Should I buy rare styles with MoR now before they change to MoF?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Starblast, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Starblast Well-Known Player

    I need a few more pieces of Scion of Ion gear to be complete but with the Rare style vendor changing to Marks of Fury soon wouldn't I be better off spending my Marks of Reality on them? I mean...I can already beat all the content and everyone playing right now is overgeared and it just feels like a waste when soon as the next dlc drops I'm of course going to need to spend them on T6 gear. those style feats also unlock SP. I know the other suits do too but they will be easily more attainable especially in the coming months. thoughts? opinions?
  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Yes right now you better buy those styles now, because once GU36 comes out. You wont be purchasing them for quite some time.
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  3. Twilight Man New Player


    *turns DCUO on and heads to style vendor*
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  4. Poo New Player

    Yes. When DLC10 drops, MoR will be gone. You will NOT want to spend Fury till you have bought all your gear and weapon(s). And since this DLC only has 1 alert, it's gonna take forever to gear up.
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  5. Craven Green Loyal Player

  6. Radium Devoted Player

    Start grinding your *** of man.
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  7. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    OMG farm farm marks doin ever same instance spends replay replay replay badges w/o stop, thats so child like watch ever same cartoon or anime on TV, thats farm system must be changed, nobody like to do ever same thing for get mark in low rate drop, dont matter how many raids/alerts/arena are created, to do same things ever get bored ...
  8. Shipoopi New Player

    My strategy: Buy HIVE Defender pieces, that's it. Sector Agent/Incendiary drops very commonly in Oan and Star Labs, which all but 30 minutes to run collectively. If you still have feats to do in Veng/Dawn, I recommend leaving the Norsemen set alone until you've exasperated that option as well. You can also, to alleviate some of the cost, work HIVE Base into your daily routine and HOPE for a piece you don't have already to drop.
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  9. Gunny New Player

    HIVE pieces priority.

    IN THAT SET, I would avoid the head, chest, legs, and back pieces. Get the shoulders, hands, feet, and waist in the set first.

    The reason is the HIVE alert drops the first four. The second four are only obtainable in weekly boxes, which is why they are so troublesome. I suggest buying the latter set of four after the earlier set of four too, but you can also run the HIVE alert and hope for a piece - I actually landed two of them while farming marks for the whole set. Thats 140 MoR I saved myself.

    If you do buy them all, try getting norseman too. Those codex are nasty hard-to-get drops now too if you do not have them already. As far as individual norseman pieces go, one isnt harder to get than another, so order doesnt matter.

    The vendor isnt exactly useful for sector agent/incidinary. Should farm the STAR labs alert for those...unless for some reason you have the first two sets described above and have the MoR to blow.
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  10. Gossiping New Player

    Of course. There is so many ways to get MoR so take advantage of it before you have to waste the new marks that are limited to a few ways to gather.
  11. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I'm still missing the HIVE legs & waist. & I have enough for both, but I've been torn between finishing the hive style, buying a cr 90 dps weapon, or finishing off the two other T5 styles.
  12. Gunny New Player

    Buy the hive styles.

    Those will get much more expensive. The other two styles will stay the same price, as will the weapon - which will soon be outclassed anyways ;)
  13. Radium Devoted Player

    New weapons will be coming out soon in a DLC and the T5 styles will be easier to finish because they will cost MoT.

    I'd grab the styles now, otherwise you'll need to wait until after you get T6 gear. Not a lot of marks per day like T5 is now.
  14. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    Sounds like sage advice. Next logon that'll be the first thing I do. Thank You.
  15. AlphaOrion Dedicated Player

    I've already been aware of this for a while now and have been grinding all the MoR I can replaying as much as I can especially AnB (stupid ring never drops random my *** but that's another matter) finished my Hive Defender but still need 5 pieces of Norseman ( damn codex's never drop unless I'm on an alt, random pffft) 6 day long weekend for me need to grind, grind and grind those MoR!
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  16. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Thanks for these great answers guys! I learnt a few things myself and now have the motivation to get things done LOL

    I miss posts like this - people helping each other to achieve what we all want/need to get done
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  17. Gunny New Player

    You will find most threads simply asking questions like this one are thoroughly answered in this manner.

    Its posts not purely seeking knowledge and try to profess a different message that often get mistreated ;)

    Glad to help.
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  18. krimzonk Committed Player

    Yep definitely spend your MoR trying to complete the Norseman and Hive Defender the most as they are annoying as anything to complete as their drop rate is soooo low. The Sector Agent and Incendiary styles have a good drop rate in Oan Science-cells and Star Labs so you should be able to complete them just by doing a daily run of those alerts for 2 weeks or so as they are not very long.

    Saying that i still have to complete the Hive Defender set...oh the
  19. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    My plan is to do HIVE as much as possible - as well as T2 to get weekly boxes. Meanwhile save MoR till I hit Cap.. hopefully by then i would have gotten at least 1 piece or 2 and not cringe when its the the style i just bought for 70 MoR lol
  20. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    Might want to proof this next time. Kinda lost on what at your saying.