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    Game Update 59

    Voice Chat
    • Fixed a bug that prevented auto generated voice chat channels (like League or Group Chat) from working correctly.

    • Fixed an issue where players in a group would have to roll against each other for Marks. Now we can all be friends in instances.
    • Corrected the names and tooltips on tier 8 generator mods that were dropping in error.
    • Fixed issue with Gates of Tartarus Damaged Circlet loot item being granted to both hero and villains. Now the correct version will be granted to the correct faction.
    • The bosses in Trigon's Prison should now drop the appropriate bonus loot amount.
    • The Sunstone Domineer in the Fortress of Solitude should now drop the appropriate amount of gear.

    Iconic Beast Boy
    • Villains in Tortured Titans should now be able to interact with Beast Boy during the mission and complete it without crashing.
    • Beast Boy can now be interacted with during every mission in which he appears in the game.

    Loyalty Vendor
    • The Loyalty Vendor has been disabled temporarily.

    Link Death
    • Link Death has been disabled temporarily.

    Episode 23

    8 Player Operation
    Brainaic's Bottle Ship
    • Brainiac's Spikes now do a more appropriate level of damage.
    • Counter vulnerability icons will no longer show above Supergirl when she is friendly.
    • The Digital Age Feat can now be earned.
    • Fixed an issue where the exit at the entrances of the zones would return players to their last location instead of the Watchtower/Hall of Doom.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to return to the Operation if they left.
    • Fixed an issue where the door in the floor would sometimes malfunction.

    The Will of Darkseid
    • Optimized the content flow to hopefully reduce the chance for the first boss not to spawn.
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