Should I just toss all my new soders?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DoctorP2, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. DoctorP2 Well-Known Player

    I know there have been a few threads and thread parts about the new soders...I'm just wondering what other people are doing with the Turbos, Megas, and Splashes they get as drops. (Surely no one is buying those things). I use only Next soders (cheaper, tradeable, and more effective) on my mains, so the new ones don't really do me any good, and I can't even send them to my lowbie alts to use while they're leveling, so what's the point in keeping them?

    I've been storing them in my bank up till now, thinking they might...just useful with plans that drop from the next DLC, but from what I hear on the forums, that's not going to be the case. I'm at the point now where they're just a burden to hang on to and are taking up dwindling storage space.

    What have you all been doing with them?
  2. Twilight Man New Player

    The new sodas are cluttering up my inventory just like most of the other items that 'over drop'. Thing is I'm a healer, a good one. I don't have to use sodas of any kind often unless there is no Controller or I need to re-power quicker than the Troll can.

    I think I've got like 6 empty slots left in my inventory thanks to all this stuff I can't profit on from selling, turbo sodas included.
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  3. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    Tunso said that they weren't going to be used for future soder crafting so if your not gona drink'm, might as well sell them to the vendor. Who knows though...they say a lot of things.
  4. SeriousVanity New Player

    I delete em as soon as I get em. I would sell them or give them to my alts, but, hey, you can't. Delete it is.
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  5. KrimsonScourge New Player

    I actually have been using them for lower end t5 alerts and things like the Wasteland dailies where a little health bump is good enough and saving the Next for raids and "real" challenges.
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  6. Little Sister New Player

    I delete them as soon as I get them. They aren't as good as Nexts, and they can't be sold or traded.

    In fact, I wish they were never added. They are stupid lol
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  7. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    Oh!!!!, you can't sell them either....baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!. Where do they come up with this crap? In six months they will go...oh wait even though we said they were meant to be that way, those are supposed to be tradeable/sellable. We'll fix that.
  8. KrimsonScourge New Player

    It could be worse. Remember when we couldn't even delete the Soder Helmet? I couldn't give those things away.
  9. Poo New Player

    Funny, I rarely create threads, but I was going to in order to ask the same questions.

    I just delete them as well. What a dumb idea. I wonder if F2P people use them?

    Not sure why you can't sell them. You can sell the other Soders that drop.
  10. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Since my utility belt has one consumable slot I just shove them in there and use them in solos and duos whenever I need some power.
  11. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Complaining about free soders?

    Next soders cost about 6k a stack, and you can go through 2+ stacks in an instance. So, 12k may not seem like a lot a money, but it does add up.
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  12. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    I keep 2-3 stacks in case I ever run out of next or i accidentally end up as premium (has happened) & I need decent soder quick!
    I shud mail my alts a bank full of next just in case, but i don't take my own advice!
  13. Poo New Player

    What content are you running?! I may use 1 - 3 tops ever. And usually not even one :eek:
  14. TheLoneLantern New Player

    I'm a troller, maybe that's why.
  15. Poo New Player

    Ah, right. Well then... that'll do it ;)
  16. Zeusgod28 New Player

    The turbo, mega and splashes covers are like synthetic colers, they're good but aren't as effective as the crafted ones, they're useful though if you more solders in an instance and don't want to leave to craft more and come back and not everyone wants to craft soders
  17. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I stockpile 'em for "emergencies" or for when I run as a DPS in solos & low tier duos/alerts. As someone who doesn't play too often, in game cash has been hard for me to save, & this helped a lot! Now I can save soder crafting for stat bossters, like flex ex fives, or nutri five exes. You gan go a lil berzerk as a deeps with the amount they hand out, imagine if the cooldown was halfed!
  18. X-zero Loyal Player

    I use them for wasteland solos and duos.