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    Anniversary: Attack of the Anti-Monitor
    Anti-Matter Invasion Zone
    • Fixed an issue where villains would receive a message to go to the Watchtower after completing the objectives during "A Place Beyond Hope and Fear" mission.
    • Henchmen in the Anti-Matter Invasion Zone have been balanced to be more on par with each other.
    • Iconic Sightings are now more likely to give credit and less likely to wander.
    Anniversary: Speed Force Flux
    • Emissary of Paradox (Elite): Paradox Demons in each wave have 15% less health.
    • Fixed an issue where Golden Exobytes from the 290 CR skip could not be fed into Origin Augments.
    • Fixed an issue where Valentines 2020 Fireworks Aura and 10th Anniversary Fireworks Aura shared the same name under Aura Style tab.
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