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    Now firstly, These are the ideas I use and have seen them work, if for any reason you are doubtful of them, no one is saying that they know better than you. You are welcome to pick and chose, even ignore, these ideas. kindly.

    I will explain why each idea exists. Why each rank is important, to both morale (confidence and happiness) and (league) self respect.


    Before joining our League we have Induction, we set forth our ideals, we ask members to remain polite to other members within the league and the community at large. While not mandatory, we let them know, that there is at least *some* expectation to remain friendly and helpful to other leaguemates and even helpful to the community at large.

    IMPORTANT: we ask them if they agree.

    if they say 'yes' an invite is sent. if they say 'no' (at times swearing is the answer) we say that we decline their application.

    The agreement is a bond of trust, that they had to earn. now we see if they live up to the leagues ideals during the 'candidate' and 'recruit' phase.
    League Event Nights

    We have League Night every Friday at 7GMT, this is so once a week members are guaranteed a raid or alert they may have been waiting for but Qing has been so long their time did not allow through the week. This also means we bond and become familiar with each others play-style and capabilities.

    Setting a day and time in the MOTD lets everyone know what's expected of them, and what they should expect.

    Wednesday is League PVP Night 7GMT, this is a great opportunity for leaguemates interested in PVP, to build marks/gear and have a lots of fun doing it. Kaya is our PVP Capt. also our Tactical Officer for the League, but PVP Capt. can be any Officer as it's a head of Dept. She's (he) just a great PVPer!

    The PVP Capt. arranges a PVP Crew, this is to take pressure off members who do not have an interest in PVP, feeling like they are not pulling their weight, by refusing to help PVP. The idea is for everyone to have fun, when your PVP Capt. builds a crew, the crew have *asked* to be part of it.

    Unified time for members for league Raids/Alerts or PVP, increases confidence in the league and morale in general.



    Now, really, this is easy for people to understand, as I based it on a Star-Trek-NxGen style of command.

    League Boss (I didn't change it from 'Leader' but I refer to myself as..)
    First Officer
    Tactical Officer

    These three are the Senior Staff. Only one person per rank.

    League Boss has all League permissions.

    First Officer has all League permissions, except to edit permissions.

    Tactical Officer has all League permissions, except to edit permissions.

    I deal with any unpleasant business with league members, in regards to them leaving due to absence.
    I write them a nice letter. We as Senior Staff discuss who is leaving, staying, doing well, doing badly. it is our duty as staff to both protect invested members and maintain order. So we can serve our little community all the better.

    Officer has all League permissions, except to edit permissions and spend prestige.

    The first thing you should be taught when becoming an Officer is; never lose your cool. never lose your temper. no matter how much you are goaded. Always be communicative. Be clear in intention and purpose. Be friendly, no one wants to feel shouted at, if they did not understand something, it's 'bad form'. Do not swear, why? becuase you are garnering respect from people you have never met in person, they do not know your character in real life, they have to believe in you, the easiest way to do this is by not swearing. The community at large has to find you of good character, that you can give honour to your league.. and most of all, it keeps people calm. I cannot stress how important that is. have you ever came online and with 30 mins there is some drama, that looking back could have been easily solved, but exploded? Swearing puts petrol on the flames, not just for arguing either, boisterous chat can so easily lead to making members too 'hepped up' (excited).

    Never expose your chat in public. It is humiliating for the people involved, and only goes to show you are unworthy to be an Officer.. if as an officer you have to 'dress someone down' do it in PM ONLY. This is one of the worst things an Officer can do.. to rebuke someone in public. PM Only, even if the member is swearing at you, don't take it public. if you go away for an hour and it still bothers you, take it to the league staff. NOT PUBLIC, I cannot stress that enough.

    In Group I ask leaguemates politely for no swearing. as the group has seen them already.
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    Officer Rank:

    Officers can be General Officers, or heads of dept. These are only one rank and the heads of dept. are known to the senior staff, but the rank is still 'officer'.

    Comms Officer: Speaks many languages, has a good knowledge of the entire league roster, their background (ASL).

    Purser Officer: Trader and holder of the league cash and exos. Establishes Trade with other leagues. hands out in-game money and items to league members. (this is for large leagues, why have senior staff have to leave what they are doing to help a league mate in a simple matter?)

    PVP Capt. : As mentioned before, leads and creates a PVP crew, responsible for teamwork. Brings prestige (currency) to the league.

    Drill Sgt. : responsible for basic training. formation. general information. to start to form in the mind of recruits what teamwork is in dcuo. usually top recruiter, but not always.

    All Officers have a duty to help the league, no matter if a head of dept. or general officer. but if an officer is out of his depth (purser being asked PVP questions) he should be forthright and honest, say he/she doesn't know the answer and to wait for the relevant person to come online. no need to get embarrassed and make up some nonsense/mis-information. It's OK.

    Veteran : Invite member. Edit MOTD. Hall Deco. LH Bank in & out.

