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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Eve, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    First look at Lexellence, my "Shrine of Lex Luthor" base. In the DCUO Lore, my villain RedMetalBat is a fan of Lex.
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  2. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

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  3. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Omg I love it. The training/R&D area is my favorite and the style you used!! I subbed & liked. Looking forward to see more!
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  4. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Thank you. My bases will never be fancy or elaborate, instead functional looking like my character represents. By the way, great job with how you represent DCUO in the forum.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  5. Achikah All About That Base

    Finally finished and filmed The Workshop!

    652 items currently, the rest will be filled with cables and bolted-on pipes as I find them on the broker, haha, Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Tour starts around the 2:00 mark.
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  6. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Absolutely love it. Great Job!

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  7. TeeVolt Well-Known Player

    After seeing The Hanger and The Workshop I am in awe! Such awesome dives. So. full of life. I kept thinking of bigger base ideas but now I am super inspired to make a dive base! I mean, after I finish my current base and then my base off entry so who knows when that will be but still! ha

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  8. Achikah All About That Base

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that.

    I also got a chance to sit down and watch your recent Penthouse tour as well. Really nice work! It's extremely well spaced, both with the room organization and the maneuverability between furniture. Excellent work!

    Thank you so much, Smoove!
    Dives are always my favorite since they're perfect for one-off ideas or quick builds. The key for them though is knowing when an idea's bigger than a Dive can handle and pivot accordingly. If there was an 1000 item limit, I'd definitely have moved The Workshop to a medium, problem Industrial, theme and made an antique shop with a store window/sidewalk out front. Maybe one day, haha!

    Thank you again for the kind words, and I look forward to see all those projects once they finish!
    Nice start; this is gonna be a fun base, haha!
    Hopefully you'll get a golden Lex statue treatment like Supes got at some point. Or, better yet, you can hobble one together with a bunch of different items! Use all the Valentine's Day and Memorial roses for a proper fangirl shrine- even have it hidden behind a Secret Door so it's like Helga's shrine to Arnold X'D

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  9. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Achi toured my baby, Tech Kingdom of my character Metanite. I am so happy because I wanted her to tour this one for awhile now!
    It's not full of base items but there are just enough where they need to be located. Ofc it might get updated in the future. It went through a few rebuilts so I am happy It's finally out! Metanite, aka my character, is where I got the name for my channel aswell. :)

  10. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Awe yes I want to. Lexellence needs a lot of work and love so It's going to take months before It's completed if ever. I need a lot of Lexcorps and Lex Luthor inspired items. I kind of like the uniqueness in this because, Red (My villain) is insane enough to follow him and worship him, and he is awul enough to take advantage of her. :D
  11. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Still learning video editing so please excuse some of the mistake. Again, my bases are based on the storyline I have given my characters in the DCUOverse.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  12. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Great design, I love how you placed the doors so it'll look open!
  13. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Thank you. It means a lot coming from you!
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  14. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    This Tour brings you Thorn's Dark Nature. Saved from dying by Poison Ivy, she dedicates her life and powers to protect the green.

    (This is the same base Ryll toured for me, but wanted to upload my own tour for it. Enjoy!)
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  15. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Very nice! Loved the music. Poison Ivy would be proud!

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  16. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I'm sorry I thought I replied, thank you so much :D
  17. Multiverse Creator League

    A little video where MultiBob explore various Lairs. ;)
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  18. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Very nice Multiverse!

    Peace and DCUO Forever
  19. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Not a lot of posting here anymore, but I will still keep putting up my bases, when I find the time to make the videos. I try to keep the videos short, and I will keep trying to get better at camera movement. I hope others will see these videos and spread the word that there are a lot of great things you can do in this game.
    Making bases is just one of the things I love doing in the game.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  20. Achikah All About That Base

    Ya, I'm definitely guilty of being quiet as of late on most things social, forums included. However, I always check this thread whenever there's a new message and watch/check out everyone's posts. I've very much been enjoying your DCUOverse origin story and lair lore the past few weeks, this one included. Love the Antechamber, it's a really cool idea, but I think my favorite area is the mailbox with all the drafting tables and letter stuff.

    Looking forward to The Tech. =) Wonderful work!

    Having walked through this one myself in-game, it's really cool to see it all finished, especially the hidden death arena. XD Thorn really living up to being a pain in one's side, or all the sides from the looks of it, haha! Well done!
    As a long time watcher and enjoyer of the late Bob Ross, this was a really fun video. The Happy Lil Tree reference as well as giving him a friend was fantastic, as was seeing a tour of all your bases and works in progress throughout the years, or should I say all your Happy Little Accidents. ;D

    Really awesome premise, and well done!
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