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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Saint Nutella, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I was thinking that adding a sidekick system that bridges the gap between new and veteran players would be a nice addition to the game. With in game incentive, this would encourage veteran players to help new players and it would allow new players to play older content that takes a long time to queue for. I think it would be great for vets who wanna play with new friends regardless of level as well without having to make an alt. I think allowing high level players and low level players to play together without completely sacrificing rewards and without enemies being vastly over- or underpowered compared to some team members would be a good idea. It worked well for City of Heroes IMO.

    For example, if a lower level character invites a high level character to their group, the high level character is given the option to scale down to the new player's level and run his/her content. If a higher level character invites a low level character to their group, the lower level character is given the option to be a sidekick and scale up to the higher level character's level and run his/her content. To avoid completely skipping their tier of content, I think running content as a sidekick (specifically being a low level scaling to a high level person) could have some limits. For example, they wouldn't gain experience as fast or maybe they still need to clear their tier of content to fully advance. But in any case they would still benefit from getting their feats from that content anyways.

    I also think it would make sense given the nature of the game. A new hero starting out as a sidekick and then developing into their own hero (a canon example- Robin to Nightwing) after time would be cool. Conversely I think it would make the hero feel like an actual hero rather than some employee (for lack of a better term) who works for the Justice League when called upon.

    Just something that came to mind. Didn't really think through many of the details in depth so I'm sure there could be crazy flaws with the idea but I think it would be a cool idea to consider. Thoughts?
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  2. Ryuvain2 Level 30

    Yes please. This would help so much with the way content cuts off players. This would allow so many friends to play without the daunting task of leveling through all content alone. That mostly scares away players as it's a lot to ask of them.

    Wish I played CoH. They had a lot of great ideas and powers.
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Exactly! Well said.

    I just started playing again and I'm still on the Titans content (believe it came out like a year ago?) and it's pretty empty and can take quite a while to queue up for despite how well made (at least IMO) the DLC is. With a sidekick system I think you would see more players in lower level areas which could enable low level players to continue experiencing all content the way some of the vets did.

    I hope something like this gets implemented. It encourages interaction between players, particularly low level and high level players, keeps players online longer, it goes hand in hand with the theme of the game, it's optional, and it has already been done (successfully) before.

    Excluding the implementation (not sure how hard it would be to add this feature), the biggest issue I can think of would be choosing the incentive/rewards for high level players.
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