Share your 2018 DC Universe Online plans (Players not the devs)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Twilight Avenged, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    Some of my DCUO 2018 plans:

    • Get the last few of my characters over level 30, then over combat rating 100
    • Fully solo all Tier 1 - 3 Alerts/Raids with my two main characters
    • Complete all Enhanced styles (gear only) currently available in game
    • Make more effort to answer and assist players asking for help with missions/content
    • Get the Phoenix, Void, Chrome and Negative Speed Force materials
    • Get the Black Smoke aura
    • Use the games chat channels as intended, for example Say for local conversation, Trade for trading, Shout for local broadcasting, etc.
    • Use the games forum sections as intended. Continue searching for existing threads/similar topics to share my thoughts before creating a new similar thread unnecessarily
    • Reach combat rating of 200 or more on my two main characters
    • Complete more villain styles
    • Complete more content/missions on my villain characters
    • Go back and start completing more of the style video requests people have been leaving on my YouTube comments since 2011 (been doing this already, but i'm aiming for more)
    • Spend less time with DCUO, as I've seriously neglected all other gaming for the last 6 years and lost a lot of the skill/patience I built up over time. #imsorrygamingi'mcomingbackiswear #loveubby

    What are your 2018 DCUO plans?
  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Run Anti-monitor.

    Get Krypto.

    Run my stabilizer fragmentation event.

    Make more awesome lairs.

    Work on existing lairs such as this one come February 2018.

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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Excellent thread!
    My plans:
    • Complete all LPVE feats
    • Get Krypto
    • Get my alts to end game
    • Complete all Vendor 22 rare styles
    • Complete Owlman suit (I was too lazy to finish it)
    • Continue having fun playing DCUO as always. :)
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  4. Xibo Loyal Player

    My plans:

    - DCUO for Android;
    - Cross Faction for all free-to-play content;
    - All pets be permanent pets;
    - Only one PI for all powers;
    - Starro Event be a permanent event;
    - Bat-Drone and Flying Jester in the Marketplace;
    - Obviously, more content;
    - Fix the visual bug from the wings when you are flying, wings are crooked;
    - Villain token, Mentor token and Gender token;
    - LPVE Solos and Duos and increase LPVE feats from 1 star to 2 stars;
    - Soder cola PvE infinite;
    - 4 and 5 stars feats for Elite content;
    - Bypass CC when the difference between your CR and the CR of an enemy is more than 50 CR;
  5. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Play the game?
    Not get perma-banned on the forums again
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  6. Harlequin Devoted Player

    - Cancel my subscription until I forget just how much I hate the business model or some announcement is made that changes my mind and I come back.
    - Repeat the above two or three times.
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  7. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Still trying to get the phoenix material, over a year of disappointment and still cant afford it ...

    Therefore trying to spend less & less time with DCUO the longer the periode of disappointment continues.
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  8. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    Hmmm plans for 2018.

    For my main toon:
    - Get to 300 sp (only 12 to go, and I'm taking it easy)
    - Get the secondary artifact from the new event and rank it up to 100 (main artifact is already at 100 and I'm hording Nth Metal at the Bank)
    - Get the Chrome Material
    - Get the Lanterns Aura I'm missing to complete the Feats
    - Get the OP items I'm missing to complete the Feats (even thou some of those OP items are no use to me)
    - Complete Seasonal Feats I've been skipping for being bored after grinding the same seasonal event over and over

    For my favorite alt:
    - Try to get it as close to the Main as possible

    For the rest of the alts:
    - Get the Split Personality Hat
    - Get the Classic Duster Chest

    League Hall Goals:
    - Keep decorating
    - Recruit nice players (they don't need to go on hardcore, just nice people that enjoy to play without rushing things or getting too serious when things go wrong)
  9. Marek Committed Player

    Get the black smoke aura huh?? Well your in luck! I know where u can "get yours today" .... and for the low price of only 1 billion dollars..... lol .
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  10. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    lol, ahh yes that guy. Don't forget that low low holiday price offered around Christmas eve for $800 million. I just missed that one by a mere $780 million!
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  11. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    I know who you’re talking about :) :)

    THE GREAT ____ _____
  12. nawanda Loyal Player

    Put more toxic posters on ignore so as to waste less time reading drivel
    Finish the exo feats (about 9200 to go)
    Keep my league in the EU top 10 on wavedox
    Keep my three main toons in the EU top 100 on wavedox (by SP)
    Only spend money on subscription - as I did in 2017 (unless feats are removed from time capsules)
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  13. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    1: Run the anti-monitor event until I get tired(Wich I already am)
    2: Continueing my style hunting
    3: Continue on my crystal cavern when the valentines event comes
    4: Continue with my gardenman's tranquility lair when spring time event comes.
  14. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Keep working on my League
    For Raising:
    The Prestige.
    League Bank Slots.
    Average PvE Combat Rating.
    Average PvP Combat Rating.
    Members of the League's Level and Combat Rating. (Helping the low level ones.)
    Making some changes in the League Hall's Decoration.

    Completing all Collections and Briefings and Investigations of Gotham and War of Light and Underworld (AF1,AF2,AF3)

    Using the option "Skip to 100CR" on two future characters.

    Buying new Legend Characters for getting the feats.

    Getting the max PvP Combat Rating.

    Raise my main characters feats.

    Enjoying the future Episodes and Powers.

    I don't know why I did say them all :confused: But made me feel good.
    Thank You.
    I wish I and you all be able and stay alive with NO worries and problems to do them all, whatever we want. And don't die till we haven't done all of the stuffs we want.
  15. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    sorry to tell you that, you are unable to solo all T2 raid since in Khandaq raid there is a section that require 4 person to progress... you might not able to solo all T3 as well since in FOS2 there is a section that require at least 2 person to progress...

    anyway, my plan for DCUO in 2018 is to kick Anti monitor's butt with my Supergirl... gotta get revenge for killing her during crisis of infinite earth..
  16. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    my plan is to farm and harvest the whole year and obtain next Christmas sale
  17. Davenport Committed Player

    Maybe to finally finish getting my renowned Larfleeze base up to 500 items.

    Though, if I'm being honest, I'm not entirely sure that's possible.
  18. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    If the RNG nightmare continues, along with the TC's having ridiculously rare items attached to feats, I'm done 1 May 2018.
  19. Harlequin Devoted Player

    You can solo the split in FOS2 using warp rally.
  20. NerfEveryone New Player

    My plans is to pick a power that won’t get nerfed. Impossible? Maybe?