Not A Bug SGe Madness Not Increasing Damage Dealt

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by AV, Dec 30, 2019.

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    You may have already mentioned it but are your new runs during Metal Part 1 or 2 accounting for the fact that players more than likely aren't wearing the origin augments anymore that would be granting them that large % increase in might/precision during those raids?
  2. AV Loyal Player

    We are all always wearing our proper JLD augments. The only time we ever go in there is to test the waters on the Raving Mad cog issue and we insist and ensure that everyone has the proper augs, because losing a DPS to an unlucky Madness tick if we ever got clean cog runs would be asinine.

    Also, between current CR, lvl200 arts, and even the piddly Madness buff that Mepps is suggesting (which doesn't reflect what we were seeing during JLD), it would be impossible for us to be seeing slower boss fights now with 5 handpicked DPS than we did a full year ago with only 3-4 DPS random pugs, augs or not. The difference isn't remotely subtle.

    They -have- changed the raid since then (eg Mordru's mechanics actually work properly now, ages after release) and I suspect they either broke something else while in there or altered it without telling us or accidentally. It feels like SGe is just a spaghetti code nightmare.
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    It's pretty much a requirement to have those equipped going for the broken feat. Most people are still holding on to those augments and are waiting for the devs to fix that damn cog.
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  4. BorysUSPS New Player

    Any progress?