Shazam is bugged. Again.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Stephen Nix, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Draconiano Committed Player

    So...a few minutes ago I did Master of Madness, killed the last boss with 97 madness, no feat.
    I'm being punished for not doing the feats when the raids were easy and bugged?
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  2. AV Loyal Player

    It might be possible by wiping to lb over and over and over and over again until you get the normal unbugged cog behaviour (ie letting him kill you as soon as you can tell it's bugged, not wiping to madness), buuuuuut this seems to happen so infrequently that I can't say if its worth the time or not. If it's not fixed, it'll be 2-3 episodes before it's doable in the current bugged state without extreme cog luck being involved.
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  3. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    5 pages and near 3500 views on this thread and this bug still exists. Any fix coming soon? DLC almost completed its life span and players dont even try to attempt Raving Mad feat because of this bug.
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  4. Luke© Well-Known Player

    Just tried this feat with the beasts of the beasts in DPS'ing. The time you have for killing the Harbinger is waaaaaay too low.
    2nd try (when madness reseted already) we finished very very close. But we had the madness 0-50 as bonus. Does the dev team even test their content before releasing it?...
    Incredible they even dare to say "it's as intended".
  5. Yaiba Committed Player

    Did you use Dead King's Scepter for the extra damage (if everyone used it then it would be great), I think the feat is doable atm, but you will need something like all dps with maxed artifacts/augments, etc :p
  6. Luke© Well-Known Player

    We were all full prec DPS max augments/artifact levels and max gear. And we ignored even the adds. 1 Heal 1 Tank 1 Troll 5 DPS
    So it can't be done better at all...
  7. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Any word on this bug from devs?
  8. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    he did warn you about the wise of him to know it...
  9. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Thought I'd come back and give a response. Can only get 4 cogs max, and have to beat the Harbinger within that time.
  10. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Yea I see the clip on Costs' channel. Unfortunately we tried Raving Mad after next day and set madness to exact 50 every attempt we had and first cog was popping up around 80+ most of the time. Still based on "RNG" luck of Shazam. I cant understand how hard that can be to revert it back to how raid was at 1st day.
    Its ALWAYS manageable to keep madness at low if madness is under 50% entire fight. Thats how normal SG Elite runs being completed right now. Things getting rough when madness goes higer than 40% - 50%. After that point (where we start trying raving mad feat) you cant control madness. Its either like you said 4 cog is max or you are done with feat. The reason Im saying that because in my experience after 50%, shazam's cog outpaces our ability to reduce it or like I said cog not even pop up until late 80s(buggy). Punishment for this mechanic shouldnt be that.

    Make madness controllable even after 50%. Punishment must be that if group misses cog, you have to pull it back to around 50s with a couple of wipes and try another attempt OR group misses lots of cogs and madness hits 100% and whole feat is ruined.

    I see other threads getting replies / answers from devs nowadays but not this anymore.
  11. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    I can understand why it feels like you are getting screwed by RNG. Getting a cog that reduces by 40 instead of 20 is complete bs as well. I'll tell you this, we got him consistently down to below 20% health a few times, and even wiped as we killed him because the madness hit 100 at the same time the run before this. That consistency wouldn't be possible with too much RNG. Our wipes were mainly due to someone getting killed by an add. The strategy behind the run was not mine however, so I won't say anymore. Just chimed in because I think the feat is in a very good place as a dps check and is one of the only difficult ones since revamp as it is now. It was an enjoyable experience going for it, and I would hate to see it get nerfed for that reason. I'm being honest with you when I say it is very possible without any sort of shady tactic like locking Shazam outside the room.