Shazam is bugged. Again.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Stephen Nix, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Millbarge Developer

    When the Harbinger of the Devourer is visible your madness increases. Since you are fighting him, he is always visible, and your madness will increase by 1 every second. This is as designed.

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  2. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    I think what he’s saying is: since you start from above 50 even if you get shazam every single time without missing a cog as soon as it appears you can only hit so many cogs until eventually the madness will get to 100. Shazam seems to be on a timer but the problem is that you cannot even get harbinger to half health until eventually the madness hits 100. For example, you hit the cog at 75 it brings it back to 60 but in reality because it’s still ticking +5 while you are interacting with the cog the madness is already at 65. Next time Shazam offers his cog at 85 and it goes down to 75 after you click it. Next time the cog pops at 95 and can be brought down to 85 after you’ve just interacted with it. After that it’s gg because the next cog will not show up till 105(or more because it takes like 5 seconds to interact with the cog- but madness doesn’t stop while you interract with it. And that’s generous because you still have to find shazam and react to the cog) on the timer and the tick rate of madness.

    You can only click like 6 or 7 cogs total until eventually the madness will get to 100% from being reduced by 10 each time you hit it and shazam offers his cog like every 20 or so seconds. Had instances when we hit every single cog asap and one appeared at 99 madness and there was no time to even interact with it and we had really good st dmg there. Even if you don’t kill the adds and everyone is getting shazam as soon as it pops we only managed to get boss down to like 60% health before we hit 100 madness. It’s like having someone tell you to fill a cup of water about halfway every 20(don’t actually know) seconds but given the opportunity to drink it every 25 seconds (definitely longer) but every time you do so you realize that you have been drinking way less than the amount been poured because the cup is going to fill up rather quickly.
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  3. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Yeah, the only way people have gotten Raving Mad is by getting cogs back to back, which is completely luck based. However, recently I have not seen a double cog even once in all of the SG E runs I've had.
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  4. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    It's as designed, however the point is if you reduce the meter by 20 when you hit it, it is still ticking during that process, so hitting it at 70 leaves you in the mid 50's instead of at 50. And with the relative infrequency of the Shazam cogs, it is not possible for this feat to be done unless Shazam gives a group a lucky break with multiple cogs one after another.

    Also, though a bit off topic, I'd like to note that there have been consistent stuttering issues in this raid for my league and I. I don't know if it is just the game in general or the raid itself, but since the recent hot fix this raid and Arcane have been quite unstable. Obviously they are still doable, but getting stuck in stealth for 2 seconds for example after hitting a power every time is very annoying. Basic weapon combos get very laggy. Can't be an internet issue when it's happening to multiple people. I just hope this doesn't persist in SM.
  5. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    No double cogs. Even if someone follows shazam and hits it asap you go up +25 and -10 after clicking shazam. Every cog- no matter if it’s early, you still end up in a surplus of 10 at least so you can only get like 4 maybe 6? cogs out of shazam untill it’s all ogre. If that’s intended and we’re meant to burn through the boss in 5 cogs I’ll probably just take a break and wait for a few episodes when CR max is 350+ the thing is... even then I’m not sure if that will be doable.
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  6. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Yeah Im aware how madness mechanic works but its not my point;

    Issue is 100% this ^^
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  7. AV Loyal Player

    As everyone else has pointed out, that's not the problem. The problem is that the madness runs up ridiculously fast whether or not you handle Wisdom of Solomon perfectly; it drastically outpaces our ability to reduce it, effectively making this a "if you don't kill the boss in x seconds, you wipe" scenario, which seems unintentional at best and extremely misguided for a last boss (already preceded by a DPS check) at worst.

    This is essentially the only non-seasonal feat in the entire game I haven't completed. There's only a few types of people who have this done already:

    - People who got it done during the brief few days when Madness and Shazam worked properly in SG E and you could actually control madness in a meaningful way
    - People who have gotten extremely lucky with Shazam's cog bugging out and appearing back-to-back or proc'ing for twice the normal amount a few times (this doesn't seem to happen anymore)
    - Speed hackers

    For this feat you have to factor in that people can't really start the fight right at 50 to begin with, since the intervals Wisdom pops at in Mordru don't allow for a perfect start on Harbinger. 52-58 is likely. Then you have only a handful of Wizdom activations with which to 100-0 the boss before lb Madness steamrolls Shazam's Solomon. I do SG E with a solid af group where every DPS is in the 99.9999th percentile and it's never been anywhere near the realm of possibility. This is currently overtuned to hell.

