[showcase] New gear from upcoming Time Capsule.

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    Well that's not really the case here. No one's mad about the feather being an aura or accessory. They're mad at the the reactive emblems which are exactly what we thought they were. Context doesn't matter here since it practically makes no difference. And seeing Mepps insinuate someone was on drugs for not liking the gear doesn't help the Devs' case since that is being show in the "desired" context. I will defend the devs when they get undeserved hate but here I cannot do that.
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    Don't clutch those pearls too hard friend. Most of the western world is perfectly fine with drugs. Drugs are decriminalized in most democratic western nations and even many states in the US. No one is looking down at whoever over that comment. Feel free to make your point, but avoid grasping at other irrelevant straws to stir up imaginary outrage that totally is not there. It was a sassy comment and let's move on. Even if she was, no one cares. If someone does care; they're the problem and have that work to do.

    I've seen a couple post like this from you. Just a heads up; you can't really be intentionally insulting to people and then wipe it clean by saying "no offence". That's not how it works.

    This isn't how adults communicate. Sort yourself out and interact with people how you want people to treat you. If you wouldn't be okay with people talking to you like that; you shouldn't be doing it to others.

    Learn how to give criticism respectfully or keep your thoughts to yourself.

    Frankly, it's mysterious to you because you're not following the conversation at all and have oversimplified it to such an extent that it's ridiculous. It's like turning "I didn't like my McDonald's burger." into "I hate all burgers." smh. It's just an absurd distortion.
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    So, this is really not the way to handle things Devs.

    Leaks are not going anywhere at all. Coming down against leakers or players simply relaying the info that's public at that point, will not win anyone over at all. It's perceived as defensive behaviour (not to mention "censoring") by the community and players can point to it as the Dev team not standing behind the content (true or not) that was leaked. There are examples of this attitude here in this thread and they aren't isolated. Players don't form these attitudes isolated in bubbles and they will share them in other formats and even within their play clusters where it'll be the most impactful and harmful.

    Change course and adopt a more transparent and customer positive approach. Nothing exists in a vacuum so, take a moment to consider why the leaks are a thing. The leaks exist because they're driven by players wanting to know what's coming for a variety of reasons from justifying their subs to simple curiosity. And those are driven by the lack of transparency from the Dev team about the future of the game (lack of confidence in the product's viability, stability and continued support and so on) and it's all fueled by public "green name" statements that directly conflict with the overwhelmingly popular wishes of players that continue to be ignored. It's not actually cute that so many players are constantly speculating about staffing, and lack of resources etc. It itself is toxic and undermines confidence in the product. It's a sign that the playerbase has concerns that are not being addressed so they're filling that vacuum and looking for information where they can. It's time to announce your plans for the game and roadmap to let players know what to expect from the game over the next year onward. It's time to announce the plans and extent of plans for PS5 support. It's time to announce features and systems that players want -- they should be driving the direction of the product so start looking for ways to include them in your process. Start using polls and take the temperature of your community in different ways beyond quietly reading feedback while not interacting with your players. Work with your community instead of against it. Your team should be reaching out to/supporting players who are committed enough to maintain sites, channels and otherwise promote your game (even dataminers). Embrace social media strategies that are modern and relevant. The more mysterious the game's direction is, and the less that's delivered; the worse the mess becomes. How you manage the community is creating this reality.

    The first instinct on this forum has been authoritarian for literal years. And it is completely toxic which in turn creates a toxic community that is resentful toward moderation and the Dev team (and it spills over onto each other). Look around at the world around us -- authoritarianism is not a healthy approach to anything (real life or in recreational activities we even pay for). It doesn't endear support or fans. It's divisive at best and ultimately self destructive. There are plenty of times where players have been sanctioned unjustifiably as the result of judgement calls from "green names". Those players move on to share their negative experiences and stop being customers and instead become advocates against the product. And yes, their word-of-mouth travels and is impactful. Churn has historically been an issue in this game and this approach is an important part of that story. It's 2020 and managing players like it's 2001 isn't going to work.
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    Aww... Release this time capsule already.

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    The OP face needs to be built up (with XP and Catalysts). Each breakthrough makes it stronger. There are 4 Breakthroughs in total.
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    Uhh... never having an opinion again :(
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