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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by tukuan, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. tukuan Devoted Player

    Given the volume of briefing, investigations and collections in the system it would be helpful if they were in reverse order with the newest at the top instead of the bottom.

    Likewise for R&D but at least there we can archive the ones we use so that's less of an issue.
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  2. Highplains Sailor Well-Known Player

    Or perhaps give the user the ability to sort them. That would be nice.
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  3. Brit Loyal Player

    Here's a crazy idea. Could the COMPLETED ones get pushed to the bottom, like how it happens with feats?

    It's obnoxious to scroll through a hundred completed collections or whatnots in order to find the one that you're still working on.
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  4. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    Another crazy idea is, to show the name of uncollected collections below the empty slots for console. you know... just like PC has it since Launch.

    Helps a lot new players to complete the collections they want without having to rely on Google or a Leaguemate that goes:
    Me: "look for Harpy..." in broker, got it?
    Him: "can you spell it?"
    Me: "H a r p y..."
    Him: "ok got it"
    Me: "ok just 11 more to go....."

    ...for just 1 complete collection... :rolleyes:
  5. tukuan Devoted Player

    Both of these would work as well. Really I just find it tedious that we have to scroll through an ever-growing list.
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  6. tukuan Devoted Player

    You have my sympathies. I remember before they added the labels for the first year or so it was so frustrating because any number of online resources would mispell or have them in the wrong order. Especially the latter for briefs/investigations as it meant you had to go over all of them again just to try to figure out which ones you were missing.

    My understanding is that they don't work for the PS because they implemented them with a mouse over. Can you toggle through them on the PS? If so it should be easy enough to have the labels show when each has focus.
  7. Highplains Sailor Well-Known Player

    Would be nice to also be able to do a Search for what you are looking for in a given category. That could speed things up.
  8. Berza Committed Player

    It's not that you can't see them on PS, it's that you can't see them using a gamepad. You can't see the names on PC if you use a gamepad, but I think you can see them on PS using a mouse.
  9. tukuan Devoted Player

    That more or less what I was saying. Right now the toggle is on mouse over but if they changed it to when the element gained focus then it should work regardless of the input. It's quite similar to web menus that expand on hover but not on click so they don't work on a touch device.
  10. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I would also like it if the collection notification was moved to the side or corner of the screen.

    I have pretty much all of them on my main, but on my alts I go on a collection shopping spree as well sometimes. The problem is while buying them and collecting them, the dang notification keeps popping up and is right in the way of being able to read which collections I want to get next.

    It's not the worse thing ever, but it can be annoying to have to wait until it finishes or like quickly glance between the popups to grab one you need. :D
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  11. tukuan Devoted Player

    I've definitely had that happen alot. Also if I'm sharing feats on an alt. If they can't move it, it would great if we could turn off the HUD notification in the same way we can turn it off in the chat window.
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