Server Hotfix - November 10, 2020

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    • Resolved an issue where the player's gear would be visibly missing following an armory swap.
    • Resolved a case where an intermittent disconnect could occur during or following the Modru fight.

    31st Century: New Earth
    • Various fixes and updates to make sure that players are properly rewarded for participating in the Validus World Boss fight.
    • Tuned the damage of the Lightning Elemental enemies in the Lightning Lad fight. Their damage should be a little less deadly generally and should also do a little less damage with less players engaged with the fight.
    • When Eye of Ekron becomes attackable during the Validus fight, it should now have a visible KO icon above it.
    • Adjusted Validus' behaviors to try and minimize the chance of him resetting when getting too far away from his spawn location.

    HQ Orientation
    • Decreased damage of Evil Cosmic Boy's Primary Attack in Event and Normal modes only.
    • Cryo containers in the Metal Construct fight now have Rage Crash damage immunity.
    • Evil Cosmic Boys Metal Sphere attack will have a red ring visual tell now for all modes.

    Convergence of Unmaking
    • Mordru's Wild Magic Curse no longer has an effect on Player Pets.
    • Mordru's Devouring Orbs should now keep players in place.
    • Eye of Ekron should no longer perform Gaze of Ekron after a reset.
    • (Elite) Boss damage have been adjusted up slightly.
    • (Elite) Eye of Ekron will now use more Gaze of Ekron locations.
    • Fixed some combat log reporting for Emerald Empress during the Emerald Eye of Ekron fight.
    • Fixed an issue where some players would not get returned to Mordru's platform when falling.
    • Mordru's Abyssal Impulse should now do damage when he is giant.
    • Players should now be able to rally on platforms that are closer to where they need to be.

    • Time Traveler's, Cosmic, and Enhanced Cosmic Utility Belt Boxes can now be deleted.

    • Wonderverse missions should now no longer be categorized in the Events section of the Mission Journal.
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