Server Hotfix - September 9, 2021

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    House of Legends
    • Added the Gunslinger Trenchcoat style to Lady Shiva in the Archive of Victory.
    • Added new Rare Style Vendor in the Archive of Victory.
    Save the Universe
    Phantom Zone
    • Elite: Boss Stat adjustments to decrease base damage.
    • Elite: Boss Stat adjustments to decrease base defense.
    Early End Game
    • Adjusted stats for most of the group level open world bosses and bounties to have less defense and health.
    • Fixed a case where characters who finished A.R.G.U.S. On Duty while below CR 60 would no longer receive the Omnibus missions after raising their CR to 60 or above.
    • Reverting "Open the Paramilitary Gear Boxes and Equip the New Gear" stage back to automatically completing after a few seconds in the A.R.G.U.S. On Duty mission
    • Kahndaq
      • Waterkeepers will turn away from boulders and attack players periodically.
      • Adjusted the health of the rocks that need to be transported/protected in order to plug the aquaducts so this portion of the Raid can be completed with an average group.
      Happiness Home
      • Added a better tell to Stompa's jump attack
      • Granny Goodness now shows her age and has slowed down when walking to emitters.
    • Metal Gotham City
      • Adds in the Giant Metal Manbat fight have been reduced in stats.
    • Chaos Gotham
      • The Giant Shadow Golem heals for 50 percent less in his inhale attack.
      • The Giant Shadow Golem summons less adds now.
      • The Giant Shadow Golem selects up to a max of 6 targets instead of 10 for his AoE shadow orbital attack.
    • Atlantis
      • Fixed an issue with the Giant Brine Hulk spawning as a raid boss when it should spawn as a group boss.
    • The following instances are now scaled to Tier3:
      • Solo walk-in instances for the mission Patrol Catastophe
      • Gotham Freightyard Warehouse
      • Bottled Gotham Hospital
    • Fixed an issue where Feat Categories were using the wrong names for Episode 39 and 40.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Omnibus Missions
    • Omnibus mission for Raids now only requires 1 raid per week instead of 2
      • Rewards increased from 10 to 15 Source Marks
    • Omnibus mission for Alerts now only requires 1 alert per week instead of 3
      • Rewards increased from 5 to 10 Source Marks
    • Omnibus mission for Solo/Duo is now Weekly and 3 solos or duo per week, instead of 1 daily
      • Rewards increased from 2 to 5 Source Marks
      • Now rewards a Weekly Omnibus Reward Cache instead of the Daily Omnibus Reward Cache
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