Server Update - January 31, 2019 - Game Update 91

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Game Update 91

    Enter the Tunnel of Love in 2019 with new Base Items, Feats and Styles!

    The Star Sapphires are again making an effort to rekindle the love lost in Gotham City. Mister Freeze knows what the Zamaron crystals are capable of and has hatched a plan to bring his wife Nora back by integrating their crystals into his cryogenic technology. This misuse of the crystals is extremely dangerous and could cause an exothermic reaction that would destroy the entire city! Check the Events tab in the On Duty menu for “Love’s Battlefield” to aid the Star Sapphires (Heroes) or Mister Freeze (Villains).
    • New Feats!
      • A Touch of Romance
      • The Big Gesture
      • You’re a Firecracker
    Open your map and choose the Love is in the Air destination. Speak to Hal Jordan in the Gotham East End Police Station Safehouse (Heroes) or Mister Freeze in the Gotham North Burnley Nightclub Safehouse (Villains). While in the Safehouse, visit the terminal next to Hal Jordan or Mister Freeze to pick up a Daily Valentine’s Race mission “Get Your Heart Racing”. This mission can also be picked up at a terminal in Northeast Metropolis near Union Station.

    The seasonal missions can be completed daily during the event and reset with replay badges. Also make sure to speak with Mera, who is spending Valentine’s Day on dryland apart from her dearest love. Open your Mission Journal and track “Sea of Love” to find her!

    And don’t forget to visit the Valentine’s Vendor to get seasonal clothing, candies, and base items! A Valentine’s Vendor is located in the East End Safehouse (Heroes)/North Burnley Nightclub (Villains) and inside Mister Freeze’s Laboratory.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Character Select now includes each character's Combat Rating.
    • The world name is no longer reflected on the Character Select.
    • Players can now move materials to different material slots when they own fewer than 4 materials.
    • Fixed Building Debris - Standing Edge - We've wrangled the Joker who lodged the base item into the ground, now you can pick it up and move it around again!
    A Rip in Time
    • A Rip in Time (Normal and Elite) are now available for Cross-Faction play from the On-Duty Menu.
    Amazon Fury Part III
    • The Provisions Box loot drops now expires after 1 Day.
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