Server Hotfix - January 11, 2021

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    Attack of the Anti-Monitor
    Anti-Matter Invasion Zone
    • Six-Horned Cerberus has had a couple of abilities' damages reduced.
    • Six-Horned Cerberus should have less trouble getting to the bone.
    Anniversary: Speed Force Flux
    • Increased the DoT damage of the Avatar of Paradox's Paradox Mega-Flux projectile attack.
    • Flash's Fist Barrage attack will no longer knock down bosses.
    • The gazers in the Eye of Paradox fight will now move slower and are a bit easier to control.
    • The adds in the Avatar of Paradox fight have been reduced slightly in number, per each of the three initial waves.
    • Paradox Reapers will blink less often.
    • Paradox Kraken: A paradox portal FX will appear when Paradox Reapers appear.
    • Paradox Kraken: Adjusted the respawn pacing of Paradox Reapers.
    • Heroes should now be able to purchase the Brainiac statue.
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