    If you wanna keep this on a timer, even though that doesn't seem intentional or wise... okay.... but let's be realistic about it. If the intent is to let madness feel a lil uncontrollable than let it go up by 1-2 per activation instead of the looney tunes jumps we see now. That said, if people are aggressively and perfectly handling the fight's cog mechanic, why are they being punished anyways?
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  8. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    See... I don’t understand this either... The cog was fine in regular when we ran it like the first week of content but why is this an issue in the elite? Shazam’d cog is bugged to the point where even if you do it perfectly and even ignore the adds with 1 tank, you will certainly wipe 12 out of 10 times because you can’t kill the harbringer in one minute with some change. I don’t understand why put the timer on shazam<madness pace without even considering the fact that it takes you like 3 or 4 seconds just to interract with the cog alone (in a perfect world where you don’t zapped, eaten or killed because shazam running all over the place and tanking the boss.) Why not just put Shazam’s cog every like 5 seconds or so to reduce it by 20? You’d still have to keep the madness above 50 but would have to make sure to click on him at 70+ and talk to your group. They could just make it so the madness would tick 075 per second and have shazam offer the cog every 5 or so seconds back-to-back non-stop throughout the fight and have it reduce madness by 15 or 20 freezing the count on madness as soon as someone interracts with the cog. Just have a fixed number to reduce the madness without fluctuations in between the time it takes for someone to find him and interract with the cog and having the madness tick as you are hoding the button on him. I know it’s easier said than done but c’mon now, you have to account for time it takes to find shazam and then interract with his cog.
  9. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Some feats are ment to be completed at a later time or only by very good groups at-level. It's not the first time a feat "seems" to be not doable when the content is new. Yeah, I attempted it, I too did not get it done. We'll get there. It seems fine to me. In the end it's a dps check in addition to some movement requirements.
  10. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Not it’s not meant to be completed later lol. If this persists no one will be getting the feat until episode 40 in which case it’s irrelevant there would be no madness or anything involved, it will just be “kill asap and get shazam twice”. Legitimately, you are not going to be getting that feat 3 or more episodes down the road
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  11. Schimaera Devoted Player

    In the past, the devs more than once commented on feats that they are not ment to be completed right away and that some players only will get some feats later down the raod with the next episode.

    Yet, I can accept your stance on this, I just happen to have a different one.
  12. AV Loyal Player

    Your stance is also undermined by the fact Shazam has gone from not working, to semi-working with workarounds, to working properly, to not working, to semi-working. The people who do have the feat got it when Shazam was working, then he was broken again a few days later.
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  13. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Me and my league have been trying to pop up that feat for a month now. On last boss, Shazam is popping up every 25+ seconds. That time is unbeatable, unless you get lucky with double Shazam which I haven't seen in a while. The madness meter is going up every second on Harbinger and we basically need to kill it in 90 seconds, which is kind of impossible. Please, have Shazam pop up in less than 25 seconds, it's crazy how problematic it becomes once we get to last boss.
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  14. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    So, since Survival Mode came out I really didnt have chance to try Raving Mad feat. Did anyone try that feat recently? Is it still same? Does Madness still go up +5 points each cog(starting Harbringer fight while madness meter is above 50)?
  15. AV Loyal Player

    More insight on this: The rate of madness increase is stable, as you said. The problem is that Wisdom of Solomon's behaviour changes dramatically on each attempt of the fight, whether or not you're attempting Raving Mad. Sometimes he spawns his cog normally, allowing madness to be comfortably maintained with minimal gains throughout the fight with perfect activation. More often than not, however, the cog does not appear as often as it's supposed to, sometimes only showing up maybe 2-3 times total before madness hits 100. You can "reroll" the behaviour by wiping, but we almost always still get Wisdom of Solomon in a broken state.

    Side note: People haven't stopped commenting on this because it's working, they've stopped commenting because they've given up on it working and are under the impression the problem is simply being ignored. It's extremely frustrating.

    It's still bugged. We attempted a few days ago and it was actually worse than I've ever seen it.
  16. Luke© Well-Known Player

    We should give up... devs are not able to fix this.
  17. AV Loyal Player

    Iunno. Based on Millbarge's earlier reply I'm under the impression they just fundamentally don't understand the situation. They seemingly had it completely fixed for a few days a while back, and a bunch of people got the feat in that short period, then they abruptly broke him again.
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  18. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    It’s a shame, the feat is easy to get too... I actually haven’t checked it yet and tbh don’t even care anymore... A simple solution is to make it so Shazam constantly offers that damn cog
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  19. AV Loyal Player

    Agreed, which is precisely how it was working during that 2-3 day period where this wasn't bugged.
  20. Heywiar Committed Player

    So, when are we going to be able to get Raving Mad? The broken cog pretty much makes this feat impossible still.