Top Bug - Fixed Shattered Gotham Elite - Shazam cog unmanageable

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by KlarkKent, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. AV Loyal Player

    Any progress made on this?
  2. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

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  3. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Im a little late but yea we hit 3000 views guys! Cant wait for another 1000.
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  4. BorysUSPS New Player

    Any progress?
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  5. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Yeah clearly this isn't a priority. They'd rather address missions you'd do while leveling up and fix all little insignificant bugs there first rather than fix something that has been requested hundreds of not thousands of times. This ain't even a first thread. Clearly the dev team doesn't have their priorities straight... Personally, I won't be renewing my subscription until they get their priorities straight and fix the bugs in their content that is still relevant to 99% of the game population all servers wide
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  6. MC GreenLantern Active Player

    It took almost 3 years for the Right Tool For The Job feat to be fixed sooo 2023 is the time table for this fix.
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  7. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Today's Server Fix...

    Episode 34: Justice League Dark

    Open World
    Shattered Gotham
    • Fixed an issue where Shazam would get nervous and remove 40 Madness instead of 20.
    • Fixed an issue where Shazam would refuse to offer his Wisdom of Solomon to others.
  8. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    I was about to post yea. Imma try whats up.
  9. Draconiano Committed Player

    Can anyone confirm if Raving Mad is fixed?
  10. AV Loyal Player

    Anyone checked this yet?
  11. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    I've asked around since I have no membership nor had much time to play. Apparently it's still not fixed... They fixed the 40 proc on the cog but the madness still outpaces the timer and you still only get 3 cogs max. Not sure about madness prec/might increase with higher madness but from what I've been hearing you still get 45-60 seconds to burn the boss with perfect interaction. It amazes me how the devs claim that you can keep the madness manageable whether it's 25 or 50 but in reality, as we already know, once it reaches 50+ it's impossible to keep it manageable unlike when it's at 25. So I guess no, they did not fix anything so I guess no point renewing subscription just to set myself up for a disappointment
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  12. Luke© Well-Known Player

    This Feat is completely based on luck...
    We've just tried the feat again after 6 months.
    We started the boss fight at 56/100. In the time from 56 to 100 we could "talk" to shazam only ONCE!!!
    This is completely BS.
    This last boss feat depends 100% on luck. Like, if you start at 50/100 you've got a better chance to manage this feat.
    Also, when you're out of boss fight, shazam offers you the cog anyways. So you have to start the Boss fight at the right moment, to get the cog as soon as possible again...
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  13. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    and it's not like you can even time a wipe to get it right at 50 or 51 because it keeps going up until all 8 members have hit flee.
  14. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Ggs. Clearly the devs have no idea on how to fix it. Yes you can start at 50/100 madness but you also have to make sure you time it correctly so Shazam pops at 70 meaning you have to wait 5 seconds after the cog is gone. Even then, you can only get 4 cogs max
  15. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    I have found a solid fix to this issue without any hard coding.

    Since harbringer pops up on all other boss fights and increses madness time to time, its OK for Shazam to offer his cog on a limited time.
    For last boss, since harbringer is there ALL the time and madness increases constantly, and when you observe all how CC destroys shazam's cogs and late cog reports on this thread, make a permanent cog only for Harbringer boss fight. (Just like how Ares' cleansing cog is not in a limited time on False Idols regular)
    I know it might make the feat a cake walk but at least it can be achieveable even when situations like late cog or CC problems occurs.
    I have heard things like put cog on a panel or in a magical rock so it cant be CC ed but I most likely think it would not fit storywise.
  16. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

  17. AV Loyal Player

    I have heard it's been consistently working properly now and we'll likely run it again soon.
  18. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Its not though. My group tried last the cog on lb is based off luck
  19. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Nope me and my group ran it 2 days ago and when we were in the last boss the cog came up for half a second and disapeared just as quickly and them came up again, all within a gap of 2-3 seconds. The timer didnt even slightly pause and that was the only cog we saw til our deaths due to the madness. It really is luck based and Im concerned the devs truly dont know how to fix this issue. I think the option to make a pernament cog for the last boss would make it rather too easy but I dont see the devs doing anything better.
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  20. AV Loyal Player

    Cog n madness seemed to be working correctly today. Shazam still likes to camp out under lb or grind up in the middle of the adds for no reason, and the adds sometimes dealing damage before actually spawning and being targetable, but at least now it's just "normal" painful.