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    Can someone please buy DBG a clock and instructions on how it works? Last night at 10 PM they posted that the game would shut down at 8 AM Pacific Time. That's 10 AM at Central Time where I am. So we're running a BoP alert and at 7 AM we get a message saying game is going down in 30 minutes...which is 30 minutes earlier than the normal 8AM shutdown and two and a half hours before the shutdown time they announced on the Forum less than ten hours earlier. Maybe get them one of those cardboard teaching clocks. "When the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 8, that's 8 AM...where you are."
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    Too much salt
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    Uh... Hmm... How to say this...

    They gave the time of 8am pacific and then gave a 30 minute warning window. They also give more warnings as it gets closer to time...