Server Hotfix - April 26, 2018 - Game Update 82

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    Game Update 82

    New Feature: Style Unlocking!

    It’s been long planned and now it’s finally here – we’ve added Style Unlocking as a new feature to DCUO! Similar to Feat Unlocking, players can now use Replay Badges to unlock certain styles, as long as they have earned those styles on other characters on their account.

    Simply log in, open the Styles menu, preview all the styles eligible for unlocking and their costs, and then unlock them directly in the Styles menu. An Unlock All option has been provided for convenience.
    Due to the enormity of this undertaking, not all Styles are available to unlock, but rest assured, we’ll be continuing to roll out more styles with subsequent updates.

    Style Menu
    • Renamed Lock and Unlock styles to Hold and Release styles, in terms of preventing your styles from changing as you equip or unequip gear.
    • The “None” option is now listed at the top for each of the Style categories it is relevant in.
    Promethium Lockboxes
    • Promethium Lockboxes will now drop more frequently. Free and Premium players will now receive a lockbox between 1 and 4 hours of play, and Members will now receive a lockbox between 1 and 2 hours of play.
    • The price of Promethium Keys has also been reduced. (Members can still open Promethium Lockboxes for free as part of Membership.)
    2 Player
    Earth 3: The Visitor
    • The “Earth 3: The Visitor” duo is now crossfaction.
    • Collections
      • “War of the Ocean” collection pieces now message the collection's reward in their tooltip.
    • Fixed an issue where Morgwar would not blast other base pets with spouts of water.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the style for the Mastery Two style from saving in an armory.
    Warp Menu
    • Scroll bar now scales properly with the size of the menu window.
    Assassin Time Capsule
    • Salvaging any of the Abyssal Gear will no longer grant essence.
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Thread Status:
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