Downtime Server Maintenances - November 16-19, 2021 - Plus gifts!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 15, 2021.

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  1. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    What are all these maintenances supposed to do? Are they supposed to increase server performance to handle more powers? Make phases bigger? Make it where the game can handle bigger crowds of players? Can you please be more specific.
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  2. Mauricio New Player

    Great! I hope this take 10 hours... and 1 minute :p
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  3. kallader Level 30

    Thank You & Gift

    As a token of our appreciation, we have prepared a gift for all players to be delivered after your server's maintenance is complete.

    Like everyone ask what happen with last week compensation ?
    Are they combine with this one?
    If yes,why not tell us?
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  4. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

    Sooo,EU misses out on the last day of Double Artifact XP ??
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  5. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    we should have one (or both) of the 2 awards in duplicate because at the previous maintenance of this duration, we did not receive this, however, I do not know if it was more than 10 hours or less.

    @Mepps 18,750 Artifact XP during an artifact xp ? it couldn't have come at a better time !!! :), but will this be compatible with double artifact xp?
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  6. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    So, considering at how important this bonus week is, will it be extended to compensate for the inevitable downtime
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  7. Ron64 New Player

    ab wann geht der testserver wieder ?
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  8. ChickeNnBiscuiTs Level 30

    Let me tell you something wishing another player downtime is just plain out rude. Second of all pc just had a 12 hours shoutdown while you all EU server was up. So wishing it to take 10 hours because YOU DIDNT GET TO PLAY MEANS Selfishness
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  9. ChickeNnBiscuiTs Level 30

    it is to fix bugs people need to learn to read before asking questions they tell you everytime what they do to it
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  10. ChickeNnBiscuiTs Level 30

    its time for frezeea hehe
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  11. Zoe· YouTuber

    Testserver wird aktualisiert. Es wird für eine Weile unten sein.
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  12. ChickeNnBiscuiTs Level 30

    is that if you donated 25 dollars? or just spend 25?
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  13. Teasetoy New Player

    Will i seen we all having downtown but i thought us is on the 18th not today. Just wondering why its down if Ares is the 18th.
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  14. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

    You have messaged the wrong person,it was Mauricio who made the light hearted comment about the downtime being 10hrs and 1min,it was a joke,just a bit of FUN
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  15. Wallachia Loyal Player


    Geez, those teenagers.
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  16. ChickeNnBiscuiTs Level 30

    Well 1st of way past the teen years second of all I was not trying to insult no one not my intentions take it as you want 2nd of all I was making a reply is all to whom ever made the comment in the 1st place. To wish bad to another person in any form place or faction is wrong period. Seems to me you all are trying to troll??????
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  17. Lollipoppers New Player

    I am fairly sure what the 10hr and 1 mins comment was directed toward receiving the better gift package if they took longer not a insult. If you ever played enough online games you know extensive down-times are part of the experience getting upset at someone's comment does not make it go faster LOL
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  18. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Couple of points to clarify why people assume you're young:

    1) You replied to someone about learning to read, and then immediately replied afterwards to the wrong person altogether. Adults know that as either Irony or Hypocrisy

    2) This reply I quoted above? You have two different "Second Points". Your second point was about not trying to insult anyone, and then your second....second point was you were replying to whoever made the comment. Either you cant count, or this looks like a sweaty hormonal teenager who threw together a rebuttal as soon as they possibly could without thinking or Proofreading.
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  19. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I'm guessing cause the current TC has the Nubia Ally bonus attached and they might think it'd be too soon to grant those as a free gift so they went with the previous TC. Not that I'm complaining I'll take free TCs of whichever whenever of course.
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  20. hugojheredia Active Player

    Why Knight of Vengeance Time Capsules? xD Why not Wondrous Time Capsule?
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