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    Episode 39: Long Live the Legion

    31st Century: New Earth
    • Legion: 31st Century: New Earth
    • Enemies in the Validus fight should stop resetting over and over.
    • Saturn Girl: Reduced the health and dps for the illusory adds.
    • Saturn Girl: Reduced the number of Mirror Image Eyes of Ekron.
    • Saturn Girl: Slightly reduced the number of Controlled Students, slowed down their respawn, and mostly Legion Academy Juniors will appear with only occasional Legion Academy Seniors.
    • Fixed a relatively rare occurrence where Controlled Lighting Lad would not go below ~30% health.
    Legion: HQ Orientation
    • Fixed an issue where the Hard Headed feat was not granting.
    • Fixed an issue where the Positively Overwhelming feat was not granting.
    • Evil Cosmic Boy will no longer target nor damage Encased players with his Primary Attack.
    Legion: Convergence of Unmaking
    • Fixed an issue where the Summoned Eyes could not be pulled.
    • Teen Titan time capsule gear boxes should now be tradeable.
    • Rings should now grant Sarya's Bling Feat.
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