Server Downtime - September 12, 2019 - Metal Part I

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Episode 35: Metal Part I

    All servers will be taken offline at 5:30AM PT on September 12, 2019, to launch Episode 35: Metal Part I and Game Update 97. Downtime may last up to 8 hours.

    Metal Part I is a new event and episode inspired by the wild Dark Nights: Metal comic series. The Dark Multiverse and the twisted Dark Knights have invaded our universe, intent on total destruction. Fight against The Batman Who Laughs, The Merciless, Red Death, and more.

    The event content will be available free to all players level 15 and up, and the end-game episode content will be available to members or available in the marketplace.

    The full update notes will be posted in the Live Update Notes subforum when available.
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  2. Berza Well-Known Player

    Previously the event was open to players level 10+, did you change it?
  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    With GU96, the order and time in which things open up to a leveling player were adjusted. Some players will hit the mission to start playing the event earlier, but all players will for-sure be able to enter by 15 no matter what.
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  4. Berza Well-Known Player

    Nice, just wanted to clarify it.
  5. allnightgaming Well-Known Player

  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Good! This makes sense to me I always thought, holiday event aside, that level 10 was a bit early to have players showing up in "and game" content. After all... I have 30 plus alts and I KNOW that it is totally possible to have a new character to level ten by the time a player completes that first story arc in the tutorial. So a brand new player that may not even know how to get from Gotham to Metropolis, has never even been inside the Watch Tower or Hall of Doom, and quite possibly does not even have enough attack yet to fill their load out tray is suddenly able to show up in Chaos Gotham and join in battling Lord Shogg and the Shadow Golem?

    At least by level 15 they have a little more experience and a full load out tray..... And before it even starts YES they could fill that tray with attack powers from the "Travel" or "Iconic" power sets BUT does a brand new player even know to look there and see what is available? On top of that consideration is the fact that a good many of the really hard hitting attack in a power's selections don't become available until later as they get closer to level 30 and is some cases a few of those early power are designed for the support role. Yeah there's a good idea let's attack Golem and have 1 or 2 powers that do no damage only help restore power to our team mates... and we are wearing nothing but DPS armor LOL Personally I usually wait until around level 20 or higher before running to the end game event content but that's just me.

    I think the new level 15 standard is a good idea and will mean newer players will be better equipped to d that content and have a little more experience to deal with it.
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  7. MissPrissySHEBA New Player

  8. El Marcios New Player

    Hello guys, anyone know how much cost this episode?
  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay just guessing BUT i'd say about $9.99 US currency based on what previous episodes have run... DCUO Episodes Now that is just a guess I subscribe so have never realy bought any episode and the prices listed for that older content may be cheaper because .. its not brand new.
  10. El Marcios New Player

    Thanks for the answer, now I see put the dlc on marketplace to website and it is $9.99 but in euro is €8.19
  11. DCUO Junkie New Player

    hhmmm missed the video ,seems a bit bewildering wandering this forum just to find the current chat ,took me a bit lol
  12. DCUO Junkie New Player

    oh !! the CoH video ,miss that game it was a fun one,Betaed CoV that was fun as well
  13. Centrum New Player

    From Server Hotfix Post : "All items on the Titans Equipment Vendor can now be purchased for Source Marks. The vendor sells conversion boxes to convert your old Titan’s Cred into Source Marks, and Teen Titans content now rewards Source Marks."

    So no automatic conversion? We have to buy those boxes?
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  14. Doc.Doom15 Committed Player

  15. Papa Coyote New Player

    Any updates of the Download? Hot-Fixes?
  16. Prince Arcane New Player

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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Update: US PS/PC and Xbox worlds are now online. EU PS/PC and NS will follow.
  18. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    EUPs/Pc is up now
  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Update: EU PS/PC and US NS are now online. EU NS will follow.
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  20. Berza Well-Known Player

    Mepps, is there a limit date for claiming the gift for artifacts?
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