Server Hotfix - October 12, 2017

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    • Warp timers from the map menu have been reduced as follows:
      • Warp to HQ - reduced from 30 to 10 minutes
      • Warp to Base - reduced from 10 to 5 minutes
      • Warp to Rally - reduced from 5 to 2 minutes
    Tactical Mods
    • The Water Tactical Mods can now be removed with a Tactical Mod Removal Kit.
    • Empowered Channeling's tooltip now properly lists Torrent from the Water power set.
    • Dehydrate will now deal less damage in PvP when used with 2500 or more supercharge.
    • Hand Clap's first hit will now properly deal more damage to Dazed enemies.
    • Breakout Mastery, Stun Recovery, Knockback Recovery, and Restraint Recovery will now properly grant a small amount of Power back when Breakout is used.
    The Witching Hour - Fall Seasonal

    Midnight Masquerade
    • Various difficulty tuning changes to make it less frustrating.
    • Defeating Klarion in the The Midnight Masquerade event will now grant Prestige.
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