Server Hotfix - October 11, 2018 - Game Update 88

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    Game Update 88

    Cursed Gotham Time Capsule

    The Witching Hour just got a whole lot eerier with the new Cursed Gotham Time Capsule, now dropping everywhere in-game. This new Time Capsule features a new Drowned Gear set, inspired by Batman: The Drowned, as well as exciting new hand auras, styles, collections, and feats! Time Capsules are opened with Stabilizers, which can be purchased in the marketplace or assembled in-game from Stabilizer Fragments. Check the events tab of your On Duty menu for Stabilizer Fragmentation, the daily Stabilizer event.

    Trick or Treat 2018 Event

    To further get into in the spirit of the scariest season of the year, you’ll now find a grant for “Trick or Treat 2018” that can be redeemed on one of your Characters in your account once per day. Redeem this daily for 3 “Trick or Teekl Buckets,” which can be filled with delicious candy you may find while participating in the Witching Hour! Fill up your buckets with candy you’ve collected via the Fortify screen, and when full, you’ll be rewarded with a spooky surprise!

    New Grant System!
    • We’ve made it easier than ever for you to claim any promotional gifts that are available on your account with a new Grant System window! To kick off this new feature, we’re giving all players three “Trick or Teekl Buckets” as a special gift!
    • You can access the new Grant System window by selecting the “View Grants” tab at the bottom of the Welcome Screen, or through the Actions Quick Menu if there are available rewards to claim.
    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – Hive Reborn
    • Increased the radius for successfully transporting boulders to volcanic vents.
    • Robin should no longer talk over himself in the Terra intro matinee.
    Movement Mode Tree Abilities
    • Changes have been made to allow many movement-mode abilities to be used while temporarily in other movement modes.
    • Improved Broker performance.
    • Resolved an issue causing players to not display on the minimap.
    Tactical Mods
    • Tumbling Master feet mod no longer incorrectly states that you need to be an Acrobatics character in order to utilize it.
    • Paradox Reaper in Lightning Strikes - Central City now drops its intended loot.
    • Enhanced Main Man styles now have correct icons in the style menu.
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