Server Hotfix - January 13, 2022

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    Attack of the Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event 2022
    • Added a new League Donation box to the Main Observation Deck located next to The Atom.
    • The Catwoman vendor by the Orrey in the House of Legends now offers Origin Augments to players who are missing a complete set.
    Generator Mods
    • 42.4 generator mod plans are now account bound.
    Lairs: House of Legends
    • All Lair Themes will now contain House of Legend destinations!
    • Fixed an issue where the House Entrances in the house of Legends (Planning and Archives) were swapped.
    Anniversary 2022 Gifts
    • Surprise! The original members anniversary gift was also intended to contain ally favor, but it didn't. So, log in for your new 6,500 Ally Favor Pack gift.
    • Seals of preservation will be account bound in all future claims of the gift.
    • Removed the extra House of Legends decor pack from all future claims of the gift.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.