    We use this position for Senior members who are not staff. The idea is members who wish to be of more service to the league without being staff. usually high CR.


    Ensign : Invite member. Edit MOTD. LH Admin. LH Bank in & out.

    These are the ensigns. usually officers in training. These are the 'junior staff'. They help members when the senior/general staff cannot. Usually they help lower cr members and new candidates/recruits. but in practise I found it takes time for them (new group leaders) to adjust to being more than just a member. give them time, they are self learning the help portion of being an officer. reminders from you to help not a bad thing in PM :)


    Officer's Sidekick : has all League permissions, except to edit permissions and spend prestige.

    This is a little complicated to understand but bear with me.

    Why should my officers have to be without their rank on secondary chars? Are their other chars in other leagues?

    This rank is dedicated to secondary chars, for myself the senior staff and all officers. It gives an incentive to keep all chars in the same league and spend more time there helping. But also it is something for the group leaders to strive for, once becoming an officer, you get to keep your position even on other chars..


    Members : LH Bank in & out.

    Regular players who maintain the ideals of the league. Friendly. mix in well. maintain a CR increase. if absence is an issue clear it with senior staff first.

    We have/had 2 members.. one after much help, disappeared, and did not tell us what was going on. I had to let him go. it was a sad thing becuase we liked him. but he didn't give any excuse, he just logged in and out for no reason. I was sad and unhappy with this.

    Another member, told me of his concerns, that he could only play at weekends, he explained his situation and I decided he was honest and respectful. He is still with us.

    No one wants a dead league. attendance is crucial to maintaining a community.


    Recruits : LH Bank out.

    Candidates, who stuck around for a few days. did not wrong anyone, or wrong staff or the league. some adjustment is needed at times. but we try to give them time to learn.


    Candidates : N/A

    New inv. are this until they show up again.. then after a few times on..or if the staff likes them, we move them to recruit. if they miss league nights and have no/low attendance, they are removed and sent a nice letter.


    It doesn't matter what you hope for in people.. see what they actually do, in reference to candidates and recruits. No one wants a dead league ..give them time.. a week. and if they do not show, they have not remembered you well enough to want to play with you, or further your league.

    When you have high CR Candidates... the first thing they do is check the roster, for others CR (and your league boss SP), then check the dates of attendance. if you have many many members who are never on.. these people not only going to be unimpressed, there is now a chance they will leave.. or worse, use your league as a place to dump their secondary char.

    That's unacceptable.



    Keeping things light and happy can be a wasps nest of lies ..maintaining the correct distance can make you feel like a politician.

    The easiest way, is league nights, they are like the pub crawl of MMOs haha honest with people, don't lie. believe me they can tell. and if you whoops and TMI.. if they are cool people behind the keyboard, they will understand. Thats what makes them good members. The ones who want to shame you.. they are bad, but can be shown something better.. with your good conduct, at other times.

    Its an easy way of spotting a friend ..if they uphold the ideals of the league, and respect you, and don't mind your flaws. These are the ones who become your officers. :)

    As far as members go.. they just need the confidence that if they need it.. they will be helped. That Staff are doing the job of running the league so they don't need to worry and can focus on whatever it is they want to do in game.

    Staff morale is a tough cookie..but as long as you continue to inspire those who do a job for the league, with maintaining the ideals you set forth. they feel* like they know you, becuase you are not upsetting them. These are your friends.

    Drama is weird thing.. Qing for raids is so boring.. gossip and clyping*.. maintain a tone that if you don't do it. they shouldn't. You don't have to say that.. just don't do it. League Boss is the example all in the league follow.. even by nature of the league system. You don't do it and everyone stays calm. If other (Staff) do it.. show polite disapproval..or..don't and it means the end of your league. you have been warned.

    On a lighter note.. while writing this I was rem'ing being in my first league as Drill.Sgt.. one of the other officers said to me.. 'HAHA your just the babysitter!'.. at the time (2011) I was really hurt and offended.. but while writing this I was laughing and laughing.. thinking 'hey, he was right' :)

    Have great and bizarre day!



    *That may sound cold, but its for the purpose of morale only. you can open up and be close friends, thats not the issue. but if you let the ideals of the league down in front of your officers, thats a big problem. if you're sick and make a gaff, being truthful with them first would have been smart. say 'im pretty sick' being weak is human, if they are good people they will understand. hiding it from them ..may help them in the short term, but hurt you in the long term. .. what Im saying even when its difficult upholding the ideals of the league is imperative. number one. mixed well with truth, it can help their morale and bond you in loyalty. mess it up.. and they will have a lingering suspicion of your intentions, and if you 'practise what you preach'.
    *(I don't know the english word, talking behind someones back to be nasty for your own amusment or advantage. clyping is a Scots word, children use it as a word for 'telling tales' to a parent on someone, I'm appropriating it here)
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    Good guidelines there. And here in America we refer to that (clyping) as "being two faced". Very helpful post, thank you.
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