Showing a little appreciation for the members free flash helm

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  1. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    you know when your mum gives you, like, a pair of socks at Christmas? or your nan buys you a willy warmer, or something? do you tell 'em to **** off? of course you don't. if you don't like your gift, that's fine, can't please everyone, just take it, say thanks, bung it out the way under the bed when no one's looking, & move on. don't ***** about it like some whiny arsed ten year old. straight up, no one gives a monkey's what you think.
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  2. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    Pay attention? Allow me to dazzle you with my observation skills:

    You just went from complaining that villains get no styles, to "oh, well, they do, but theyre not good enough".
    You just now complained that you get no iconic head styles, when in the 5 examples I gave you, there were 3 iconic Villain heads
    You just tried to toss aside an entire villain costume..... because heroes got it too? What lool? You realise cross faction exists now right?
    You just casually threw in a comment about all the requested styles, yet failed to mention or list one. Usually a clear sign that there arent any.

    Im sorry man, I rarely say this cause its rarely needed, but you have completely and utterly lost your argument here. And with every post to me and others I can almost feel the straws being clutched at to keep hold of any semblance of a point. The funniest thing is that theres actually more villain characters that cowl matches than hero. And ppl are ingame right now enjoying that fact with a new armoury style, whether hero or villain, while you're here. I honestly believe you've taken "Flash Appreciation Day" waaay too personally here. Cause all I can see is someone having a tantrum because a day hasnt been dedicated to Joker, or Zod, or Ares, or Zoom.

    Take a breath man, a long deep breath.
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  3. light FX Steadfast Player

    And tbh a lot of people feel the villains have gotten the way better styles over the years. Ofc not everyone thinks that but a lot do. Compare manta suit to aquaman suit. No contest. And u can wear an emblem with the manta suit. The circe suits and parademon ones compared to the WW and bug suits we got? Imo again no contest.

    I dont get how anyone is complaining here. 1st off they admitted there have been problems lately, which they very rarely even do that. And then gave out $20 worth of free items, 1 being a long time requested iconic helm that flash and zoom both wear. Premium players complaining they got nothing when they got the base item pack? 0 credibility and looks silly. Subbed players getting the cowl? Again what is the complaint? Like is said earlier in the thread, i criticize the devs enough, but u have to give praise when its due. And they did a good thing here all around. The negativity in this thread is beyond silly.
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  4. BestPlayerAfrica Well-Known Player

    being a vilain on purpose in 2017 LUL
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  5. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    1st there has been many over the years and you expect me to keep count of every single 1? To prove you wrong? HA.

    2nd whats cross faction have to do with anything?

    3rd you're damn straight its long over due that a villain has their day for once. In the 6 years I've been here not a single joker style has been implemented but 2 batman styles have though, the cowl and the future crusader. Just goes to show how this game only focuses on hero side of the game and as many in this thread have said villains have to re-color to get a villain look.

    Its BS is all Im saying you or anybody else has to agree, after all its my opinion.
  6. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Yes. I like free cowls. Good gob DB. :D
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  7. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    HEY GUYS QUESTION fr you all... Does anyone recall where the announcement for the Flash Weekend and the FREE gift to Legendary included a sentence that said some thing about .. "But only if your a hero. Villains can't have the cowl because ... well they are villains "

    Now some how I doubt that's what you MEANT but READ your own remark because it says "If you can't give to ONE side" Which actually makes it sound like ONLY one faction was given the cowl.

    Now its true no villain has had a special celebration to date in this game. How many heroes have? Well lets see we had a HUGE celebration for Batman, One that was no where near as big or lasted as long for Wonder Woman, we are having a Weekend for the Flash.. All three are founding members of the JLA in just about any version of it that exists. Now THINK WAY BACK.. Who did they totally forget about when he turned 75? SUPERMAN The very first comic superhero DC published and pretty much the main reason DC comics exists today.. so also one of the bigger reason this game does.
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  8. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    So you get a second shot to name one, just one, of these sought-after villain styles, and you fail to mention one again? Yeah, point proven.

    Cross faction has to do with everything, because the thing you are actually crying about but not willing to admit is how villains havent gotten "exclusive" styles. That is literally all it can be, considering the Flash mask is the Reverse Flash mask is the Zoom mask is the Black flash mask. You cant even try and pretend theres a difference here. Anyway, the hero styles arent exclusive either, last I checked everyone could have gotten Batcowl, BvS emblems and this mask. Cant see a tear from any heroes dropping though.

