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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Savior Prime, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    It would be nice if we could have shared currency but not shared locks. That way, we can use our alts to gear up our main fast then continue to get rest of alts geared up.

    Not shared locks so We can still run our alts through dailies and weeklies still like we do now... but the marks would go into an account pool so any toon can use the marks gathered.

    Replays would work per toon as it does now.... but the marks would be account wide. So would not stop having to buy replays.
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  2. GermanM Committed Player

    +1 This is one of the thing´s i wanna see here.
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  3. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Yes definitely shared money on your account. There's no in game reason why we couldn't have just one bank account especially if they've disabled mailing money to toons. They might be hesitant to do this for Source Marks and Seasonal currency because those are technically sold on the Marketplace but hopefully that could be overlooked. End game currency I don't see why not because as you said we'd still be loot locked on those. Only yeah eventually episode currency would be converted to SM but it'd still be fine I'd doubt it'd kill their profits or break the game.
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  4. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I'd be curious if anyone actually buys SM on a large scale. I have read stories of a few people doing so who obviously hadn't done the math on it, but it's far more economical to purchase what cannot be bought on the Marketplace via SM with those earned in game and buy the things on the Marketplace (catalysts, alliance, etc.) with real cash than to purchase those things with SM bought on the Marketplace. That's especially true if people wait for the 40-50% off Marketplace sales.
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  5. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    You mean the $20,000 or so it would cost to buy SM to convert to Quarks and buy a quark vendor item? :p
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  6. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Btw, absolutely +1
  7. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    This should have been implemented a long time ago.
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  8. Leonite Well-Known Player

    +1 on shared cash, which I thought this thread is for.

    I don't think we'll get shared marks bec that defeats the purpose of paying to reset. Also, I consider marks as the measure of experience of that toon on that DLC. To be able to afford the gears means that toon has played enough instances in that DLC so he deserves to have that CR bump.
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  9. GermanML New Player

    Well, since they never allow us to trade money again, will be more then fair merge the cash of our characters in a single wallet.
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, at this point, not even sure why the SM and Catalysts are still in MP. Yes, I know there are whales who want everything now vs grinding out some SM, but those whales can buy the same things in game much cheaper with in game cash, assuming it's tradable. And there are a LOT of ways to get in game cash fast.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'd agree on the marks. Many things that SM are needed for can be bought on another toon and traded over to a 2nd. Styles can be purchased on one, then unlocked on another...cats can be traded...many episode specific items are 'account bound' as well. In essence a well used alt squad basically IS shared marks...except for CR boosting gear/base rent....which should be up to that toon if you want it boosted, or you some TC gear and accelerate things.
  12. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    No, I for instance have 4 toons. I'd have to run the raids just as many times to get all my toons leveled... but with shared marks and not shared loot locks... I'd be able to use all my toons to work on my main toon, then cycle down to my others.... people will still be having to spend just as many replays to work on their alts and main. You still get 1 weekly per toon and have to use replays for anything more than that. So for 4 toons, I still get 4 runs of raids and open world bounties... still get 12 weekly solo, duo, alerts per toon, and however many open world dailies per toon. Just instead of spreading the marks gained across each toon, you could just work on one toon at a time as your option. You would still have to keep alts leveled for next DLC and everything to pass the content then.

    It will actually encourage alt making which will give more reasons to buy replays and such. Good for business.
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  13. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Too bad the devs won't ever read this thread.
  14. Skoll Well-Known Player

    Oh they’ve read it, they just dont care and have already forgotten it.