Server Hotfix 02.26.13

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    There will be a hotfix tonight during regular restarts. No additional downtime will be required. Players may notice the following changes:

    • Fixed an issue that was causing pets to do half damage to NPCs.
    • Nature Swarm: Swarm no longer causes double damage in PvP.
    Home Turf Solo Missions

    Arkham Asylum:
    Make Them Mad
    • The Arkham Guard Officer will now respond to your beatings and open the door for you.
    Breaking Steel
    • The Healing barrel in the North East corner of the room is no longer embedded in the wall.
    • T.O. Morrow updated his Morrowbots AI programming to stop them from knocking down players when they charge Steelworks robots.
    • You must now talk to T.O. Morrow before leaving the instance. Once you speak to him, loot will drop, the mission will complete, and the exit will enable. This is to fix issues with loot not dropping before exiting the instance.
    Stryker's Island:
    Solitary Riot
    • Increased the delay before the camera starts to give players more time to heal.
    • Intergang members no longer show up during the Heat Wave version of the fight. This also fixes fire-user NPCs (Magma Leader, Intergang Enforcer) from showing up during the Parasite version.
    • The final wave leaders or enforcers in the first room will now correctly be the same after every wipe. This is to help message which NPC you are going to fight next.
    • Prison Guard, who gives you a clue as to which boss you will fight, will now repeat himself. Just ask him again.
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