    Ok so im going to break this down into laymans terms so this finally sets in, hopefully...
    I'll break it into 2 sections:

    1) Who exactly in Metropolis, Gotham or CC is going to ask their mayor to host a day for, say, Parasite? This refers to Theme. You may need a google search.

    2) Here we go with the Recolouring nonsense again XD. Ok, so lets say my current colour palette is white, brown, red and pink. Keeping up? Currently its WHITE, BROWN, RED AND PINK. I decide to redeem the Batman Cowl and BvS Emblem for a new toon to replicate Batman. Why would I not look like Batman? And what would I need to do to look more like him? Seriously, take 20 mins and a drawing board for this one. Why would I 100% NOT look like Batman, and WHAT would I need to do?

    Im gonna be honest, im really not expecting you to get any of this correct or to understand it, but its always worth a go.
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  9. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    That part of your post is actually lame. Villain themed weekends would of course not be "appreciation" weekends, but "take-over" or "invasion" weekends etc. The point from the "theme" in game however already lacks when traing to do that with another hero and the same minimal effort: the Flash always has a parade in Central City, so no changes ingame required. Supes would probably need some decoration at his statue, and at Bats it's already getting complicated.

    (There are tiny things that could have been done outside of the open world to make the appreciation weekend feel more like a theme - for example limiting the loadscreens to just the ones showing the Flash. Going further, they could at a second box to loadscreens - similar to the box that holds the loadscreen tips - that is more stretched, linked to a large scale font and add the "Flash Appreciation Weekend!!!" line there. Locking the other loadscreens out and back in should be a table/pointer list update and thus in the range of 10KB, maybe even server sided possible; unless the devs avoided tables and lists and "hardwired" the screens instead.... But we all know this wasn't about appreciating the Flash, this was about given the customers a little "Sorry!"-gift for the issues before.)
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  10. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    come the **** on, man! this is supposed to be an appreciation thread. if you don't appreciate the gift, **** off & start an I Feel Jipped thread somewhere else.
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  11. Craven Green Loyal Player

    Thank you very much.
  12. SUPERMANPRiM3 Well-Known Player

    Everyone that Members and non Members like you got a FREE yes I Repeat FREE Flash Base Item Pack yet you say you never get anything? and your Right. Premium Membership is Garbage. if as a Premium Membership if your spending more then £10 a month on the game then your better of going for Full Membership.
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  13. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    If you have to keep moving the goal posts of your argument, You've lost your argument.

    It's okay to admit you lost the argument.
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  14. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    I'm still crossing my fingers for the Hawkgirl helm. And yes I have the Nth armor style but it just doesn't look right for my female angel...hint hint DEVS
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  15. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Did you try the one that comes from that collection - can't remember which one it was - by now?
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  16. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    Except they announce it as Flash appreciation but nice try though though, you keep missing the point then trying to belittle me in return with your posts.
  17. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    exactly but yet Im just fabricating s*** apparently to hear some ppl in this thread say it.
  18. Harlequin Devoted Player

    So, you are complaining that because you have chosen to purchase the game ala carte you are being asked to purchase something else ala carte?
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  19. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    Wow, skipped over a lot with that reply. Usually thats a clear sign someone concedes to sense, but I still dont believe its actually sunk in though.

    Anyway, ill get on the DC Hotline later and chat with Geoff Johns about the new names. Zoom will ofc stay Zoom, but now it just has to be "Reverse Dash" and "The Black Dash". We cant call them "Flash" in any way, shape or form anymore, otherwise your argument falls apart faster than a wet cake.

    This is done. If you want to be angry with the devs for giving you an Item ppl, heroes and villains, have asked for for years, go ahead. You're still wrong. No matter how you try to paint it, no matter which way you try to twist it, it works equally for Heroes and Villains. If you had brought this up about the Batman cowl? Yeah, you would have had a point, but you seriously, seriously do not with this. Work on those deep breaths and you'll eventually see it. Realise we got 2 Suicide Squad members styles close to the movies release, 2 badguys full costumes, and eventually you'll see it. Realise you never opened up a thread or wrote a letter to DC complaining that theres no "Reverse Flash Museum", and eventually you'll see it.

    This farce is over though. Have a great day.
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  20. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    You mean the collection that gives the Thanagarian helm? Yes and I have that and the Nth battle gear but I like the Hawkgirl helm look better.