and trinkets. I figure when I want to play again, I'll pay for a month, play off and on that month, and then decide at the end of that month whether or not to continue.

    Like I Said, I'm not trying to talk bad about DCUO. The game is quite revolutionary in the way MMOS are played, to be honest. I have simply moved on to something that entertains me more at the moment.
  14. thirty six Loyal Player

    I will miss your amazing abilities to find a pic for everything. Visit us when you can.
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  15. Notangie New Player

    Agreed, the game is great(ish), but a lot of the people suck. How does one go through life dropping f-bombs as a word whisker?
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  16. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    [IMG] :p
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  17. Breakforce Loyal Player

  18. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Truthfully, it's not the F-bomb that bothers me so much. It's the racial slurs and ignorant language that gets to me. Probably more than it should.
  19. GeoShock New Player

    Good luck and have fun but do yourself a favor and don't play AllodsOnline (it's a good game but very P2W)
  20. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I noticed that. It wasn't even the P2W that quickly made me move on, but rather the fact that there is almost no playerbase. There are a LOT of max level characters, but levelling up is impossible because it's hard to find groups.

    I'm now playing Runes of Magic in place of AllodsOnline, and frankly I absolutely love it. The dual-class system of Runes of Magic is incredibly well done. Not quite as good as Guild Wars is, but it's definitely up there.

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