Downtime Server Maintenance - November 4, 2021 - Game Update 118

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. Nº4 Level 30

    WELL I hope that at least they give things away, especially to those who have paid 1 month of membership, and we have not been able to take advantage of the day... WTF... there are already almost 12 hours of server down... =_= AT NIGHT WE HAVE TO SLEEP EH??

    BUENO espero que al menos regalen cosas especialmente a los que hemos pagado 1 mes de membresia y no hemos podido aprovechar el dia... WTF... ya van casi 12 horas de servidor caido... =_= POR LA NOCHE TENEMOS QUE DORMIR EH??
  2. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Why would they give free stuff for having their normal scheduled maintenance. I'd rather a longer maintenance that catches bugs and gets them fixed before I get in game so I don't get bug-slapped in the face.
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  3. Mad_Hatter_9o4 New Player

    See how im a new player? Maybe some of us dont know about this service EVERY Thursday. Must be hard to think before thinking or typing.
  4. rimvader Well-Known Player

    Thank you for your response. I wonder if this checks for hours played, access level, and/or attachment to other accounts?
  5. Zoe· Content Creator

    None of the above. If It's a new forums account, it needs to be approved by Mepps to be able to post on the forums freely.
  6. Wzlinnkk54 Active Player

    Maybe you should do some research then? every game that I play this is something I check, if only we had a search engine that could bring every answer to us. Not to mention it was posted yesterday on the forums so it should still be no surprise to anyone. Also stated that it could last up to 10 hours wich we arent there yet, plus mepps gave an update saying it would be on the longer side...... read before typing maybe? thinking wasnt hard google it if you cant reasearch yourself, plenty of options out there use them.
  7. Jennacide New Player

    Getting giddy here...

    Check server status for why
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  8. Mad_Hatter_9o4 New Player

    Was expecting more excessive capital EVERY usage
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  9. Wzlinnkk54 Active Player

    I disappoint from time to time but for real check the thursday threads its brought up every thursday, about the servers being down or the fact ppl cant login its cray cray
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  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Like Zoe said, everyone's first post gets manually approved.
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  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    The devs have no cure for player stupidity.
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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    UPDATE: We have encountered several critical issues today with this update. We must extend the downtime estimate by 4 hours. We are now aiming to be back up by 7:30PM PT.

    We are deeply sorry for this extended delay. BUT, when we go long, everyone gets free stuff. We'll share more information about a thank you gift once we're back up and know how long we went over.
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  13. D0RKP00L New Player

    Are We there ye..
    Oh its already back.. Oh wait Never mind.
  14. ClowninAround Well-Known Player

    It happens EVERY single day at 8am central, not just Thursdays. It's for daily server restarts. It lasts for roughly an hour. Some days like today have full updates so they take much longer. Updates like today do tend to happen on Thursdays.
  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    We've been notified for about ten years in advance now.
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  16. Wzlinnkk54 Active Player

    For anyone that doesnt know thats 5 hours and 1 min for this post. Currently its 3:59 pm CT meaning at 9:30 pm CT servers will be up hopefully.
  17. Dystopy New Player

    :( There kinda goes my whole day off. Don't get me wrong. I am appreciative. Just frustrated, and bummed. Normally I only get to play in the wee hrs. I always miss Dev Friday's and Saturday's too due to work schedule. Even this "marathon" coming up will be a miracle if I can get to catch any. I never get home b4 11pm usually. Working in a remote Covid lab sucks schedule-wise. Just as I'm sure many other displaced working people's jobs and schedules that are still to this day. Any chance of Dev Boss'es poppin up off times/days?
  18. Dagyr Doom Level 30

    No worries and tyvm for the update.
    Just 1 question "Are we there yet" ....Snigger Snigger
    Sorry couldn't help myself.

    Oh and your word for the day is EVERY
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  19. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    This update has something to do with the daily restarts? Will we see better performance (less disconnects, lag) once it goes live or is it something for the long run/dev wise only?
  20. Meta W New Player

    Hi Mepps
    Some items can tradeable across platforms for premium or legendary players but cant free players.
    Please fix this we want trade to free players in league bank
    And If you haven't opened the item boxes and your inventory is full, you can't sell them, delete them, and open them.
    Finally our character's inventory is bugging.
    Please make item boxes deleteable